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During the last generation (PS3 & X360) I gamed primarily on the 360 branching over into the Playstation family for the occasional exclusive... but I decided when the current generation (PS4 & XBONE) I was going to change to Playstation and started making the change before I'd gotten my PS4... I attribute a good part of this thanks to the guys at Kinda Funny (

Now, these stats need some additional explanation. I was able go game a bit less in 2015 due to work (I worked on such things as Better Call Saul and the pilot for Preacher) and travel (went to California 5 different times for pleasure)

588 Achievements
409 Trophies

333 Achievements
530 Trophies

136 Achievements
1,176 Trophies

Nope, the change in console priority isn't obvious at all... also in 2015 I gained 11 of my 13 Platinum trophies...

Hopefully this year can be full of more work, more travel, and more trophies...
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