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If you have read my previous blog (and if not why not?) then you will know im hosting a competition for all my friends on TT. All you have to do is draw something game related and post it here. You can enter up to 5 times and you have a week to come up with something good. The winner will be the person with the most votes from you guys during the following couple of days after the final entry date. Here are the rules:

* Entries for the competition will run from now until 29/11/19 2pm uk time.
* Maximum of 5 entries per person
* Id preferably like you to use the free paint program on your PC to do your artwork although if you cannot use paint for whatever reason your free to use other means to get your entry in

* Votes for the competition will run from 29/11/19 2pm uk time until 02/12/19 2pm uk time
* Maximum of 1 vote per person
* You can still vote even if you havnt entered the competition but only if you are on my friends list
* You cannot vote for yourself
* In the unlikely event of a tie there will be an extra 24 hours added where everyone will vote again on the finalists

The winner will receive PSN store code for a full price game. I cant give you the exact amount at this time as prices vary depending on what part of the world you are in. The winner will have to let me know how much games are in their region before i buy the code for them.

You can paint anything you like as long as its game related, if your not very artistic maybe draw something funny or maybe even a short comic strip! Here are some bad examples i painted, im sure you can do better than me.

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Good luck everyone, and let the painting commence!
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I really want to give back to the TT community for making my daily visits to this site worthwhile. I did put up a competition this morning but since i had no posts i thought there must be no interest. What i really want to do is to give a random person on my friends list an early christmas present but i really dont know how to go about this.

I love reading all your posts regarding what you think of the latest games your playing and other stuff going on in the gaming community, and if it wasnt for all of you i wouldnt even visit this site. Your the ones that keep me motivated playing a hard or grindy game, your the ones that keep me aiming for that next platinum, your the ones that congratulate me on a completion. I just want to show you all some love and give something back.
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