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Those of you who regularly read my blog or visit my TT page will know that at the end of May my grandfather passed away and since then (and some time before) I dropped completely off the gaming radar and spent most of my time with my family and by myself doing pretty much nothing but grieving.

In the last few weeks I've slowly been making my way back to gaming as a way to take my mind of things currently happening and to free my mind for a while. We all need a break from reality, right?

So I'm glad to announce that I'm now back on the trophy hunting train, albeit in first gear for now. I'm taking it slow, one game at a time and I'm enjoying it to be honest. I've got a huge backlog of games from PS+ which I'm going to make my way through and try to get the plat in each title, that's going to keep my mind of things fo'sho!

Currently I'm working my way towards the Rocket League plat which I'm not far off and then I shall be starting Far Cry 4 as that's my latest rental! I've also been enjoying my time on GTAV Online recently and have gained almost all of the trophies to go with it apart from rank 100 pretty much!

I doubt I will be racing ahead just yet, unless a few easy PSN or retail titles pop up between now and Christmas and I find the time to get them completed and out of the way!

It's good to be back guys and girls! :)
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