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Finally after 3 years and 3 weeks and plenty of glitched trophies, Mafia 3 has finally been completed. The intial first run all those years ago went wrong by messing up flipping the bosses as well as other trophies not popping when they should. Since coming back to the game after getting the DLC season pass in the PSN sale, only 1 trophy was still glitched in the end. The kill run went without a hitch using the old save from before and popped a number of trophies including 2 out of the 3 takedown. However, the Shh Shh trophy did not pop and new it should have. This is where the decision was made to delete all the data and do the flip run clean. Going for stealth takedowns as much as possible, it still did not pop. Read a guide which used 1 of the DLC missions in the Fast, Baby! DLC involves going round a police station which contains 10 enemies which can be farmed by reloading the checkpoint. Shh Shh became the last trophy required for the platinum. Happy for this to be finally over, although the game was amazing to play, the glitched trophies became a grind.

Been dipping back into Goat Simulator to plug away at the trophies. This has been a good break from Mafia 3. Since Mafia 3 has been finshed, this has made room for more games. Decided to install Lego Batman 3 as got the Season Pass in the sale. Progress is going well with 3 of the DLC's completed with 3 more to go.

Last minute addition game played being Sims 4. Found a great guide which looks to bring the platinum time down by quite considerable amount of time. Decided to start Sunday evening and already have 17 trophies.

Ever getting closer to the 60% completion marker which will be the highest it has ever been.
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This week there has only been 1 game played and that's Mafia 3. Got through the main game far enough to open up the DLC missions and started on them. Faster, Baby! is the first DLC started, which as of this weekend, has been 100% completed. It also helped get some more of the main game trophies. Moved onto the 2nd DLC, Stones Unturned which has been completed all but 1 trophy. Decided to go back to the main game due to needing to unlock the Hartmann 7.62mm. Also want to continue to get to the end of the 1st run and look to start the flip run which shouldn't need a full run as only 1 boss was missed.

The trophies which had appeared to be previously glitched or buggy appear to be working on this run. So far the trophies for 2 out of the 3 takedowns have unlocked as well as 2 of the money ones. This only leaves a small number of base game trophies left to earn.

Not played anything else this week but looking to clear space as purchased some more games and DLC's. Hoping to clear up some more games to 100% to help reduce the trophies and have more completed games. Will continue with Mafia 3 but may throw some Goat Simulator in as well.
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This week included purchases if a couple of DLC passes which were on sale on PSN. Decided rather than getting new games, see if the DLC's are on sale for games already purchased. The first one was Goat Simulator that had over £10 off and means an extra 50 trophies. The next was the season pass for Mafia 3. It was about time that had a platinum and also 100%. That's an extra 30 trophies on top of the base game.

So in regards to the gaming, continued Boarderlands Pre Sequel to work on the missions. Finding this harder going than Borderlands 2. Decided to jump into other games to see if leveling up would help. Will continue to stick with it and hopefully it will get easier.

Most of the work has been on Goat Simulator. Before the full bundle was purchased, lots of quick trophies were earned. However, decided to get the troublesome one out the way. This as many people know is Flappy Goat. It took many, many tries but eventually managed to get all the way to 10 before failing. Tried many suggestions but in the end, just used the one at the fairground and kept trying. Once installing the DLC's, worked on the space DLC but will be dipping in and out of all of them, working through to the 100%.

The last game being played is Mafia 3. Installed the DLC and continued with the playthrough (this being the 2nd one due to messing up the first one). Glad to have earned a trophy in the game already and once getting through enough of the game, will start the DLC's.

This will continue this week to try and get more of the game done.
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As predicted, its been more a case of working through Ghostbusters and Youngblood. Just keep dipping in and out of YB to keep leveling up the guns and getting more ability points.

Spent most of time working on Ghostbusters. Have got all but 1 of the trophies. Just need to finish the game on professional then I will have the platinum. Have got to the library boss and its been a little tricky so decided to jump back into Borderlands 2 go keep working through some more guests and just to break everything up, start on Goat Simulator.

Not sure what I think about this but it breaks up from the other games. Its a bit of fun and the trophies dont look too difficult.

Still deciding to keep going trying to clear up the backlog or just start all the games owned and just go between them. Being trying to clear up the trophies not earned but not sure thats ever going to get right down.
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So this week 2 games were played, Youngblood and Ghostbusters Remastered.

Since the main game has been finished, it was all about continuing to level up the weapons and collect coins. This week managed to get more of the misc trophies leaving only a few left plus the weapon grinds. Did manage to get another weapon level trophy. Just been jumping in games to get XP, coins and kills. Seems to be the only way to make it feel more more than a chore.

Due to the grind becoming a chore, decided to continue playing Ghostbusters or rather start the firehouse level again. This weekends first run was all about no damage. Never played the game the first time round but having a lot of fun. Really is like watching a film with the same humor. Due to not being able to rack up damaged, having to hang back but looking forward to being able to go full blast to collect the items and rack up loads of damage.

Think its going to be more of the same this week.
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