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G'day gamers

First and foremost Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families , may the holidays be blessed with love ,laughter, good food, and more .

As the title read it has been a hectic year for me , with getting a new job and the hours drain you to a point that you cannot game till the end of the week ,when you're more relaxed lol

My backlog for both consoles is now at all time high it's nuts !! but slowly but surely I am getting games finished completely

I've got back into Days Gone game story starts of very slow but as you progressed it gets better and better and the Story starts to unfold

[img][/img]906797.png by The_man2011, on Flickr

Days GoneHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Days Gone worth 18 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

I will be getting this at some stage still lots to do but Story are so well branched out

Days GoneOne PercenterThe One Percenter trophy in Days Gone worth 298 pointsGo above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone

I managed to plat a beautiful easy and very fun game last night

MechaNikaGenius of TrophiesThe Genius of Trophies trophy in MechaNika worth 186 pointsYou got all the trophies!

Game is a must to play and get a nice plat for doing so really enjoyable

Started StarWarsFallenJediOrder on my XboxOneX
such a fun amazing game ( but I cannot stand how the map works in it )

There is just so much coming that I am anticipating like


[img][/img]The-Last-of-Us-2-Loading-Screen-PS5-770x515 by The_man2011, on Flickr

Which I might start only when I pick up my PS5 ( as it will look stunningly amazing at 4K/60fps on my 4K HDR10 TV)

This awesome news and what the next gen consoles will be able to do

Pre-Ordered it

[img][/img]image by The_man2011, on Flickr

The game will look so amazing on the PS5

[img][/img]11307X4JPSRQ8fygFsnTZ82F3HlEmdFtLpjeKcgisDqdFDtkxc3F2y88o9RXgAcL-SFiOtEQodgzb2cKgwCBu1AJgRYbBVVS by The_man2011, on Flickr

[img][/img]11307k4egGB4eqNuJ3GMcbDMPkUjovpSMZHh-B7bQHzNVMPUlTclSjl-l5VMeZhoKZ587JY6-dyXSSrIgZF6rl6Yn7occgfm by The_man2011, on Flickr

As we close off this year and 2019 and start with 2020 next year it's going to be a awesome of all gamers from all platforms ,

What PS5 features are you wanting on the console

I hope they've integrated Trophy progress bar for all games and a Hub that details in a streamlined view , the PS5 OS I hope is more socialized and more snappier ( as been noticing my Pro hang there for a couple of seconds before multitasking to my next click)

There just so much to know that 2020 will bring on all the excitement for all

Have a awesome time for holidays and be safe to you and your families for now take care and I will be blogging more in 2020 ...wavedancecn_X
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