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It's been 2 and a half years since my last blog.
I figured this is a better time than any to write one.
So if people have not noticed yet, I have been on a mission before bean dives were a thing, and actually was one of the people that did dives just for myself.

That being said, ive dived over 2,000 games officially, and no my struggle isn't over yet, im about halfway there.

Some games require you to obtain an ultra rare or difficult first trophy, while others take hours to get one trophy in, and some even require at least an entire playthrough of the game, or in attacking zegetta 2's case, nobody has earned it.

Combine that with vita and VR and region stacks for multiple platforms, and well you get one huge task of diving everything.

Unfortunately for me I never have owned a vita, only played on friends, and I do not have a VR or any move controllers for those move specific games.

So to begin I simply need to download every single game ive ever bought and try my hardest to get one trophy and dive in between games im actually playing.

Games I am playing and close to finishing are the following

Idle Champions
I just need about 9 or so hard variants left and I can grind freeplay for the plat, I am extremely excited to finish this

Battle Ages
I need 20 more defense wins, then I need to never fail a battle until I hit 2500 trophy points. I fucked up at 2410 and it still hurts to this day. after that I need to just simply advance the ages and bam im done.

Elemental Monster Online Card Game
I need to finish the 100 battles in a row without failing. im at 79 atm, but im nervous about failing, the game is really hard. I need to finish chapter 11, then make 300 psn accounts to fight against myself since it has mandatory microtransactions, also I spent $300 on the game already so once im finally done this will be a proud completion

Resident Evil 5
I finished professional I just need to wrap up the online for both ps3 and ps4 then finish the small dlc campaigns and wrap up both 100%'s

Black Desert
I need to grind the lifeskills, and then start the game again in EU and get both plats. it will take awhile tbh

Super Night Riders
I need to beat all the stages in the entire game in a row without dying

Shovel Knight
I need to finish all 3 dlc campaigns, also the standalone games as well.

I need to proxy or wait for a patch for the stupid sea trophy

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
Really close to finishing, I just need to get this over with tbh

Castle Crashers
I finished the PS4 version, I just need to finish the insane mode on ps3 and im pretty much done

Those are my main focuses right now, anything else is a small game in between of those major ones.

Wish me luck on diving everything, its going to take me literal ages to do.
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