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Hello Everyone! I had a tremendous January, probably my all time best, and I plan to follow suit for February. I'm trying to get some games in my back log complete before I get my first 2020 release game. Final Fantasy VII Remake. I've never been so excited for a game to come out. With all that, here are the games I'm playing this month.

1. Mortal Blitz VR
2. Little Nightmares
3. Anna: Extended Edition
4. Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes (Completed)
5. Tearaway Unfolded
6. Driveclub VR
7. Ghostbusters Remastered
8. Emily Wants to Play
9. Guitar Hero 5
10. Medal of Honor: Frontline
11. Bioshock Remastered
12. Bioshock 2 Remastered
13. Bioshock Infinite Remastered

As always, I'm down to boost games with people, just hit me up and lets boost. Hope everyone has a great February!

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Comment by ForcefulOliver at 02:32 on 27 Feb 2020

Unbelievable how much fun this game is, highly recommend! It is a hard game to platinum just because of 1 trophy

ForcefulOliverRogue LegacyForcefulOliver won 7 Trophies in Rogue Legacy for 1999 points
ForcefulOliverRogue LegacyForcefulOliver won 3 Trophies in Rogue Legacy for 250 points
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                Status change by ManuBAD_iT at 11:22 on 26 Feb 2020ManuBAD_iT status: Goodbye Clem!
Comment by ItsMeBiscuit at 11:49 on 26 Feb 2020


Comment by ScottishNub at 14:50 on 26 Feb 2020

She doesn't die

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ForcefulOliverRogue LegacyForcefulOliver won 2 Trophies in Rogue Legacy for 194 points
ForcefulOliverRogue LegacyForcefulOliver has rated the game Rogue Legacy 5 out of 5
Comment by ForcefulOliver at 01:07 on 25 Feb 2020

Man, been a long time I haven't had so much fun, just did a run in new game plus with 108 000 gold!

IntensofoxflOw (PS3)Intensofox won 2 Trophies in flOw (PS3) for 63 points
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Funderballs_007Funderballs_007 has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 39
Comment by dvdmanpa at 13:24 on 23 Feb 2020

clap well done!

Comment by AGNOSTICMADBALL at 16:44 on 23 Feb 2020

Nice work buddy

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