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xStOnEhEaDx won 8 Trophies in ONRUSH for 224 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSHFormula 15 trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverFormula 15 trophy in ONRUSH for 48 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSHStarpower trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverStarpower trophy in ONRUSH for 52 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSH#Crashtag trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the Bronze#Crashtag trophy in ONRUSH for 22 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSHRegeneration trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeRegeneration trophy in ONRUSH for 23 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSHClassy trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeClassy trophy in ONRUSH for 24 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSHOff the GRID trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeOff the GRID trophy in ONRUSH for 19 points
xStOnEhEaDxONRUSHUprising trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeUprising trophy in ONRUSH for 19 points
PvtVoidRealm Royale
PvtVoid won 2 Trophies in Realm Royale for 371 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleDecimation trophyPvtVoid won the GoldDecimation trophy in Realm Royale for 223 points
PvtVoidRealm Royale
PvtVoid won 9 Trophies in Realm Royale for 415 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleNovice Hunter trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeNovice Hunter trophy in Realm Royale for 19 points
PvtVoidRealm Royale20-Piece trophyPvtVoid won the Silver20-Piece trophy in Realm Royale for 52 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleRealm Royalty trophyPvtVoid won the SilverRealm Royalty trophy in Realm Royale for 44 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleGeared Out trophyPvtVoid won the GoldGeared Out trophy in Realm Royale for 187 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleNovice Smith trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeNovice Smith trophy in Realm Royale for 22 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleNovice Mage trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeNovice Mage trophy in Realm Royale for 21 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleNovice Warrior trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeNovice Warrior trophy in Realm Royale for 18 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyaleGreat Eggscape trophyPvtVoid won the SilverGreat Eggscape trophy in Realm Royale for 32 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingxStOnEhEaDx completed the game Everything and is the 235th gamer on the site to complete it
xStOnEhEaDx won 35 Trophies in Everything for 1803 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingThis Is It trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the GoldThis Is It trophy in Everything for 160 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingThinker trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeThinker trophy in Everything for 21 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingNo Such Things trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the GoldNo Such Things trophy in Everything for 150 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingFlower Child trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeFlower Child trophy in Everything for 23 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingCold Blood trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeCold Blood trophy in Everything for 24 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingExplorer trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverExplorer trophy in Everything for 40 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingTransformer trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the GoldTransformer trophy in Everything for 141 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingSymmetrizer trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeSymmetrizer trophy in Everything for 24 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingA Merry Band trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverA Merry Band trophy in Everything for 35 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingDescender trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeDescender trophy in Everything for 17 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingAscender trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeAscender trophy in Everything for 16 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingBonder trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverBonder trophy in Everything for 35 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingr-Strategist trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the Bronzer-Strategist trophy in Everything for 19 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingCommunicator trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverCommunicator trophy in Everything for 35 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingBecoming trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the SilverBecoming trophy in Everything for 35 points
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingTraverser trophyxStOnEhEaDx won the BronzeTraverser trophy in Everything for 16 points
PvtVoidRealm RoyalePvtVoid started the game Realm Royale
PvtVoid won 13 Trophies in Switchblade for 832 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeTech Level 10 trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeTech Level 10 trophy in Switchblade for 31 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeCore Blimey trophyPvtVoid won the SilverCore Blimey trophy in Switchblade for 47 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeFully Loaded trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeFully Loaded trophy in Switchblade for 22 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeSerial trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeSerial trophy in Switchblade for 30 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladePentathlete trophyPvtVoid won the GoldPentathlete trophy in Switchblade for 205 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeHurt You Plenty trophyPvtVoid won the SilverHurt You Plenty trophy in Switchblade for 39 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeSpotless trophyPvtVoid won the SilverSpotless trophy in Switchblade for 72 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeVictory trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeVictory trophy in Switchblade for 20 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeAugmented trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeAugmented trophy in Switchblade for 20 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeSocial Scene trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeSocial Scene trophy in Switchblade for 36 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladeSwitched On trophyPvtVoid won the BronzeSwitched On trophy in Switchblade for 16 points
PvtVoidSwitchbladePvtVoid started the game Switchblade
MF040891The Sims 4Introvert trophyMF040891 won the BronzeIntrovert trophy in The Sims 4 for 15 points
MF040891The Sims 4MF040891 started the game The Sims 4
xStOnEhEaDxxStOnEhEaDx has reached a new milestone: True Level 60
xStOnEhEaDxxStOnEhEaDx has reached a new milestone: 11,250 Trophies Won
xStOnEhEaDxEverythingxStOnEhEaDx started the game Everything
drcol76drcol76 has reached a new milestone: True Level 50
drcol76Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Stormdrcol76 completed the game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and is the 1,035th gamer on the site to complete it
xStOnEhEaDxPic-a-Pix Pieces (EU)xStOnEhEaDx completed the game Pic-a-Pix Pieces (EU) and is the 2nd gamer on the site to complete it
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Formula 15 in ONRUSH
Silver Trophy
Formula 1548 (30)
Reach player level 15 in ONRUSH
  • Unlocked by 4,109 tracked gamers (38% - TT Ratio = 1.61) 10,690  
#Crashtag in ONRUSH
Bronze Trophy
#Crashtag22 (15)
Earn 10 Crashtags in ONRUSH
  • Unlocked by 4,963 tracked gamers (46% - TT Ratio = 1.46) 10,690  
Starpower in ONRUSH
Silver Trophy
Starpower52 (30)
Superstar - Unlock 'Starpower' in ONRUSH
  • Unlocked by 3,591 tracked gamers (34% - TT Ratio = 1.72) 10,690  

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Everything1,803 (1,230)

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35 trophies out of 35 won | 789 tracked gamers have this game | Last played 22 Jan 19

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign100 (75)

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