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Hi Everyone,

Wow my first ever Blog post on TrueTrophies.

After hearing of the games heading our way I have a few I am very interested in:

1) Vampyr
2) MediEvil
3) Disney Lego Incredibles
4) Jurassic Park Evolution
5) Spyro The Dragon: Reignited Trilogy
6) The Walking Dead Final Season
7) The Wolf Among Us 2
8) Kingdom Hearts 3 (hopefully)
9) God of War

(of course any others that get announced)

Hope you are all keeping well things in my life are still the same I am missing our cat and dog who died last year. The house is too quite without them, my health along with my mothers could be better but we just keep being positive and take things day by day.

What games are you looking forward to that are yet to release?

Hope Everyone Is Keeping Well.
Happy Gaming Everyone smile
Bye For Now wave

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