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Good day gamers hope you are having a awesome day

Just want to have a bit of chat about Destiny2

Well first thing I must add for me it's a improvement over it's previous Title ( Can I say a Full complete game not entirely ) the gameplay mechanics feel more better balanced the new skills or abilities is a welcome to the franchise

As people are saying the Storyline is fairly short ( as I am still working on the Campaign can't really say) I think it does take a bit of time to get trough ( but then again with work and real life in the way) I am not lucky as some who sit and game all day long lol

There is lots of Grinding to do in Destiny 2 (but to be fair levelling up is better then the first one)

[img][/img]DJbZuqjVwAAeyLM by The_man2011, on Flickr

I still have a long way to go but I am unlocking better loot for better Gear and Equipment I must admit , been hitting lots Public Events and they are quite addictive to play .One thing I want bungie to do for the next game is make fully Co-op Campaign from the start

I mean you can Co-op on events and other cool things , but would be better !! Destiny 2 does provide some beautiful views I must admit

[img][/img]DJa66uKUMAAlGi1 by The_man2011, on Flickr
[img][/img]DJWuV6VVoAAviX0 by The_man2011, on Flickr

The Road is still long with only one Trophy unlocked
Destiny 2The People's HeroThe The People's Hero trophy in Destiny 2 worth 30 pointsComplete a Heroic public event.

and only 12 more trophies to go !

Regardless the time the effort the game definitely gets you addicted once you play , but still have my huge backlog to work on also

Have a good rest of the day and Game On toast
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PermalinkI craved Yonder so much !!!
G'day Gamers

It's been a while though I would give you my take on YonderTheCloudCatcherChronicles

Let's begin ( It was no walk in the park as Plat stated lol ) Yonder is a beautiful little game that has plenty of Exploration and crafting ( even though backpack was always too full ) going to different parts of the land and meeting other NPC in villages was fun
[img][/img]DF0FQlvU0AApxMN by The_man2011, on Flickr

The Quests can get very irritating as hell , sometimes merchants have the stock and I you need to is buy it and your are done but that wasn't always the case when you had to go Fishing for it ( as some quests required you too)

The Fishing let's that was biggest pain in the butt ( especially when you needed a Particular fish ( it could at Dawn, Dusk, after midnight, in stormy weather etc..

( Pro-tip if you are going to board that has exclamation mark on it to get a quest you can always cancel that quest before accepting , and get a better one someone in the forums mentioned this to me it did help me a lot )

Now to this Trophy was a pain lol

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (EU)A Fishy CollectionThe A Fishy Collection trophy in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (EU) worth 58 pointsCatch all fish types.
But you always check solutions for it , to give you a hint where to find the fish you need

Amongst other interesting Trophy was ( make sure not to put farm hands in all farms just in one farm for farm hand trophy as this will affect you cleaning up the poop to get that trophy has to be manually done )
[img][/img]DFutWr9U0AEkagr by The_man2011, on Flickr

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (EU)Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (EU) worth 54 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

[img][/img]DFzt6qQUAAAXGPj by The_man2011, on Flickr

( You didn't actually need 100 I got the trophy to pop in less clean up )

But nothing will get more raged then to find and collect 55 cats in the game ( now to be honest I only needed under 20 cats as I found all the rest with no guide at all )

[img][/img]DFz2aAXUQAAbSIm by The_man2011, on Flickr

Now I will provide with a little help I found useful if you ever get the game ( here is awesome link)
[img][/img]DF0DZRaUwAE78Ws by The_man2011, on Flickr

All in All YonderTheCloudCatcherChronicles did provide me with some funny moments in the game and interesting characters and quests to do , but that what games are suppose to do even if I raged at times with it ( as there a Sprite that seems to bitty glitchy ) but with YouTube Video I provided the guy shows all their locations and the glitchy one I mentioned
But Plat is still Obtainable as showed you ..

8.5/10 !!!!
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