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I've never been a very good sneak in games...I tried to get better at it like I tried to like spicy food but I've never been able to make friends with super spicy anything. It still laughs evilly at me and pokes fun of my innards redface
It's fun to get outside your comfort zone with games every so often. I'm not sure why I bought Conviction. Perhaps someone told me it was good. I've never read reviews as I like to have a blank slate when I dive into a game BUT this is a friggin STEALTH game shock shock I've never been good at them. Assassin's Creed series is the one game where I didn't feel flustered all the time when sneaking around corners and silently murdering some poor guard.

With Conviction I'm playing on ROOKIE and I silently pray for an easier mode..Uh-hu! This is how much I suck at it. But I am making my way through it and when I sneak past someone without alerting them or their hooligan friends I feel like I'm a black panther slinking through the maze with amazing ease.

Now Conviction is over and done with I'm setting my sights on a game that I kept putting off over the years...Alan Wake. I remember everyone raving about it when it was new and every so often someone would play it and again there would be a 'buzz' surrounding the game. So far I don't like Alan, his voice gives me the poops. He also doesn't seem to be that nice of a person. He seems very jaded inside. The graphics are well past their use by date so when things try to scare me I actually laugh because some boxy looking monster just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

But you know I've always found scary movies rather funny and rarely do they spook me. And most time I find them rather lame in the bigger picture. So, I have no idea if Alan Wake will tickle my fancy or I'll be on the sidelines wondering what was so amazing about the game. Granted I have played it many years too late perhaps? LOL

Another game I finished was Red Faction Armageddon which was pretty 'eh' in storyline but a fun shooter. The characters were kinda toony looking. It kinda felt like a GoW game with hoard mode most of the time. I don't really have that much to report on that game because it was just okay.

The thing I'm currently enjoying with going back to old games is their LENGTH. Most of them are around 8 to 10 hour mark which is a blessing because it means I know I won't be dithering around for ages. Basically, I'm just getting through the storyline then moving on. UNLESS for some unknown reason I feel compelled to do other tasks within the game then I'll do them.

I might keep this blog up to date on my adventures with the games I'm playing on the 360. Except in October I'll be slightly interrupted for nearly a fortnight.
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Finally finished AC:O with all the DLC and now I feel like I'm missing something in my life..lol For me to feel that way it means the game left a big impression for all the right reasons. You can be happy and sad once a game is over, correct?

SO, with that game over I'm back on the 360...I said I'd try and finish my backlog and so far I've finished one game and started another two. I'm rather annoyed because Crackdown 2 is more or less the same game without a frigging storyline. Which means I'm not as compelled to play it unless I want to do some mindless tasks. I think this game would be better in co-op but that's not going to happen so I'm happy to chip away at it when I don't want a 'serious' type of game to play.

With that game put on the back burner I started Splinter Cell Conviction. I had no idea that guys voice was going to sound like a 80 year old smoker. I dunno but something about his voice and his looks DON'T go hand in hand.

The controls of the game will take some getting used to and going back to older games has meant I need to fiddle with the graphic settings because I'm finding my TV isn't handling the darks very well. Night screens are pitch black which makes 'getting around' kinda impossible.

On a completely different topic I've been thinking about changing my name. While I still like this UN I'm kinda over it at the same time. I'm just not sure if it'll affect things on the ps3 and having gold subscription. Believe me I've been pondering over a name change for ages...So, it's not something I'll take lightly.

Going back to the Xbox has been a bit of an eye opener. I noticed some people removed me from their friends list which is fine. One I'd been friends with for ages so that felt a little sad. I tried re-adding them which they accepted but now they've disappeared again. SO, perhaps I'm blocked? I dunno and I have no idea why it'd be needed.

Other than that I'm rather irritated with how everything loads MEGA slowly!! To log into the dashboard it takes a good 5 to 10 mins. And forget about looking at the damn Achievement list. That simply WON'T load or will take forever. It personally gives me the shits.

Is it possible that a backlog of games can stress you out? It feels kinda silly but it kinda does. I never used to feel this way but now they've been hanging around for so long that I feel worse about them. BUT I am doing something about it. And probably these games won't be huge games either. I just have to dedicate enough time to 'the cause' and get them done and dusted.
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It's winter time here and it appears today is going to be a yucky day which means it'll be perfect to game some of my hours away.

This year I've been gaming a whole heap less. I decided to play AC:O and it's really been sucking all my time. I've just clocked well over 100 hours in that game. I'm in storyline 7 but I decided to take a detour and started completing millions (or what feels like it) side quests especially ones that lead me towards trophies.

AC:O doesn't have the same feeling like the others, there is way less sneaking around and more of an RPG feel to it more than ever. I don't mind these changes as I found all the sneaking around in the other ones sometimes a little too frustrating. But yeah this game is massive and with the way I've been playing it I've made it into a mountain laugh

I'm not complaining because what I've been playing has been so far very enjoyable but I'm starting to long for a different setting and different characters. I want to be out of the Greek world and into something completely new. I have a hunch that I'm able to really move in on the storyline and possibly just dust that off after all my character is over 60 level wise redface

On the other hand you could say this game has done quite well to capture me for over 100 hours. It's kinda like Gems of War, that game got my full attention, I don't even want to know how many hours I sunk into that game before finally giving it the flick.

The other back thought is I go away for almost a week in August and I really would love this game to be finished with instead of having it hanging over my head. I tend to play in super short bursts so an hour here and an hour there is my playing style. But I feel I'm coming to that point where I need to really sit down and just play otherwise August will be here and I won't have everything done. I guess if I atleast get the main storyline done then I'll be happy and feel better about leaving it not all completed.

Another thing is I've kinda put it in my head that I'd love to complete all the trophies in the game, It's such a rare thing for me to do these days. This isn't including the DLC because right now I'm unsure if I'll even play it (I probably will though).

What else to blog about? Life? Work? Perhaps that'll be for another blog entry.
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