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It's winter time here and it appears today is going to be a yucky day which means it'll be perfect to game some of my hours away.

This year I've been gaming a whole heap less. I decided to play AC:O and it's really been sucking all my time. I've just clocked well over 100 hours in that game. I'm in storyline 7 but I decided to take a detour and started completing millions (or what feels like it) side quests especially ones that lead me towards trophies.

AC:O doesn't have the same feeling like the others, there is way less sneaking around and more of an RPG feel to it more than ever. I don't mind these changes as I found all the sneaking around in the other ones sometimes a little too frustrating. But yeah this game is massive and with the way I've been playing it I've made it into a mountain laugh

I'm not complaining because what I've been playing has been so far very enjoyable but I'm starting to long for a different setting and different characters. I want to be out of the Greek world and into something completely new. I have a hunch that I'm able to really move in on the storyline and possibly just dust that off after all my character is over 60 level wise redface

On the other hand you could say this game has done quite well to capture me for over 100 hours. It's kinda like Gems of War, that game got my full attention, I don't even want to know how many hours I sunk into that game before finally giving it the flick.

The other back thought is I go away for almost a week in August and I really would love this game to be finished with instead of having it hanging over my head. I tend to play in super short bursts so an hour here and an hour there is my playing style. But I feel I'm coming to that point where I need to really sit down and just play otherwise August will be here and I won't have everything done. I guess if I atleast get the main storyline done then I'll be happy and feel better about leaving it not all completed.

Another thing is I've kinda put it in my head that I'd love to complete all the trophies in the game, It's such a rare thing for me to do these days. This isn't including the DLC because right now I'm unsure if I'll even play it (I probably will though).

What else to blog about? Life? Work? Perhaps that'll be for another blog entry.
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