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I've actually been more active gaming this month than I think all the other months combined. Might not of earned a whole tun of trophies but that mostly because I don't care about that too much and also the games I've decided to play don't hand them out unless you really go looking for them.

Gems of War- Had a STUPID trophy update....One of the trophies seems like it'll be impossible to get or very, very time consuming..Not sure I can be really arsed with it tbh. I have joined another guild but there is no pressure for ANYTHING. But I've still done the 1.5k trophies, donated well over 100k of gold (this week). I opened up the two new areas Soul Forge and Dungeon plus I leveled the new 'city' to level 10 straight away.. And then Cherry mentioned an awesome build WHICH has allowed me to finally kick arse in all 3 dungeon rounds..toast

KNACK 2- I had no idea that I was going to enjoy this game as much as I did. I bought the first Knack but never played it sooooo I really had little to no info on what K2 was going to be like. Apparently they fixed some of the problems that plagued the first one. This game turned out to be a WAAAY longer game than I expected but I didn't mind that. The storyline was pretty lame though and predictable (won't spoil) but I like the combat plus it's a damn pretty game. One thing that did bug me was the unneeded romance side...I mean WHY did it need it?! Not all games friggin need that aspect..You'll see if you play it. Plus the game reminded me of Ratchet & Clank because of Knack's ability to shrink into a mini Knack which opened up a new world as sometimes you'd have to do things as mini Knack (which I liked btw).

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes- I'm going through my HD trying to clean older games off of it. I'm considering getting a PRO around the end of the year due to my current console having issues. Which meant playing this game again...I'm SO bad at this game. I think I'll attempt to get some more trophies in this game later on though.

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed- This game is just plain strange...I'm not a huge fan of it's fighting style..It feels delayed so in turn I have problems with it. I've gotten somewhat used to it and POSSIBLY I need to change one of my attributes which might make the game play better. This game is game borders on hentai (I guess)...Some of the things SAID..LIKE...my eyes nearly fell out of my head when the sister apologised for the dream that she had about her big brother and something else...Like I'm no prude but seriously!? That was just damn YUCK. Which irritated me because in Australia we get games banned because of VIOLENCE but we can have games that mention that TYPE of stuff (read between the line of BROTHERLY LOVE)!? The only funny thing is I've let my character run around as a cross dresser.Lol..MOSTLY because the clothes made him strong everything.

Until Dawn- It mentions the last time I played it was in August because that was the last trophy I earned. I still played a little of it but I kinda got distracted by Knack 2 and this game got put on the bench.

I'm usually a pretty positive person and I try to keep it that way but this year has just sucked balls and now something else has hit me...Thankfully nothing broken this time...But it's something to do with my health which is a little too much to talk about here.
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I'm avoiding cleaning my wardrobe...I mentioned it's a cupboard..Which is kinda true but it's the walk-in type. It's a place where I used to think I could just 'chuck everything' in and ignore it..laugh To be honest there is a system to it so it's not a 'bomb site' but it does need some working on. Given that I'm getting a room for gaming/pc..It means I should address the messy cupboard as well.

I'm one of those people who has a hard time throwing stuff away..I mean I'll do it and that will be that...But I always have this mentality that I might need it later on (which is usually not the case) so I just hang onto it. Around 5 years or so I did do a massive clean out and I felt better for it. I've read articles that say if you don't use it within a YEAR you should toss it. I kinda like that idea and kind of don't because it doesn't work on everything. Same approach for clothes if it doesn't fit then toss it.

I'm thinking with this new room if I can put in some floating shelves to help combat the issue of 'space' then I can really move all my games to a dedicated area -well not the 360 collection, that's too big. Right now they sit in draws which is fine but it's kinda 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality going for me. So, those shelves would really cut that happening.

I guess the thing to go for is baby steps?

Speaking of 360..I think most of my games would be backward compatible by now..I never realised how big of a collection was going towards that on the X1...I may have to test it out...Pretty sure not everything will work but probably most big ticket games will. I do have the 'hopes' of wanting to play that 360 backlog..It obviously got put on hold due to the room make over. I'm still working out paint colours and certain colours...But I know the room colour I just don't know which shade to go for. SO maaaaannny different colours...Right now the room is a very light blue which will change. As suggested I've taken the 'before' photos and will do an 'after' once everything i done. It's the other reason I haven't posted my Lego collection which I said months ago...Believe me transforming this room has been in the pipelines for a while now. I really want some space to display the lego stuff and possibly my (some) vinyl toys...It really will depend on how things pan out.

I've got a massive box full of games, dvds and a few vinyl toys to donate to a school fare..IF they'll take them. The DVDs and the vinyl toys probably won't be an issue but the games might be as there are some not suitable for children..Actually, same with the DVDs but I feel that's different.

I find DVDs easier to throw out more than games/books. I'll give away old comics to schools which I've done several times and did do this year..I know children love comics and I'd rather they get some enjoyment out of them..I've even been thanked by the kids for doing so. And because I keep my stuff in great nick the stuff usually looks almost new unless the comics came to be scribbled/ripped because I've unknowingly bought some like that much to my annoyance (eBay purchases). For some reason DVDs are easy and I think that's because we've got so much streaming availability these days and the internet isn't usually broken. Plus TVs are getting better so the quality of a DVD will really show up on a nicer TV..laugh

Otherwise...GAMING...I actually have been playing...*gasp*...Pretty spotty but I'm playing things. I've also been watching a shit tone of TV (Power, Ballers, GoT, Utopia, Offspring and various movies).

Until Dawn - Interesting horror game...It doesn't scare me but I do jump when something suddenly happens..lmao. The faces of the characters bug the hell out of me though..They're like full of 'teeth' faces and then their eyes look googly and bulging. And they all look like they need to take a spit while their talking cause they've got cotton mouth. Seriously, they annoy me...AND the characters themselves I don't really like but I think that's the whole point of the game.

Sound Shapes- I finally did the cross save thing..I'll try the game in Death Mode on the console SOME TIME..But I will do it..See if I find it easier.

ALIEN - I finished it finally...While the game got a little frustrating in areas I REALLY enjoyed it. I actually liked the sneaking around aspect of it..Maybe I'm just getting better of that aspect when it comes to games as I usually loath it. I didn't realise how big of a game it actually was. I did a lot of exploring and also getting lost a bunch of times..hahaha roll Which usually meant I ended up dead shock wink

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed - I bought this because it got a great score...I'm not usually one to go for games cause they got a good score though....I'm not entirely sure I like the game...I mean it's not bad but I get a bit annoyed with the fighting system. It's a game I'll play in pieces when I want a break from Until Dawn.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series- I waited for this to go on sale...I haven't seen the movies sooo the characters to me are all pretty new to me...I don't mind it but I'm not sure it's my favourite TT game.

Catlateral Damage - I either bought this last year on sale or sometime earlier this year when on sale..I love cats...This game seemed kinda fun in theory..SHOULD of stayed that way. This game is a bore.
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PermalinkHave you watch this doco?
Anyone watched the doco called 'What The Health' and actually liked it? Yes, it has some points but for the majority it was pretty much a 'one sided' doco like most are when it comes to being a VEGAN. If you're a vegan, good for you. But I really dislike shows like this that DON'T properly look into all aspects. They NEVER mentioned anything to do with GMO and plants. OPEN your fucking eyes and do research and you'll find information out there..It's not hard to find.

I could never live without meat simple as that...If you want to be a vegan then I hope for your sake you do it completely and utterly properly. It felt like this doco was saying IF you become a vegan then ALL your worries/problems will go away..This is simply bullshit. Not everyone is going to have success and YET they never showed that side of things..I mean why would they? They don't even go into the facts of how you'd do it successfully and carefully. There are plenty of people who 'turn' vegan and end up worse BECAUSE they don't do the research before hand. I respect anyone who does the research and find what works for them but do not expect that just dropping meat will simply fix all your worries.

I'm of the opinion of having a broad diet..Like yesterday I created Cheesy popcorn without using actual cheese/butter...I was super happy to discover this method because when I eat popcorn at home it's usually just salted and that's it. The other day I grabbed a bottle of coffee with almond milk with maple syrup to sweeten it. BUT I won't deny myself a bag of bottle of iced coffee (like DARE or Farmers Union) or a bag of popcorn that has real cheese already on it.

It talked about the pesticides going into the meat and then travelling further outside WHICH is completely true..BUT there was no talk about it affecting the plants you eat IF you just restrict your diet to be 'plant based' only. They talk about the pesticides travelling from the meat into your own body, they never mentioned about the plants that get it as well and so in turn you're doing the same harm. They even bashed organic meat saying you'll never escape the harm of pesticides from normal meat cause it gets sprayed so it travels to even organic food..SAME WITH PLANT BASED FOOD...FFS.

Ooohh and their raves about how bag eggs were for you...REALLY haven't done their research there! Again if you go looking you can find how ONE doctor wanted to become rich/famous so he said they were basically evil for your body...But hang on...This doc should of been called 'BECOME a VEGAN'.

*Deep breaths* Okay, rant over..How is everyone? laugh

After all that fussing about getting the 360 hooked up it had to be unhooked and moved so it's not connected to anything at the moment. And I think my mouse is dying slowly..It's doing some random arse stuff which is honestly making me irritated.

No gaming to speak of...Haven't wanted to...I mean I've wanted to but I haven't had enough SUPER want to play..I guess it's just one of those periods I go through where I'll place my attention elsewhere. Mostly being TV/Movie shows..Somehow trying to progress through those...BUT I can't sit and just outright watch them..Usually doing something else at the same time.
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In life we meet all different type of people some are good, some are evil, some are bad and some are down the middle of it all. Sometimes you have those GUT reactions to someone where you have this 'feeling' about someone but you're not entirely sure why.

Time and time again I'm learning that my 'gut' reaction to people I feel are shady ARE usually the worst crop of them all. They will be shady and somewhere along the line they will disappoint you and prove that your 'gut' was always right.

SO, we all remember how I blogged about taking a month off GoW..I think I even wrote a status about it. AND here is the 24th of JULY and I'm going to be 'kicked' from the guild I wasn't active in. WHAT'S more is the guy has even LIED about what he has said about my month off. The only way I could prove what went on between us was to show the PM where I said I'd like to take a month off cause the game is burning me out..His reply was 'kk'.

THEN today cause it's the start of the new week I logged into GoW to collect the weekly bounty (he even told me that I should be doing this in another PM) and for a split second I decided to go into Guild Chat because I wanted to see what was going on..I scroll up a bit because there was a bunch of chatter only to find this:
External image

NO WHERE did he state if I was a 'dead weight' would I get cut from the guild except for in this message in Guild Chat. Yes, I was pretty shocked to read the message because it was all NEWS to me. I haven't even been GONE for the fricking month and he's saying that. I also got a DM really quickly when I accidentally collected some Guild Seals..I have no fricking idea how I collected them because I HADN'T been playing the game. Besides that point collecting Guild Seals is ACTUALLY good for the guild. But he was just letting me 'know' that he was watching me and would be waiting to see my arrival on the 1st of August. At first I thought 'okay' I haven't do anything wrong here so whatever and went along my merry way until the above photo WHICH shows what this guy is REALLY like.

Doing the above post in the Guild is to get acceptance for the idea and to 'show' he's doing the right thing. Sooooo, what did I do? I took a screenshot of this and then I took a screenshot of our PMs showing exactly what he said in return to my I need a month off. I then placed these screen shots in the Guild Group account on Playstation. It's all I can do. IF I get booted because of starting 'drama' then whatever. He kicked some other people out recently because they hadn't done enough YET they'd been both contributing to the guild weekly..Did exactly WHAT he asked of them but wasn't good enough?

My gut reaction to this guy was he is shady for a number of other reasons..I stayed in the guild because of the low guild requirements and I could contribute and still have fun while playing the game. Suddenly there was a mad kicking spree of nearly everyone in the guild PLUS he took on a new 'second in command' which makes me wonder if there has been some 'whisperings'...So, you want the guild to be successful YET you'll kick everyone out. They boot me from the guild then I'll be inclined to tell the truth to anyone who asks.

This really was just a kick to the head after a bad day..My status says why my day was so bad..I don't wish to speak about it here..It really gets me upset even typing this.
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PermalinkTalking this out cause it helps with motivation :D
Another blog...Seriously, what the frick is going on here?! laugh So, I walked back to the 'dark side' and hooked my 360 up to my PC monitor.

First thing it had to do a massive update as I hadn't been on since 2015 I believe...The updates came in quickly unlike the X1 and I was good to go. Now, with my PC screen means no audio UNLESS I use a headset...BAH...Easy enough, I hooked up my wireless Tritton headset and I had NO sound...


Pulled out all the cords and re-plugged everything in and there was a fresh set of batteries in the headset so everything should of worked first time round but didn't. It took a bit of replugging things in a few times and then FINALLY I had sound...Soooo, in all likely hood my headset is on the fritz..cry Well, the headset is fine..It's the receiver that's having issues but honestly, I'm not mad, it's an old headset now. If it completely stops working I might hook the 360 to the TV but that will be a nightmare which is why I avoided it this time.

Looking at my wall of games I decided to go with a shooter and one that I'd been intending to play for a long time but never got around to it...BLOPS 2. The game fires up and I play a little bit but as I go into the next mission my screen turns completely black...It occurred to me that this is an old game so the loading times might be sucky...So, when it finally loads I think nothing of it and go about my merry way of killing more enemies. Happy with the days progress I quit and wait for the next day for playing more games. Plus it looked like the games campaign was pretty short like most CoD games are which made me happy enough.

This afternoon after kinda forcing myself to play instead of watching a movie I load up the game and plunge straight back into the action only it doesn't last that long...angry I complete the training and fail the tactical part of the game..laugh..I was doing well until the 3rd wave...I had about 3 to 4 minutes remaining on the clock but my brain was still getting used to the button layout of the 360 and well, I was stuffing up due to that mostly. SO, the game enters into the loading area for the next mission and tells me about the side quests for the tactical missions...IF..I can avoid the tactical missions I might leave those for last and just play the storyline bit...

I press A on the controller and my screen plunges into darkness..I think nothing of it because of last time...I wait..and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and go grab a drink and wait and wait....Black screen isn't changing...I do all the usual stuff to see if the console has frozen or it's the game taking a bloody long time to load...Turns out the game had frozen. Soooo, I reboot the console and same issue again..Argh! facepalm

Googling this problem it shows getting 'the black screen of death' for Blops 2 is a super common thing..I remove a shit ton of stuff stored on my HD and go to install the game after removing the update for the game....Game fails at 20% install..Urgh..Tells me disc is scratched...Try again and another fail...So, I take the disc out and wipe over it softly and try again...Game installs to 23% then FAILS...shockfacepalm

This time I take the disc out and see a HUGE ring around the outter of the disc just like what I used to have happen years ago with my original fat 360..I notice little scratches but I've played games that have had more scratches that haven't caused an issue...SOMETHING about that ring around the disc is the issue.

Now, like I say, I either bought this second hand or very,very cheap...I usually rent all the shooter games..I'm thinking I got this from EB years ago on one of their cheap sales that they have and they gave me the faulty disc. EB have been known to sell 2nd hand games as NEW if they look perfect so I'm wondering if that happened...Only reason I'm questioning this is because I DON'T like buying second hand games from EB online after an incident years and years ago with the no disc cover...I basically learnt my lesson...So, I'm thinking something dodgy happened? But whatever, it was years ago and I can't honestly do much about it. A bit frustrating, yes but my own fault for not playing my games quicker laugh EVEN if I did test the game it would of worked straight away anyways so I probably would of still had this issue.

Oh but I did hear a loud spinning/crunching noise at one stage while the disc was in the console..LOL...SO like I say it might be my console with the problem...I'll see after I remove this next game.

On the advice of my friend to play a game that starts with H I went straight for a crappy kiddies game....My collection of unplayed games is filled with a lot of crap...I started Happy Feet 2...IT'S CRAAAAAAAPPPPP!!! I don't mind my bad video games, I even enjoy them to a point but this one is REAL CRAAAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!

Which brings me to my next choice...For all the games I've got there are some games I've just waited to play...I'm thinking of putting all the stupid easy 1k games aside and leaving those for a rainy day (aka probably never) and really get stuck into the games I SHOULD of played ages ago. Cause as I keep saying I've no desire to play for points anymore...I'm not even going to finish Lego games to 1k unless I get the itch to do it,. Plus I figure if I spend all my time on the crappy games I'll never get to the good ones..Or I will but it'll be alot slower.

Reason for the blogging again..It motivated me to actually DO what I said..So, if this is something that will help me I'll probably do it a bit more. I've got to consider what will be my next game because I don't really want to go back to Happy Feet 2.
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