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PermalinkWelcome to 2017...A bit late
This year hasn't started off that well..All the way back in January I broke my wrist in one of the worst spots possible. Now it's March and I'm still recovering...So to give an idea of where the break happen flip your left hand over and look under your thumb towards the very top of your wrist...Basically where your thumb meets your wrist abd to the far left...It was probably one of the worst spots to break a wrist!

Everyone at the hospital were all like, "Wow, that is a nasty break." or "That isn't in a good area to break it."

My saving grace was the fact it was a CLEAN break with no shattered bits..I now know how complicated the wrist truly is.

Fast forward to March and it's all properly fixed but now my muscles in that wrist are having issues..I can rotate but I can't bend. Pulling and pushing is still painful. I can't cut with a knife cause I don't have the strength..It's only been the last two weeks I've been able to properly sit down and play GoW without my wrist getting sore or after shocks. A friend of mine told me on the weekend when he had his knee fixed it took a year to properly mend so it was fully usable.

Sometimes when I yawn or breath deeply my wrist with tingle very quickly...Like WTF!? Lol

So....I haven't been able to drive since December :( I'm going to ask about that next week. Basically all my independence has been taken away. I can't work either...Well, not what I currently do.

And..well..I got offered relief work at two different schools in the 3rd week that school had been back! I was gutted at the time of saying I couldn't do either. Now I took a look at the school directory and find out they've hired another TA. So...My chances of work there for the year is probably slimmer...I also know the person they hired. I can't be mad at the school or them...But god I wish I hadn't broken my wrist because I bet that call I had to decline work was possibly the offer I was waiting for. I feel upset though. Last couple of years have just been pure shit.

And what's more is I'm not sure I could say Yes to work even now. I'm not allowed to hold or push anything heavier than 2kg..lol :| I'm very restricted in what I can do. Maybe this year will be a write off...

I keep telling myself if my health is no good physically/mentality then I'm not going to do my best. Plus there is chance of doing damage and setting myself backwards..

Still it stings..Seems kind silly,no? But I guess that's human emotions for you.

Typed this all on my phone so if there is errors that is why.
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PermalinkCause everyone's doing it ;)
Well..I think it's obvious what type of game I played the most of last year...laugh

• top 1,000 in the Point & Click Adventure Platinum Trophies Won Leaderboard
• top 1,000 in the PlayStation 4 Point & Click Adventure Platinum Trophies Won Leaderboard
• top 1,000 in the Point & Click Adventure TrueTrophy Leaderboard
• top 200 in the Matching TrueTrophy Leaderboard
• top 5,000 in the Adventure Platinum Trophies Won Leaderboard
• top 5,000 in the Adventure TrueTrophy Leaderboard
• top 1,000 in the PlayStation 4 Adventure Platinum Trophies Won Leaderboard
• top 1,000 in the PlayStation 4 Point & Click Adventure TrueTrophy Leaderboard
• top 5,000 in the PlayStation 4 Adventure TrueTrophy Leaderboard
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PermalinkThe ever growing list of games....help!!
Tis a new year...I hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year (if that's your thing)! toast Hopefully since we're all into gaming you were given some games for Christmas or if you didn't were able to pick up some stuff on sale..toast

Last month I decided to take a little bit of time away from the internet...How did I go? Was alright...I've now come to the conclusion it's not really the 'internet' that is my problem...It's my phone..laugh So, easy to just use the thing all the time...redface So, starting today I'm going to try and use it less..Actually, I had a period of where I would get home and I wouldn't use it until later in the evening time...Considering, I'm waiting on a very important call I've had my phone glued to my pocket...Urggh..

Do you make New Years resolutions? I don't tend to do it or I tried and like the majority I failed super quickly..laugh I have atleast TWO things this year but I don't think they're really resolutions as such.

1) Play more games and make a list of what I own (more on that later)
2) Not to 'stock up' on beer images on my phone like I've been doing. I love keeping track of all the beers I've consumed...I've been posting since 2015 and I've found being apart of the craft beer community is pretty cool....I love finding beers on there (within Australia) that I MUST have so I then go on the 'hunt' for such beer...Sometimes it doesn't end well and other times it does. I used to have a system where I'd take a photo then upload to Google Images but for whatever reason it's stopped working on my phone!!! angry It accepts the upload but not properly...I discovered this after I uploaded a bunch then deleted said images OFF my phone...I was soooo irritated when I saw all these 'grey squares' on my account. GRRRRRRRR!!!

To fix this issue I have to move the photos from my phone to my PC then upload it like that...It's somewhat annoying and it makes it JUST another step that I didn't want to take but otherwise there is no way around it...So for now I'll go this route.

Okay back to to ONE...

Last year wasn't a huge gaming year for me...While there were fantastic games coming out I wasn't inspired to game...I'm pretty sure I know why...My plate was really full with studies/work. Last year was one HELL of a year when it came to both those things..There was good and bad like everything to do with life.

BUT now my problem is I've got a mountain of games...Instead of not buying anything I kept buying while not playing. A few games I bought at release price WHEN I should of bloody waited BUT I was SOOOO sure I was going to play them right away...Did I? *crickets chirp* Of course I didn't..I'll never learn..Hahaha...redface The problem happens when you've got a mountain of games and you buy half digital and half disc base...I got excited about certain online sales thinking the game was cheap (it was) then making the purchase....ONLY to find I already owned the game as a disc base game...THIS is the problem when being so far behind on your games...At least it is for me. When I was actually 'on top' of my games I had very little issues..Now I'm constantly having to check what I own on disc and digitally. However, the great thing about Digital it'll at least inform you on what you own.

I think it'd be awesome if PS could allow you to tick off the games you already own within their store IF you own it as a disc..Then you wouldn't have the chance to double up....I think I've only double up once or twice.

With this all said and done...Where does that leave me now? I've become addicted to Gems of War again...When I hit level 50 I thought I was going to keep playing but instead I took a break from it...It'd been on my mind that I wanted to get to level 100 so in Dec I decided to reload the game to find a massive update had happened..Ohhhhhh, the game was all new and shiny plus amazing! I was instantly hooked and for the past couple of weeks off and on I've been levelling up...Currently on level 66! I'm trying my hardest to ascend a character card off to Mythic but that is proving to be a slow, slow, slow, slow road..I'll get there but I might get to level 100 quicker..laugh

Another thing that has made me fall in love with GoW is the fact I can listen to an Audio book while I play...I love the new music the game has provided but I don't always want to hear it especially when I'm playing for long stints. SO, I've been working my way through my small collection of audio books...Love it! Two things getting completed at the same time clap

Okay it's time to go test out this pepermint bathbomb!! :D
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