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HoneyBizzalNeverwinterHoneyBizzal won 2 Trophies in Neverwinter for 38 points
HoneyBizzalHoneyBizzal has reached a new milestone: 3,500 Trophies Won
richUKThat's You!richUK won 2 Trophies in That's You! for 146 points
richUKThat's You!Three's a Crowd trophyrichUK won the Three's a Crowd trophy in That's You! for 21 points
richUKThat's You!Color-full trophyrichUK won the Color-full trophy in That's You! for 124 points
justGeorgethenManeaterjustGeorgethen won 3 Trophies in Maneater for 92 points
justGeorgethenManeaterWiser trophyjustGeorgethen won the Wiser trophy in Maneater for 37 points
justGeorgethenManeaterNew Breed trophyjustGeorgethen won the New Breed trophy in Maneater for 37 points
dvdmanpadvdmanpa has reached a new milestone: 635 Completed Games
Comment by richUK at 18:17 on 05 Aug 2020


Comment by StuTheChief at 18:21 on 05 Aug 2020


Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 23:06 on 05 Aug 2020

Woop woop! clap

dvdmanpaEpic Word Search Collection (Asia) (Vita)dvdmanpa won 43 Trophies in Epic Word Search Collection (Asia) (Vita) for 1201 points
blooddogg757blooddogg757 has reached a new milestone: 65,000 Trophy XP
Comment by SolaceCreed at 10:21 on 05 Aug 2020

Didn't you only have one trophy left o this the other day? Or am I confusing you with someone else.

Comment by BenNoddy at 13:44 on 05 Aug 2020

If I remember, that was in the original release of Diablo 3 for ps3. This is same game, different version :-P

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richUKLittleBigPlanet 3Curator trophyrichUK won the Curator trophy in LittleBigPlanet 3 for 34 points
HoneyBizzalMaid of SkerHoneyBizzal started the game Maid of Sker
dvdmanpaHouse FlipperFirst Money trophydvdmanpa won the First Money trophy in House Flipper for 15 points
dvdmanpaHouse Flipperdvdmanpa started the game House Flipper
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