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I have lately been inspired by a couple of posters on my feed and blogs. So now, I believe the future for me is "Play 4 Fun" and "Play ALL the games". My completion percentage was never that good anyway at around 43%. So fair warning to anyone on my friend feed I'm going 'Rogue', my comp % will drop, games completed will probably never rise, but I'm gonna play ALL I can, and have sh1tloads of FUN doing it. rock

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xLilSheWolfxxLilSheWolfx has reached a new milestone: 350,000 TrueTrophy Score
Comment by Spikeynesss at 14:36 on 20 Jan 2020

Congrats :) Keep it up!

Comment by ZenRhino at 16:08 on 20 Jan 2020

Lovely! clap

adampg44DefunctMore Secrets! trophyadampg44 won the More Secrets! trophy in Defunct for 37 points
RockLadette85AdVenture CapitalistRockLadette85 completed the game AdVenture Capitalist and is the 1,784th gamer on the site to complete it
AtsumaKarinTrials RisingAtsumaKarin won 3 Trophies in Trials Rising for 129 points
GrayMouse_InkSplosion (EU)GrayMouse_ completed the game InkSplosion (EU) and is the 2,975th gamer on the site to complete it
            Secret Trophyadampg44 won the Secret Trophy in DEATH STRANDING for 22 points
GrayMouse_InkSplosion (EU)GrayMouse_ won 2 Trophies in InkSplosion (EU) for 291 points
RockLadette85RockLadette85 has reached a new milestone: True Level 34
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adampg44Defunctadampg44 won 4 Trophies in Defunct for 117 points
adampg44DefunctLawn Mower trophyadampg44 won the Lawn Mower trophy in Defunct for 21 points
adampg44DefunctSurvivor trophyadampg44 won the Survivor trophy in Defunct for 38 points
adampg44DefunctFloor is Lava trophyadampg44 won the Floor is Lava trophy in Defunct for 41 points
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