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The aftermath of the Link Frog event has been something of a slow burner, juggling gaming time around a new born is never an easy task, but I have managed to get a bit of time here and there to work on Trophies and keep the Completion percentage moving in an upwards trajectory.

The main basis for working on this has come from Lightwood Games, working my way through inatimate1's trophies in Pic-a-Pix Pieces (EU) , inatimate1's trophies in Block-a-Pix Deluxe (EU) (Vita) , inatimate1's trophies in Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure (EU) (Vita) , across both the Vita and PS4 consoles has added plenty of trophies to the collection and brought my completion percentage back up to 28.2%, there's still a very long way to go before I get close to the highest level of 45%, but given time I am confident that I can keep working away on my current library towards hitting the half way mark before the year is out.

I still foray into new games from time to time as well, after setting up an account to utilize the US Store (and take advantage of easy games with plenty of trophies), I decided to get back to working on a couple of the POWGI series, and also completing inatimate1's trophies in Letter Quest Remastered & inatimate1's trophies in Mahjong , these two games are only 300 Trophy Score games for a total of 22 trophies, but it was a trip back down memory lane to a couple of games I had also finished on the Xbox One. The journey into my Xbox gaming past doesn't end there either. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to have the time to work through Murdered: Soul Suspect Trophies & Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS3) Trophies , having picked up both versions on the cheap during sales, the 86 bronze trophies on offer should work wonders towards my Bronze Trophy count which is still lagging a fair way behind the rest of them in terms of leaderboard position. It's one of my favourite games which I have already finished on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, so the next couple of weeks will see me put the game completely to bed (having finished it four times), at least until they decide to bring out some form of remastered version somewhere down the line.

I'm sitting outside of the top 16,000 in terms of Bronze Trophies, it's something that's going to need a lot of focus if I'm to get anywhere close to the top 5,000 here (I'm looking at trebling my current count at least in order to get there), but everywhere else seems to be moving in the right direction. I'm now inside the top 5,000 in both Games Played and Gold Trophies and just outside the top 5,000 in terms of Completed Games. If I can get to the top 5,000 there as soon as possible then my focus can switch to the other 4 leaderboards and making a strong push in those categories.

I need to add around 400 Silver trophies to get to the target here, whilst also increasing my TrueTrophy and Total Trophies by around 250%, the end of the year for this should be a pretty realistic target considering how heavily I can score when I get the time, and hopefully the next couple of weeks is going to see me making very strong progress towards these goals. TrueTrophy is going to be the difficult target, needing to score around 550 per day will be no easy challenge. Since March I've been moving along at 200 per day after a couple of months around the 600 mark, so I'm going to really need to step up during the remainder of June to make things more manageable, but I'll have to see where I stand when the next post comes around.

Away from scoring, June has brought about the PlayStation Plus addition of inatimate1's trophies in Sonic Mania , now this doesn't exactly do me any favours in terms of scoring heavily because I am very nostalgic at times when it comes to gaming, Sonic Mania brings back so many memories with it's blue orb Special Stage and iconic levels that I am finding it hard to want to play anything else right now. With only 18 trophies on offer it doesn't make much sense to carry on from a Trophy Hunting point of view, but I can't help but feel strongly drawn in to the appeal of the small blue furry creature. Block-a-Pix Deluxe (EU) still has plenty of TrueTrophy score available for completion and there's still plenty of TellTale games available on PS Now which will get my completions up in double quick time. Still no post reviewing completions just yet as my free time has been very few and far between but it will be coming soon.

Until next time, Keep Gaming and Keep Scoring!
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What a fun month March was,

I do enjoy taking part in a Community event and for the first time over on TT I managed to keep myself within contention for the duration and used it as a productive way to get a lot of my figures up (with the exception of Completion Percentage!), I managed to increase my Games Played by 33.6%, TrueTrophies score by 40.9%, Trophies won by 45.2% and Completed Games by 45.7% over the course of the month, which was again mainly down to the LinkFrog event (more on that in a moment). I've found myself a few games which I'm hoping are going to keep me grounded for a little while as I work through completing them, but having set myself some goals, I don't want to be leaving myself with a lot of catching up to do during the second half of the year.

Linkfrog was a very entertaining event for me, I do enjoy the Great True Achievement Score Challenge, but this required plenty of forward planning in order to avoid getting trapped with a difficult letter. I spent the best part of 6 hours compiling a spreadsheet of games from PS Now which I hadn't started, as well as games in my collection, in order to try and find a strong link between achievements that wasn't going to be too time consuming. There were occasions where I underestimated the time investment in certain achievements, most notably this one...

Dynasty Warriors 7Emperor of ShuThe Emperor of Shu trophy in Dynasty Warriors 7 worth 20 pointsCompleted the story of Shu.

...but on the main it was a pretty solid method that ended up with a second place finish behind the absolute machine that is xLilSheWolfx . I always knew I was going to be up against it as I missed the first 5 days of the challenge, but the return home saw me getting the wheels in motion and rattling off a total of 175 trophies over the fortnight, 100 behind our eventual champion.

What I enjoyed most about the challenge was that I felt that when looking for the links (and also scrolling through the chains made by others) it really helped to find those quick and easy trophies that got everything moving in the right direction, for someone who is new to the PlayStation side of trophy hunting I found this to be a hugely beneficial perk to the challenge, I was able to start a whole heap of games, get a chain of achievements going, and also move up my target leaderboards all in unison, all whilst competing for a prize. Nothing feels better than unlocking trophies for a cause and this was the perfect platform to do this, so for that I am very grateful indeed.

So where to next? Well, for now I am going to be focusing on getting my completion percentage back up, I made a vow to myself that I would be using the PlayStation to work through games and not have a huge backlog, unfortunately it hasn’t turned out that way, but I do have a lot of single trophy games now which I can gradually work my way through, plus I am aiming to get those completed games up as I feel this is one leaderboard where I can target a pretty high position within the next few months. The Sam & Max collections of PS Now are probably going to be one place I am likely to start because of the fact that Bronze trophies is where I am lagging behind a bit. I’ve nearly pulled myself inside the top 5,000 in terms of Gold trophies, but I’m still way off that mark in terms of Bronze ones, finding a whole host of these to get myself back in line with my targets is the way to go and as soon as I get to the top 5,000 of the leaderboards marker I can then sit back and enjoy replaying FFVII, FFIX and FFX in comfort.

I’ll be aiming for a completion reviews post on my first 50 within the next week or so, so until then guys, keep gaming and keep scoring!
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