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I can gladly say I made it to the finals with most bonus’s intact. I fought tooth and nail to make it, but now it is time to rest. I spent countless hours awake at work school and the tournament and no energy drink in the world will help me recover this week. But I will invite Sting over for Ratalaika and drinks Saturday night. If we can’t be number one might as well be number 2 or 3 and drink like we are kings while we are at it toast
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Don’t get me wrong I love myself some trophies, but this week in the GTTSC has been a rough one. Many people are attempting to one up each other and Ratalaika seems to be the way... fortunately I didn’t play too many of their titles to begin with until now, but I do hope next year we stray away from these easy games. As much as some are fun—I won’t lie many of them miss the mark creating a total headache. I do recommend Daggerhood though. I think it was one of their better titles. Even if it was fairly easy.

Now it’s time to ready myself for the finals, because I’m not ready to give up just yet! toast
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Now that the contest has finally picked up as of last week I really need to sit down and figure out what to play. Unlike my teammate StingX2 I don’t normally have a plan and just wing it. After my fiasco with Cathrine decaying my score by 700+ points to start a week at negative 700 I’ve been a little more conscious of the games I choose. That’s why I started the week off with Zeus Quest as my first platinum of the week.

Yet, that will not be enough. So I think this week will be

Zeus Quest
Gravity Duck (vita)
Resident Evil Revelations (PS4)
One Night Stand (maybe?)
whatever else I feel like playing.

I have bonus’s to save myself from elimination, but should I really use them now is the question.
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