Very slowly chipping at Assassins Creed Valhalla. So glad I just settled on doing doing just the PS5 version because 100 hours twice is a bit manic.


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I can gladly say I made it to the finals with most bonus’s intact. I fought tooth and nail to make it, but now it is time to rest. I spent countless hours awake at work school and the tournament and no energy drink in the world will help me recover this week. But I will invite Sting over for Ratalaika and drinks Saturday night. If we can’t be number one might as well be number 2 or 3 and drink like we are kings while we are at it toast

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darkjian92darkjian92 has reached a new milestone: 790,000 TrueTrophy Score
Comment by StuTheChief at 01:22 on 26 Feb 2021


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Comment by StuTheChief at 15:09 on 25 Feb 2021


Comment by darkjian92 at 00:30 on 26 Feb 2021

Just gotta actually get onto finishing them, rather than just buying as sales come up!

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Comment by Harris59 at 23:41 on 25 Feb 2021

I'm curious how this holds up. Is it a decent alternative to WipEout? I was tempted to try it out.

Comment by darkjian92 at 00:29 on 26 Feb 2021

Feels similar so far, though I've only done enough to register it on my stats. No double tap sidestep, and the weapons are pre-decided in your race loadout...

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darkjian927th Sector (EU)Stubborn trophydarkjian92 won the Stubborn trophy in 7th Sector (EU) for 16 points
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Slayer1189Trials RisingSlayer1189 has rated the game Trials Rising 4 out of 5
Slayer1189Trials of the Blood DragonSlayer1189 has rated the game Trials of the Blood Dragon 4 out of 5
Comment by Ressagy at 15:40 on 25 Feb 2021

Still yet to play this one..

Slayer1189Trials FusionSlayer1189 has rated the game Trials Fusion 4 out of 5
darkjian92The First Treedarkjian92 started the game The First Tree

                Status change by Mayadome at 01:31 on 25 Feb 2021Mayadome status: Anyone tried going for the Code Veronica plat? Can you provide any tips?
Comment by Mayadome at 01:32 on 25 Feb 2021

So far it's taken me 9 hours to beat the game and I've died multiple times. Maybe I need to practice more... the fact that you can only save once is scary.

Comment by Mayadome at 01:32 on 25 Feb 2021

And I don't feel confident about the Tyrant fight before the first save.

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