Figured I’d mention in DBZ Kakarot when you complete the game enemies scale with your level—so make sure you instant win 50 fights before then


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The Quest
I can gladly say I made it to the finals with most bonus’s intact. I fought tooth and nail to make it, but now it is time to rest. I spent countless hours awake at work school and the tournament and no energy drink in the world will help me recover this week. But I will invite Sting over for Ratalaika and drinks Saturday night. If we can’t be number one might as well be number 2 or 3 and drink like we are kings while we are at it toast

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StingX2 has started broadcasting 0 on their twitch channel at 19:51 on 27 Feb 2020twitchStingX2 has started broadcasting 0 on their twitch channel
davem300490Train Sim World 2020: Set 2Rhein-Ruhr Ostendavem300490 completed the Rhein-Ruhr Osten DLC for Train Sim World 2020: Set 2
Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 01:09 on 28 Feb 2020

Nice job! This game sure seems to have a lot of DLC!

Comment by davem300490 at 05:33 on 28 Feb 2020

Yeah just a bit of DLC.


                Status change by Mayadome at 10:56 on 26 Feb 2020Mayadome status: Just checked the site numbers and TT is at 67k members. I swear it was like half that last year. Future for TT looks bright with the PS5 on the way!
Comment by Slayer1189 at 11:47 on 26 Feb 2020

Hopefully toast

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 22:43 on 26 Feb 2020

The future on PS will only be bright if Slayer is there with us. cry

                Status change by StingX2 at 00:12 on 26 Feb 2020StingX2 status: Turn filters off on zero/zx collection. Yikes
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