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Just thought I would try out this blog thing

Long were the days I used to go achievement/trophy hunthing for real but I do still try to get them if I really like the game. With that in mind, I've set 2 Goals this year, which can be seen in the Goals tab. I wanna get at least 50% completion in games (including DLC that I own only). This % is always between 38%/44% for the reason that sometimes I try Plus games, get 1 trophy and then leave, destroying the % in a horrendous way lol Most of the times I don't care about it but other days I look at the number and think, damn I should try to get this higher and get a bit most out of older games. But only if I did enjoy the game at the time. I would never go back to Way of the Samurai 4, Castlestorm or Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, just to name a few. WotS 4 I own but it was a complete disappointment. The other 2 were Plus titles.

Now the other Goal that I've set is just an "apparently" easy to get 500 trophies. I've set this one with the "don't really try" effort to see it I could get it. However, this might turn out to be easier than I thought in the first place, due to the previous Goal, which I've set it up a few days after this one.

I've set this back in January, we're in March now and the Goals are going fine looking how many time there's still left.

I plan to go back (even before these Goals were set up) to some games:

All PS4 games
-Yakuza 0 and Kiwami - damn Yakuza 6 is comint out too soon, need to get it also.
Big Yakuza fan
-Driveclub - There was never much for love for this game but I did enjoy it and I still a few DLC's to finish. I plan to do a few races once in a while
- Nioh (I've only done a few missions)
- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition (plan to get the Platinum, just missing the 500 bounties trophies which I want to do the rest onec I get the Necromancer DLC so I'll use it to get the character to level 70 while doing them.
-Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - One of my favourite games from last gen, played a bit so only got a few trophies, lots still to get. I wanna go through the game again cause I love it that much.
- Darkest Dungeon - I wanna go back to this but don't know if the time will ever come with so many games. I do love it but I put always other games in front of it so maybe one day. A difficult but very fun and good game.

There are more games that I would like to go back but the above are the main ones.

Well this should be enough for 1st post. I'll post again once soon. Let's get these trophies while having fun!
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