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I have recently been playing my PS4 and my PS3 a lot more over the last six months than I have in a very long time. I'm not sure if it is because I have been running out of games on my Xbox One to play or if I simply want to get value out of my Playstation's. Ether way I am extremely excited for Death Stranding in November. I am also looking forward to The Last of Us part 2 and getting a Playstation 5 in 2020.

Part of my reason I think I am enjoying playing on my PS4 is because unlike my Xbox where I kinda focus on getting achievements to boost my score and keep my completion percentage up, I don't really focus on the trophies. If I get them it is cool ,but I don't have to acquire them unless it is something I really want to do such as like when I 100% Days Gone recently.

In conclusion I guess I mostly just play my PS4/PS3 for more enjoyment than anything else. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy my Xbox One, it will be my primary console for most likely forever. ( I use it for streaming, gaming, 4K blu Ray player, and general use on my main television) I just seem to enjoy the games for themselves more without worrying about getting achievements/trophies on my Playstation family of consoles. I try to simply enjoy my games on all platforms ,but have found myself finishing or replaying games on my Xbox I didn't enjoy at all or much simply for an achievement.
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