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I woke up 4 mornings ago with the all too familiar tingling in my left arm, signalling
a new relapse. I have Multiple Sclerosis and have had to use a wheelchair
periodically since January.
It's not a coincidence that that's the same time I started getting more serious
about obtaining trophies in my games:

What else is there to do when you're stuck in a wheelchair and too depressed to
leave the house?

Actually, depressed is probably too strong a word. My Hubby, my friends and
my games keep me positive. Until recently that is. Slowly losing feeling in an
extremity is not only frustrating, it's terrifying. Not knowing if it will stay at a
numb thumb for weeks/months or will it progress quickly to leaving me with a completely useless arm? Waking up every morning doing a quick check of my
fingers, assessing to see if I'm worse is a scary habit I've had to adopt.

Usually, in the past I've had limited success at treating my relapses with steroids,
but my husband and I have the added stress of trying to conceive a baby added to
our already full plate. Steroids are not exactly what I want coursing through my
veins while (hopefully) newly pregnant!

Anyway, it may become impossible to keep up my trophy streak soon
due to my issues, but more importantly, games are a much-needed escape
from sickness that I will miss dearly if forced to quit due to limited
use of my hands.
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