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YLOD and The Longest Boost: Episode IV: A New HopePermalink
Boosting is hard. Let's face it.

Gone are the days that you had a buddy who lived down the street who you could join in a game and co-op something easy. If you are not an especially social person who can make friends easily across a game network like PSN or Live, it is not going to be a simple matter to find a partner to hardcore boost seriously difficult and tedious trophies.

Occasionally you will however come across such a special person and if you can do that, you should thank your lucky stars. You should thank the Lord and all His angels. It's such a rare thing as to almost be like destiny. For someone like me, it's happened really only twice and this last time was nothing short of magical.

Once upon a time I had a 40gb PS3 phat that I'd played quite a few fantastic games on before it suffered the much feared Yellow Light Of Death. At the time, I had not the expertise or understanding of why this could have occurred. Also, unfortunately at the time this happened, I was not a subscriber to PS+ so all my game saves, hundreds of hours of game time, were locked in a deep dark cage on that encrypted hard drive. Out of reach for all time. I bought a PS3 slim and chalked it up to bad luck.

Years passed.

Last month, when I heard that Burnout Paradise was going offline for PS3, I was alarmed as this was my first platinum game but I had never quite made it to 100%. I picked up a used copy to push my platinum to 100% on that game and then I turned my attention to the Uncharted PS3 games which I heard were also going offline. I looked at Uncharted 2 and saw I was only 6 trophies away from getting the plat and I needed to beat crushing mode to clinch it. No prob, I beat that game on hard, I'd just load it up and roll through it right?


All my Uncharted 2 saves were on the old PS3.

For those of you who've played these games on Hard, it is not a simple matter, it's typically 7 hours of slog before you can even get to the start to play it on Crushing. Crushing is stupidly hard.

I decided to look in to resurrecting the PS3 Phat to try to recover those saves. Low and behold I saw many videos explaining the YLOD and what could be done to resolve it. I watched detailed videos showing the disassembly of the console and how to approach the repair. This was not going to be simple, this was not going to be quick and there was no guarantee of success but I had to try.

I dug out the old lady and plugged her in and pressed the power button: YLOD going strong.
I ordered a special tool kit for repairing YLOD and I got some arctic silver 5 thermal paste and borrowed my father-in-law's heat gun. When everything arrived, I carefully disassembled the console, and cleaned everything and ran the heat gun for 5 minutes at a time on each chip on the motherboard and let it cool off overnight.

Next day, I added the new thermal paste, slapped everything back together, took it to the TV and connected it all up. Now was the moment of truth.

I pressed the power button.

Yellow Light of Death.

Supremely depressed, I disconnected the system and brought it back to my drafting table. I had given it my best shot, there was nothing I was going to be able to do. I pulled up a list of PS3 error codes and 5 minutes later I hit the power button again just to verify that it was indeed the YLOD sequence.

Green light.

Stayed Green.

Stayed lit.

HOLY ****!

Cradling it like a newborn infant, I gingerly moved the system back to the TV and plugged everything back in. Again I pressed the power button, and again saw YLOD. I then disconnected the HDMI cable,

One last time.

Fingers crossed, prayers sent.

Power button pressed.


I connected HDMI again.

The living room was filled with a beautiful symphonic musical cue!

IT WORKED! SHE WAS ALIVE! SHE WAS BROUGHT BACK AGAIN! I SCREAMED, "YES!" in a guttural manly cry more emphatically and loudly than even when my beloved Florida Gators won a national championship!

My wife rolled her eyes mad hard at me.

I did not care.

There were all my game saves, One Hundred and Sixty-eight of them, so many games I'd forgotten about, so many others I could never forget! Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo 6, Metal Gear Solid 4, BioShock, Assassin's Creed II, Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2, Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Killzone 2, Unreal Tournament 3, Warhawk, Motorstorm, Call of Duty: Black Ops, InFamous, GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur, NCAA Football 10,


Grand Theft Auto IV.

Hello, darkness... my... old... friend.

To be continued...
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Burnout Paradise 100% completionPermalink
So the very first game I ever got a platinum trophy for was the soon to be late great Burnout Paradise. I have a soft spot for this ridiculous and crazy game because it was one of the first PS3 games to be patched with trophy support. I'd been playing it on Xbox 360 until mine red-ringed and I loved it so much I traded in the 360 copy for the PS3 version.

I sorely missed my achievements at that time.

So when it was announced that Burnout Paradise would be getting trophy support, I quickly set about planning my conquest.

Not only did I finish the game but I got all the DLC for it and tried to get those trophies as well but ultimately life took over and I never got around to playing, let alone getting trophies in Cops and Robbers. I also was missing one last trophy for Big Surf Island.

Fast forward to a week ago when to my absolute horror, I saw that Criterion announced that the servers for online play were going offline on August 1, 2019 and that I was short the following 9 trophies of 100% completion and if I didn't act now I would be forever stuck at 90%!

Cops and Robbers

Win a game on the Robbers team
Awarded for being on the winning Robbers team in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Win a game driving the Watson R-turbo Roadster
Awarded for being on the winning team of an Online Cops and Robbers game driving the Watson R-turbo Roadster.

Win a best of five rounds game
Awarded for being on the winning team of a best of five round game of Online Cops and Robbers.

Win a game on the Cops team
Awarded for being on the winning Cops team in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Pick up dropped Gold
Awarded for successfully picking up the Gold once it has been dropped in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Bank the Gold
Awarded for successfully delivering the Gold to your team base in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Be the first to reach the Gold
Awarded for being the first player in an Online Cops and Robbers game to pick up the Gold.

Take down the Gold carrier
Awarded for successfully performing a Takedown on the player carrying the Gold in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Big Surf Island

Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges
Awarded when you successfully complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges.

This was not going to cut it.

I located a copy of the game at a local GameStop and created a game session on this and another trophy site to finish this game.

Thankfully I was joined by the Epic Chronokiller1983

This player is a scholar and a gentleman (or lady).

With their help I was able to earn all these trophies in about an hour and a half and finally completed Burnout Paradise after 10.5 years.

It's been a great ride, Paradise City.

See you on the PS4!
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The 5 Dollar TrophiesPermalink
With the recent announcements lately of a number of Triple A game servers going offline after 5+ years of existing, some of us have been scrambling to secure multiplayer trophies required to get platinums or 100% completion rates. I recently did this with Burnout Paradise as it was my first platinum trophy and I had neglected the final 9 trophies to get it to 100% with DLC.

Then I saw that the PS3 Uncharted games were all going offline so I took a look at those and saw that for the most part, a lot of DLC would be required to get 100% completion. I didn't care about that because I never bought the DLC or viewed Uncharted games as FPS games which the DLC typically focused on. I looked at them as spectacularly unparalleled adventure games and that they are. So it was important for me to maintain the ability to get platinums for Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 on PS3.

To that end I reviewed the base game trophies for all the Uncharted PS3 games and this is where I am:

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 48 of 48 100%
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 41 of 48 85%
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 26 of 55 47%

But after reviewing all of these, I noticed that I only needed 2 multiplayer trophies for Uncharted 3:

Bronze Buddy System: Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game
Thrillseeker trophy: Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game

Seems easy enough.

So I dusted off my copy of Drake's Deception and threw it in the PS3 to load up some multiplayer. Lo and behold it hit me why I never got the DLC for this game.

You have to pay for multiplayer.


So I was like, what am I gonna do? I was forced to pay $10 for the pleasure of going online and finding randos to complete these trophies.

That's stupid. But at least I can now leisurely work on the plats for these games without the pressure of having to traverse the Internet wasteland, LFG to do obnoxious things like finding RNG treasures while playing FPS rounds.

F that noise.
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Trophy Case TourPermalink
Hey all, I thought I would take a moment to give a little tour of my Trophy Case. I see that you can't leave notes on them or on the Trophy Case itself so I thought I'd throw in a bit of my reasoning for adding them here! I'll update this blog as I add notable trophies to the case. All of these trophies were earned the good old fashioned hard way. Thanks for reading!

Game: Battlefield: Bad Company
Trophy: There is no I in Squad
Description: (Online) Have 20 Squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round
Note: This is a rare and super difficult trophy. I had to coordinate and stay alive with several other PSN friends to get this. Bad Company is a hard game to plat because it's so limited in map and mode selection. You never know what you're getting until it's already loading and it takes like 3-4 minutes to exit. Huge pain.

Game: Battlefield 4
Trophy: King in the North
Description: Complete all Final Stand Assignments
Note: Another stupidly difficult trophy because the servers are a ghost town. What makes this even harder is that you have get a bunch of kills with a drone that is limited in time and spawn rate. This is by far one of the most difficult Battlefield trophies you can get. Fortunately if you do it on the PS3 when you load it on PS4 it will automatically carry over which is what happened for me.

Game: Battlefield 4 (PS3)
Trophy: Platinum Trophy
Description: Collect all other Battlefield 4™ Trophies
Note: If I never play this game again it will be too soon. I love Battlefield multiplayer but this campaign is punishingly broken. The dialogue is atrocious and abusive and the story makes little sense. The line, "Marshall Effing Law for a BILLION people" still haunts my dreams.

Game: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered
Trophy: Platinum
Description: Earn all Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ Remastered Trophies
Note: One of my favorite games of all time, I had to platinum the remastered version on the PS4.

Game: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Trophy: Platinum
Description: Platinum
Note: The first trophy I ever earned was from this masterpiece of a game!

Game: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Trophy: First Treasure
Description: Find one treasure
Note: My very first trophy after I moved over from my red ringed Xbox 360. I was super excited for trophies to be introduced because I greatly missed the 360 achievements because I didn't have $300 to go buy another xbox 360 at the time.

Game: Burnout Paradise Elite
Trophy: Burnout Paradise Elite
Description: Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Burnout Paradise (excluding Additional Content trophies)
Note: This was my first platinum trophy ever! I love this game and it was a real pleasure completing it and seeing that platinum pop for the first time.

Game: Madden NFL 19
Trophy: Madden NFL 19 Master
Description: Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 19 trophy!
Note: The first Madden platinum of my career. This is a legendary game series and I wanted to have at least one entry where I'd obtained a platinum trophy.

Game: Battlefield 1
Trophy: World War One Hero
Description: Obtain all trophies
Note: I love all my Battlefield platinums equally.

Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Trophy: Bad Company Elite
Description: Obtain all Campaign and Online trophies
Note: My very first Battlefield Platinum. Battlefield was my favorite game for 18 years so this particular trophy means a great deal to me.

Game: Battlefield 3
Trophy: Complete Warrior
Description: Got a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank
Note: Anyone that has every played Battlefield knows just how epic this trophy is. It really shows the depth and varied styles of what makes Battlefield so addictive and diverse and wildly fun! Bonus points for the Rambo reference on the icon.

Game: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered
Trophy: 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper
Description: Kill 30 Enemies with the Dragon Sniper
Note: My 1000th trophy!

Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Trophy: Ride of the Valkyrie
Description: Get 50 kills with the Huey
Note: My 500th trophy!

Game: Battlefield: Bad Company
Trophy: He might come in handy
Description: Complete 'Par for the Course' on normal
Note: My 100th trophy!

Game: Titanfall 2
Trophy: Mark of the Advocate
Description: Earned all trophies
Note: This is a beautiful and gorgeous game and within the first few minutes of play I was determined to platinum this game.

Game: Titanfall 2
Trophy: ...Becomes the Master
Description: Place in the top 3 on the Gauntlet scoreboard
Note: One of the very hardest trophies I've ever won, its the kind that when you win it you jump up and down punching the air and screaming choice expletives at the game.

Game: Uncharted 4
Trophy: Charted! - Crushing
Description: Complete the game in crushing mode
Note: Without a doubt the single most difficult trophy I've won. So difficult and cheap that I made it a mission to beat this game on crushing to win this. This was personal.
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