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Anthem was a mixed bag. Credit to Bioware for the tight combat and the verticality of the world. They just didn't make much of a compelling story/cast/villain. Through 60 hours of missions I had created a ton of money and crafting parts with nothing to do with them. The drop rates were pathetic as well. Not sure if I will ever go back to it. The hub doesn't feel like a real living town. There's no morality/choice system. Feels like it was rushed to launch with the plan to fix it later.

EA has a deal for Star Wars games and owns Bioware. I can't believe KOTOR 3 wouldn't sell enough to be profitable and I think sadly EA has given up on single player games. I know EA rakes in the cash with the sports games and ultimate team. It just seems silly not to make a KOTOR game due to lack of post launch monetization. And I say that both as a gamer and as a stockholder.

Metro Exodus was just as enjoyable as its predecessors. The series has managed to evolve and stay true to its FPS/survival roots. After two games in and around Moscow the survivors move out to the countryside where they meet all kinds of bizarre survivors.

Minor touches make a huge difference. After taking out a few amateur soldiers in an early level the rest surrender. I often wonder why this doesn't happen more often in 1st person shooters when you've mowed down hundreds of enemies. The stealth in this game and use of light/dark is better than many pure stealth games. The hidden morality system is here again and plays a big part in keeping your team together. Credit to the developers for another great entry in the series and setting up a world that can support even more sequels.

Sekiro has dominated my gaming time since its release and at the moment looks like a GOTY contender. I cleared all 3 Dark Souls and Bloodborne solo so I'm not missing the online co op. I do miss the rpg leveling from those games. In Soulsborne/Nioh when stuck on a boss I would just power level and try again. No such luck in Sekiro. You do earn "souls" but can only apply them towards skills or minor upgrades none of which are gamechangers.

I cleared the big 3 over the weekend:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
and completed NG+ last night. Now I only need to grind out skills then a nice shiny platinum. A big thanks is due to the team at Powerpyx. They've been my recent go-to for trophy guides.

I also picked up The Show 19 after the Phillies signed Bryce Harper. Not sure how far they will get though without a solid bullpen. Division 2 and Outward are sitting in the stack waiting. For April I'm picking up MK 11 and Days Gone. Happy gaming!
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