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More Weird Trophy Glitches
So last night I decided to fire up Mafia Definitive Edition and start that game, as it seems like a fun series and I got the trilogy a few months ago. As I start up the game, the error "NP-32091-5" several times, which logs me out and I have to start over several times. However, I finally get it to work and I'm really enjoying the story so far. I end up beating the first two chapters and after the second chapter, I get a trophy notification and realize that for some reason, the game did not give me the trophy for the first chapter.

I tried several more times to unlock the trophy, which by the way has a 97% unlock rate, and I couldn't get it to unlock so I posted on PSN Profiles about it to see if it was glitchy. No one else seems to have this issue. Finally, after resetting my Playstation, it unlocked.

Truth be told, this worries me a lot. Is this an isolated issue or is this indicative of a larger problem? Will I work hard to unlock a tough trophy, only for it to not unlock? And the last thing I want is to get banned from trophy tracking websites because my Playstation didn't unlock a story trophy that 97% of other people got. I already have trophy issues with several lists not unhiding.

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