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I give up on the backlog of trophies that i had planned there are just too many games coming out and more and more quick easy and usually terrible games to Platinum every month now.

I have achieved a few milestones though.

I got the Platinum for Monster Hunter World and i am relieved as now it no longer dominates my gaming time. At over 500 Hours its the most amount of time i ever spent completing a game. Fallout 4 100% comes close (I really got carried away building settlements).

I completed Journey PS3 100% which is the slowest 100% completion i have earnt at 3 years 9 month between 1st and final trophy pops. I would like to thank TrueTrophies for there challenges as they got me to go back and earn most of the trophies, and then i saw a session request on PSNProfiles for a coop session to get the last couple and the rest is history. Great game shame no Plat.

I completed Gal Gun 2 Platinum and sadly the game was not as fun as when i played Double Peace, i guess the novalty wore off. Still fairly easy if a bit repetitive. I tries to make thos one my 225 milestone however i had earnt a couple trophies on my vita and when i sinced those afterwards well PSN profiles rearranged my milestones so its 227 :( ah well its done now just need to be more careful in future not that any of it really matters as i still put this in my trophy cabinet at the end of the day.

Now looking zt my games on the PS4 i should still play through whats there before getting any new games. New personal policy if i cant fit it on my shelf then i should not buy it. Still need to work on a policy for digital games though.

My latest gaming addiction is not helping either. From i huge timesink (Monster Hunter World) to another. Dreadnought is a Free to Play game on PSN which does not require PS+ to play. Its an arena shooter in spaceships. I enjoy it however wait times between games can be annoying i recommend a friend or two in chat to pass the time with. The trophies are also a huge grind and one of the ones i have remaining (Cry Havok) is incredibly difficult and requires a well practiced cohesive team which is not something you get in the game necessarily. The rest of the trophies are just plain grindy apart from Team Elimination which basically requires boosting with at least 6 players (3 per side) as no one plays the mode to earn them naturally. At around 51 Hours of game time im only 1/3rd of the way through the required matches which i hope give enough credits xp to buy a teir 5 ship which world than be the only other trophy i have not unlocked yet. Anyway if i can get the Plat it will be one of the rarest trophies i have ever earnt and one i will be more proud of than my rarest PoxNora Platinum.

Anyway with over 30 games installed on the PS4 and about that many on the shelf to boot im gping to be plenty busy for the remainder of the year, Need to make room for God of War and possibly Farcry 5.
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I has a plan. I really did. I was all out to earn some plats and it started real well too. I completed The last Windmonk and Rime just as i planned, well almost. Initially i wanted to finish Life is Strange: Before The Storm however i just wasnt feeling like a narrative story driven experience and a great way to spoil those games it to plow through them when not in the right mental state so i skipped on it for now. I also skipped on Hidden Agenda, i did however finish Lego Marvel Superheroes a year and a half after i previously played it. Assault Gunners HD came out, it was cheap and looked up my alley so i picked it up and it was a fairly easy Plat but i played this and Time Machine VR instead of Uncharted again. Those Uncharted trophies look loke they are probably going to stay that way at this point. I did get a couple of easy Plats to make up for this tho with Slyde, Squareboy vs bullies and Twin robots on Vita. It came as a suprise to me that some crossbuy games with vita/PS4 listed in tbe trophy list did not actually share the same list.

This month i will continue to earn trophies however as i am so close to 200 now i plan on getting as close to Plat the games i am playing and then after i finish my 200th platinum (Gal Gun 2 or Peach Beach Splash if im too imoatient) ill spend a day finishing up the trophy lists. I have 5 on my Vita and 4 on PS4 reasy to go. However this is also a symptom of the problem i am facing right now. The next game i have been wanting to finish was Batman: The Enemy within. I am up to the start of chapter 3 so only 4 to 6 hours to finish the game with little skill required. So why is it i am finding it so damn hard to finish. Im finding it hard to even continue at all. Like stated earlier these narrative experiences should be played when you are in a receptive mood but Telltale games i am so worn out on just thinking about playing them now takes me out of the mood even if i was in it. To be honest it was like this with The Walking Dead season 3 but as i dont care about that franchise just plain choosing stupid, dumb or rediculous choices when possoble was the fun that pulles me through. Guardians of the Galaxy before that had a few great moments that pulled me through the boring bits and the fact that alot of the dialogue was optional meant i just skipped it reduced the playtime which also eased the pain of playing through another Telltale game. in the end i think its just the forumulaic dialogue sequences, lack of any real tention in the dramatic stories and limited gameplay the hinderes my enjoyment of these titles, well that and oversaturation of product with declining quality control mostly due to the studio having too many projects to properly manahe for their size. Well i hope that the restructiring that Telltale had to undergo will lead to a better overall product hell i played the last 3 seasons of walking dead and even tho i was just stating how much i dont care about the franchise ill still pick up the finale on a sale. The wolf among us was my introduction to telltale i hope the sequel is also great but also with some original gameplay elements. Anyway its not that i dislike Telltale i actually just want more varied products so that my interest in the game xan at least be sustained throughout a playthrough.
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