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So the release date of Gal Gun 2 has been announced. 13th April. So why is this important?

Platinum 200 that's why.

Huh? What do you mean you only (only lol) have 189 platinum trophies you need at least another 10 before then and your still playing Monster Hunter Word.

Yeah I know. Its been hard putting that down. I mean I did all the trophies I set out to do but still find myself constantly farming for more crown every day instead of getting the list of games finished that I wanted to. Its not like I'm not aware that I have more games in need of getting around to its just that well Monster Hunter.

Well I've run out of time for excuses, I need to finish 10 more Platinum Trophies before mid way through next month as Gal Gun 2 will actually take a while to Platinum as I'm sure I will need a spreadsheet of where to find which girl in what outfit again much like Double Peace as well as completing all the games romantic paths, keeping track of collectables and so on.

So ok then, lets plan out a new list.

This week Monster Hunter World has terrible Events for farming Crowns so I'll try to get quite a few shorter games done, plus its a long weekend. I'll start with Life is Strange, Before the Storm (bonus episode is out too) and complete that today. Monday I'll complete The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk and then chill out with Rime. Lego Marvel Super Heroes should be the remainder of the week its a larger title and may even take some of the following week too however I'll take a break on the Sunday and play through Hidden Agenda. Fortunately I have a phone and a tablet and only need 2 smart devices to platinum that one. Once Lego Marvel Super Heroes is complete I will have to finally pull my finger out and finish Uncharted. I wont bother with 100% just the base Platinum as I hate speed runs. It will be over 2 years for that completion which could be one of the slowest Uncharted platinum trophies ever. Anyway once I finish that hopefully my Uncharted skills will have be honed in so Uncharted 2 does not take as long and I'll move onto that. However, I will plan to deviate a little and complete Batman Enemy Within around August 1st so I can take the day and fully immerse myself in the story. This leaves Steins Gate which I'll take the following weekend to grind out just before Gal Gun 2 releases and hopefully finish Uncharted 2 during that week while I wait for my Physical disk to arrive (oh yes I said physical disk as its still not on PSN in Australia, at least I cant find it).

Anyway that would be an ideal scenario. However if some of the games take longer then expected Burly Men at Sea is currently on special, Suicide Guy is cheap and so is Accounting+ so there are a few easy plats out there to pad out the numbers if some of these games platinum trophies are more elusive than expected. I may have completed Uncharted on the PS3 many moons ago however as I get older I can tell my reflexes are getting a bit slower and so these games just seem to be that much harder. Mabey I just play too many easy games for trophies now that I've forgotten what skill is, lol.

Some positive news, my Raid Team finally completed the Raid Sector in Destiny 2. Yay!

Anyway even with this enormous plan for trophies I'll still behind as Uncharted 3, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Until Dawn Rush of Blood and Assassin Creed Unity will remain unfinished. Well I also will have almost finished most of the games for July I had planned with just a few visual novels remaining so I'll have to try to reshuffle some of these games there. I will most likely have to drop several games I had planned to complete as not only Monster Hunter but also there are many cool games coming out this year I had not been aware of like Celeste which I will want to complete sometime (also first run without assists if possible). If Gal Gun 2 doesn't take all month hopefully I'll be able to finish off Uncharted 3 in April too.

Only time will tell.
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PermalinkSo...Monster Hunter
Well i had a well planned out Febuary of games i was going to finish and, well, its not going to happen. Why? Well...Monster Hunter.

This game is consuming all my playtime.

Will i Platinum it? Well no...but i will try. I think all the non crown trophies will sasiate me for now. Then i can hopefully do a few Investigations a day to tidy up the crowns and hope dlc monsters dont get added to the pool of crowns needed for the base plat, oh and that i can also turn the game off to switch over to whatever im doing next.

I guess in a way im lucky Destiny 2 is struggling to keep my attention. Im only loging in for 1 raid and i quick Nightfall each week. Even Iron Banner was not interesting to me. The game is not rewarding to me anymore im only logging in for the social grroup and if we all moved together somewhere else im not sure id even give the next dlc a go.

As for those game i wanted to Platinum this month. Well Assassins Creed Unity will be moved to replace something else later this year. I will have to play Uncharted at tbe end of this month and maby do Time Machine over 2 Sundays and not 4, could still be possible.

The only game i have completed is Walking Dead New Frontier. Personally i felt this was the best written Walking Dead Telltale to date however it became apparent while playing this i am so over telltale games. Also i noticed a few issues with buttons being mapped wrong and inconsistent storytelling in late game showing its rushed development.

Final reason my Feb goals are gone to heck are the Winter Olympics event. I only just noticed this today i had not realized it was on i w as so engrossed in Monster Hunter. Im going to make a plan for completing the events but i wont be to bothered with the high scores. Sure they would be nice but i just have to many games i want to finish so ill prolly do 1 event a day until i catch up on them and then get back to the backlog.
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PermalinkTirisia 2018 Trophy Hunting Goals
I like goals for my trophy hunting as they can help me focus my energies into completing games instead of just playing the same titles over and over again. Now there is nothing wrong with playing the same game a lot if you like it, heck both my brothers play WoW and my dad plays Civilization almost every day. The reason I like to play my games and move on tho is that it allows me to experience many different experiences and trophy hunting has seen me broaden my horizons in the type of games I play and not just ones where you shoot people in the face (tho I still seem to do that a lot too).

So each year I make some goals. Last year I heard about doing a 'dirty 30' list. This is a list where you write down up to 30 titles of games you own and decide you'll play them to completion of until your fed up and will never go back to that game and then you move on. I like this idea as a way to clear out a backlog. One does need to be careful tho as not to put too many longer titles in such a list as that's 2 to 3 games a month and most people don't have 10 hours a day to put into a title every day of the year. Even I cant do that.

Another challenge I like to do is keep up with the easiest platinum trophies. To be honest I'm not sure if its just the challenge of getting through all the bad games that end up on the list of if its just the digital reward of a plat enhancing the ego but either way i intend to finish all the easy platinums up to the end of 2017 release this year. I can do the 2018 ones next year and so on.

Something else i'd like to do is finish all the most popular titles. Well I've kept them in mind while making my dirty 30 list.

I also have a PSVR and in 2017 i don't think i got any games for it so this year i will pull it out and give it some use. (Even more if Skyrim goes really cheap)

Finally i would like to get as many Final Fantasy trophies as possible. Now i know doing these all in 1 year would take a long time so i intend to do a few games this year but not all.

So with all that in mind i mapped out on a calendar where to try and play/finish a whole bunch of titles. Last year i had a total of 71 platinums however many of these were shorter and easier experiences. This year trying to achieve my goals i have mapped out 50 games this year to try and platinum. It will be a full year and I'm sure the schedule will change based on the time that i can put into gaming and what gets released. There are only 2 games in those 50 that are to be released this year (Gal Gun 2, Farcry 5. I'm also getting Monster Hunter World but I'm not intending to Plat it) and I'm not sure if anything else will really grab me enough to take me away from the titles that are already on my list to complete (possibly Spider Man depends on reviews).

So with all that said here are my 2018 goals as of now


Minecraft Story Mode (Dirty 30)
Seasons After Fall (Dirty 30)
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Dirty 30)
Senran Kagura Estival Versus (Dirty 30)
Undertale (Easiest games of 2017)


The Walking Dead A New Frontier (Dirty 30)
Uncharted Drakes Fortune Remastered (Dirty 30)
Assassins Creed Unity (Dirty 30, Popular Plat)
Time Machine VR (Dirty 30, PSVR)


Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Dirty 30)
Uncharted 2 Among Theives Remastered (Dirty 30, Popular Plat)
Hidden Agenda (Dirty 30)
Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (PSVR)
Life is Strange: Before i cared the storm (Easiest games of 2017)
Demetrios (Easiest games of 2017)

Uncharted 3 Remastered (Dirty 30)
Mirrors Edge Catalyst (Dirty 30)
Until Dawn Rush of Blood (Dirty 30, PSVR)


Batman: The Enemy Within
Lost Grimoires 2: Shoard of Mystery (Easiest games of 2017)
Apotheon (Dirty 30)
Typoman (Dirty 30)
Oxenfree (Dirty 30)
Akiba's Trip (Dirty 30)


Knee Deep (Dirty 30)
Titanfall 2 (Dirty 30)
Manual Samual (Dirty 30)
Final Fantasy XII (Dirty 30)


Gal Gun 2 (New release)
Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror (Easiest games of 2017)
Planet of the Eyes (Easiest games of 2017)
Square boy vs the Bullies (Easiest games of 2017)
AER Memories of Old (Easiest games of 2017)
Code Realise: Guardians of Rebirth (Dirty 30)
Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma (Dirty 30)


Until Dawn (Dirty 30, Popular Plat)
Valient Hearts The Great War (100% no platinum) (Dirty 30)
Neverwinter (Dirty 30)
Don't Knock Twice (Easiest games of 2017)
The Town of Light (Easiest games of 2017)


Abyss the Curse of Eden (Easiest games of 2017)
Steins Gate 0 (PS4 Easiest Games list)
Root Letter (PS4 Easiest Games list)
Briks (PS4 Easiest Games list. OMG Briks 2 list reveal...bleck)
World of Final Fantasy (Diry 30)


Battlefield 4 (Dirty 30, Popular Plat hopefully server still running at this point)
Final Fantasy XV DLC
Bloodborne (Dirty 30, Popular Plat)


Tekken 7 (Easiest games of 2017)
Neir Automata
Farcry 5 (New release will be much cheaper by this time of the year)


Uncharted 4 (Popular Plat)
Resogun (Popular Plat)

As of now i only have Undertale left for January as i have made better time then expected on the other trophy lists so i'll start February early in order to make room for some more Monster Hunter World time.
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