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I am beginning to trophy hunt again.

This summer I am hoping to get at least six Platinums and get to level 15 on the PlayStation Network.

I want to complete Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, 4, and VR.

I want to complete Final Fantasy: Monster From The Deep XV (VR) and have over 10 hours of gameplay when I first begin playing it.

I want to hopefully complete Until Dawn while livestreaming since I failed to get the trophy where everybody survives. I got so annoyed from that, I made Ashley take the wrong turning by accident and I just left it livestreaming as I took 4 hours to prepare toast I was that annoyed.

I also want to challenge Dusty_XYZ on statistic before the end of July, I shall be the dominant and more superior challenge than he is himself.

I really hope that I can accomplish all of this, especially since I will be doing other things during the summer. I will be working on my Speedruns to create a world record for a couple of games. I am confident I can accomplish this with no problem whatsoever.

By the end of this year I will need to have at least a thousand more trophies and so far I am falling behind that goal, so I have to make it up by getting at least four hundred trophies as I missed out on four months worth of trophies.

I am also hoping to get a trophy streak of 40 days with at least 300 trophies, which will be challenging to dedicate my time and effort to, especially with my sleepovers and nightouts. But I guess that is when the PlayStation Vita comes into play. I want to finish a couple of games on there, since I have not gotten one platinum from that platform yet.

My summer goals are quite time consuming too, so I am going to maybe struggle a bit.

I will get a platinum by the end of May 2019, Tales From The Borderlands.

Next month will be:
• Until Dawn -
So annoying as I have played through this game over four times, and playing through again, *sigh*]
• Naughty Bear -
Childhood game which needs to be completed for the sake of my happiness.
• EyePet -
This is so annoying, it's pretty difficult for a children's game, especially with the size of my room.

The month, July:
• Skyrim Franchise
• Eat Lead -
• Heavy Rain -
I am going to cry with how long seeing all the endings will take, and the specific ending that one trophy wanted... Please God, have mercy.

The Month, August:
• Playroom: VR -
This will be annoying as nobody wants to help me with the splitscreen.
• Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
• LittleBigPlanet 3 -
• The Sims: 3 -
This will need many gamesaves and time to actually complete. Very frustrating.

All of this will not be in order, these are just ideas. I will do whatever I feel is more convenient for me.
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