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I'm 25, graduated college with a B.S. in Industrial Technology, and am working as a Quality Assurance Specialist for a pharmaceutical company and yet gaming still finds room to be part of my everyday routine. Aside from loving my wife, taking care of our 3 animals, and going to work....I need that little bit of time to lose myself in an artificial world either killing baddies or looking for treasures. As my first blog, I thought it would be fitting to write about my origins in the gaming universe so here I go.

It all started way back in the day, I must have been 10, maybe, when my brother and I got our first console, the Nintendo 64. We had played one before thanks to our neighbors inviting us over to play numerous hours of Star Fox and other games on theirs, but this was the start of a hobby that is still going strong.

Our first games were Madden and NHL '99, we were pretty big into sports at a young age so they made very good starter games. We then ventured into other worlds like Mario, Banjo Kazooie, Star Wars Pod Racing, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong where the fondness of this sort of entertainment took off. We would often sneak in the 007 Golden-Eye for some run and gun mayhem.

As we grew older we moved onto modern consoles as they came out. We got a PS2 for Christmas the following year, bought our neighbors GameCube not long after that, and this is what we got to experience in our late childhood. Freshman or sophomore year of high school I got my hands on a 1st generation 60GB PS3. This console only lasted a year or so before succumbing to the yellow light of death and never really working again. I have tried repairing it but am afraid the only way to get it working again is to find a new motherboard, which are very hard to find and kind of expensive. Our basement flooded that winter and we lost our Gamecube to it so the only working console I had going forward was our N64.

With my sophomore year done and my junior year about halfway through, I had not played a whole lot of games due to schoolwork and being a 3 sport athlete. I finally found the time and accumulated the funds to finally buy my very own Xbox 360 during the summer before my senior year.

My Xbox 360 was the only thing I played consistently for about 4 years with a little N64 sprinkled in when I wanted some retro gaming. I really got into hunting for achievements and going for 100% completion on games with my 360. I would spend hours going for a single achievement, it may not have been high in gamerscore but I had to prove I had the skill to get it. My Xbox gamertag, ThrowbackNovak, is not my original account so it doesn't reflect the time and work I have put in to chase achievements down but I will get into all that on a separate post.

The PS4 came out in November of 2013, and yes I was in line to receive it on day 1. This is when I finally got back to my roots of Playstation and has continued to be my console of choice to this day. The trophy hunting I do is still alive and well and is even better now that there are percentages on the trophy list for each game, naturally I try and get the trophies that few people have. I've got numerous completions of games and keep trying for more platinum.

Since I had a 360 and a PS4, I really got nostalgic and wanted to get my hands on games that I had played throughout my gaming career, you could say I am a collector of consoles. I have bought another PS3, Gamecube, PS2, gameboy, a Wii U, and a NES. With these newly acquired consoles, I purchased games that I had played throughout time as well as others to get a good assortment of games so that I really have something for anybody.

It's hard to find the time to play them all regularly but the passion for these consoles is definitely still there and will continue as new consoles role out and more games appear.
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