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Managed to miss last weeks update but that was mainly due to a boosting session which went late into Sunday night so the blog got missed. This was 1 of a few mini victories in the last 2 weeks. That boosting session was for the online for Kung Fu Panda. The massive grind to get 5000 XP which compared to some games doesn't sound like much of a grind but when its only 4-8 XP per game, its long. Managed to find a great team of boosters for this and within the weekend, managed to go from 61 XP to 5000 XP, this did involve spending most of Sat doing it. Did lose some progress Sunday evening due to the game crashing as the save feature is poor. All that is left is to finish the main game. This will be my rarest platinum once I get it.

The other big achievement is 100% completion of Burnout Paradise Remastered. Thanks to another group of great boosters, the 8 player online ones were done quickly, then moved onto the challenges, including using some randoms. Then it was just a case of finishing the rest of the game to get the 100%.

Made some great progress in some old 007 games for the online, which somehow is still working. Couple of great boosting groups that are active and jumping in when possible. Would be great to get all of the online done. This is going to be another huge grind as it requires level 50 and 24 hours playing.

Still have some games that have not been started and trying to hold off but I think we all know what is going to happen....
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3 games this week have been worked on and that included starting on another game. Took the unearned trophies to over 4000 but that would be due to Burnout Paradise Remastered. That has nearly 100 trophies but luckily it contains all the DLC's. Started the week out working on NFS Payback, completed the main story and the DLC trophies.

Ended the week with Burnout, made a decent start in the base game as well as finishing 1 of the DLC's and putting dents in others. However, the biggest achievement on Sunday is getting the 2 trophies which require 8 people to meet up in 1 place and to drive 10 miles on a bike. The bike trophy can be frustrating if you don't have 8 people as anyone leaving means the miles get reset. Today though, we had 8 all needing to get the trophy so it worked out great. Rest of the co op trophies only need 2 players so hopefully will be quick and easy. Leaving the offline to be done. Hopefully this will lead to a plat. Still looking to get XP in Driver to get the MP finished in that game.

Great week for the trophy count this week, just not for the completion and unearned numbers.
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PermalinkFrom Space To The Road
Finally another platinum!
Good week of gaming, finally finished off Rebel Galaxy after 3 years and a restart. Not a bad game at all considering its made by 2 guys. Only downside is the grind of Pirate Lords. The spawn rate is very long, so requires going round ending events in the hope of a Pirate Lord spawning.

Managed to get a few more trophies in Worms 2, slowly getting the online trophies down. Hoping to get the online completed. Having a slight issue with the 2 mine trophies.

Although the plan was to keep working on other games to reduce the backlog. Decided to break it up by starting Need For Speed Payback. Good to start 1 of the new game and have already earned 21 of the trophies. Gives something different to work on whilst working on the backlog. Hoping to work on PS3 online games (Driver SF and Worms 2) as well as Need For Speed. Will also look to finish AC Revelations to.
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PermalinkDriving Through The Galaxy
This week has been all about MP for Driver: SF and Rebel Galaxy.

Found a great group for boosting the Driver online trophies and in the last week, have managed to get all by the level 38 trophy. Looking to keep playing enough games to get the online finished, leaving just the SP to finish. Looking at what is left, its just a few dares and activities. A couple of harder ones by the looks of it then the game will be done.

When not boosting, have been working on Rebel Galaxy. Have finally finished the main campaign and got most of the other trophies. Just on the last grind to get the amount of ships taken down and pirate lords. Another platinum which should be close. This game has crashed a few times, luckily not corrupted the save, although have been making saves to the cloud. Not lost too much time looking back at the stats.

Hopefully the next update will contain a platinum or 2.
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PermalinkA Little Bit Of Everything
In the last week (and a day), plenty of work has been done across different games including MP. AC: Revelations, PS4 has been 100% in the main missions as well as the other misc trophies, just leaving the DLC to complete. Plenty of work still to do for the PS3 version.

Work continued on Fifa 20 with the Pro trophies completed as well as plenty of others. Decided to work on FUT and will look to build up a good team to be able to get into division 4. Also looking to get the rest of the trophies before just focusing on FUT.

Decided to start Rebel Galaxy again and look to get the plat for that. This time seems very doable. Looks like getting close to the end of the main missions. Currently making money to get the best weapons to be able to do the last missions and continue to work on getting the best weapons.

Worked more on the MP trophies in Worms 2 and Driver: SF.
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