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PermalinkWhere Is My Suit For Leisure
Spent most of the week working on Leisure Suit Larry. Taken longer than expect due to how frustrating it can be with the controls and then camera angle changes. Just under 2 hours over the 8 hours so hoping the second run will be a lot quicker especially skipping the cut scenes. Still have to finish collecting the awards.

Also worked on some of the Medal of Honor games just for a change and to get some extra trophies. Looks like a lot of the older games has a non existent online so unlikely be able to clear them up. Still looking to clear up as much as the PS3 games.
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PermalinkWhat Happens In (New) Vegas, Stays In Vegas
Just a quick update as the last post was this week. Fallout New Vegas has finally been completed 100% after 5 years and 1 month. The rest of the Hardcore run wasn't too bad and even the final battle didn't require too much healing.

Finally nice to complete all of the Fallout games owned, although I doubt Fallout 76 will be making an appearance. Would be nice for another Fallout single player which sounds like it could be possible with the rumours going around. Would even be happy with a remake.

Since finishing Fallout NV, its been more of PS3 and working on Leisure Suit Larry. Managed to get some of the trophies but still loads to get and finish the first run. Going to need 2 runs due to taking too long on levels to get it under 8 hours. Some of the camera angles can be frustrating but by the end of the first run, there should be 1 trophy remaining.
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PermalinkStreak Ends With A Platinum
Although the streak came to an end as expected, it did result with a platinum. Monster Jam has finally been finished and is another PS3 out of the back log. Decided along with Monster Jam, it was time to finish Fallout: New Vegas.

The first DLC was Lonesome Road and was pretty easy apart from the 1 tip of keeping count of the warheads which have been destroyed as it was a bit of search of the first few areas to find the missing ones. Moved onto the healing trophies in the base game which took a small amount of planning but then easy to execute. Always making sure to keep a save handy to go back to. Next was to finish the Gun Runners DLC challenges which also required some planning (and a save). Took a couple of tries for a couple of them but nothing too taxing.

That has just left the Hardcore run which is currently underway. Using a guide to speed run it and so far its going well. Close to the end so hopefully by the end of the week that should be the platinum and 100%.
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PermalinkLongest Streak So Far
More of the same, mostly PS3 games but includes having a personal best for a gaming streak and so far its 24 days. Monster Jam and Saints Row 4 have been the games used to keep up the streak. Also decided to work on Fallout New Vegas. Most of the base game trophies have been achieved and several DLC's have been completed. Looking to complete the Lonesome Road DLC then the Gun Runners DLC. This just leaves a few base game trophies including hardcore mode but looking at some sites, this can be speedrun. This would mean all Fallout games owned have been 100%. Hoping the challenges are not too difficult for the Gun Runners.

More of the same for the next week, hopefully with a platinum.
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PermalinkAn All PS3 Week
All trophies earned this week have all been on PS3. Thought it was about time to work on the backlog some more. Also decided to go for a long streak by having a couple of games which have trophies that are easy to get and have plenty of trophies to earn. So far its 17 days and is the 4th longest streak so far. Hoping that this can be at least another 7 days worth if not more. Depending on having the time to game, it should be possible to at least get the longest streak so far.

This week did included 100% game complete in Costume Quest 2. Thought it may have needed 1 extra run due to missing out on a collectable but managed to get it and complete the rest of the trophies.

Using PlayStation All Stars and Monster Jam as the main games for getting the streak. Hoping to platinum both as well in the near future. Also looking to play the old Fifa games to as complete as much as possible although will not be platinumed.
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