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PermalinkLongest Streak So Far
More of the same, mostly PS3 games but includes having a personal best for a gaming streak and so far its 24 days. Monster Jam and Saints Row 4 have been the games used to keep up the streak. Also decided to work on Fallout New Vegas. Most of the base game trophies have been achieved and several DLC's have been completed. Looking to complete the Lonesome Road DLC then the Gun Runners DLC. This just leaves a few base game trophies including hardcore mode but looking at some sites, this can be speedrun. This would mean all Fallout games owned have been 100%. Hoping the challenges are not too difficult for the Gun Runners.

More of the same for the next week, hopefully with a platinum.
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PermalinkAn All PS3 Week
All trophies earned this week have all been on PS3. Thought it was about time to work on the backlog some more. Also decided to go for a long streak by having a couple of games which have trophies that are easy to get and have plenty of trophies to earn. So far its 17 days and is the 4th longest streak so far. Hoping that this can be at least another 7 days worth if not more. Depending on having the time to game, it should be possible to at least get the longest streak so far.

This week did included 100% game complete in Costume Quest 2. Thought it may have needed 1 extra run due to missing out on a collectable but managed to get it and complete the rest of the trophies.

Using PlayStation All Stars and Monster Jam as the main games for getting the streak. Hoping to platinum both as well in the near future. Also looking to play the old Fifa games to as complete as much as possible although will not be platinumed.
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PermalinkPlatinum Weekend
Finally some PS3 action which is where the Platinum trophy came from. Thought it was about time to finish getting the trophies to Master Reboot. Not too difficult apart from one of the levels and the Countdown Trophy.

As per the last blog, AC: Black Flag had the legendary ship trophy waiting and even with a fully upgraded ship 2 ships were tough. However, 2 were easy done but the other 2 were very difficult. Glad to have finished that leaving the 100% of the SP missions and 2 MP trophies. Already started work on the 100% clear up. Found some great videos to help with this. Looks like the Black Flag platinum trophy might actually be possible.

Earned another trophy in PlayStation All Stars, another game which is slowly making its way to the platinum trophy.

Not sure what will happen in the next week for trophies as a few games need a lot of work for trophies but AC: Unity which has been worked on today (1 trophy earned) may have a few which could be earned depending on how the Co-Op missions go.
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PermalinkNow The Cry For Freedom
This week was all about AC again and included a 100% of the standalone Freedom Cry. Decided this needed to be finished being a DLC, would not take too much work. Finished the missions getting as many 100% as possible which only left 2 to go back over (which is going to be a lot more for Black Flag).

Still working on Black Flag earning some of the miscellaneous trophies, leaving the 100% to the end. Not looking forward to the legendary ships but the Jackdaw is about to be fully upgraded which should help. Still working through the online and as most of the SP trophies have been obtained,

Also decided to do more work towards the platinum for Driveclub which ended up getting a couple of trophies in the DLC's.

Also looking into sinking more time into Spider-Man to finish the last 2 trophies...still no PS3 gaming yet.
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PermalinkDoes My Flag Only Come In Black?
Just over a week and decided to work on AC Black Flag. Decided to get used to the game mechanics of sailing. Week later, completed all the main sequences as well as some misc trophies. Dipped into multiplayer, not so great at that so could be a long journey to level 55. Currently working on getting the ship fully upgraded to go against the forts and legendary ships. Also going to all locations to get that trophy.

Will start to slow down on the trophies however, also going to work on the standalone Freedom Cry game and should be able to get that done as well.

Not played any PS3 but will need to go back to that. Might go back over the Fifa's.
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