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Well so much for the regular updates, time seems to have run away again. Another month of PS+ passed and 3 games were downloaded. Infamous Second Son which was a game that was always on the list to be brought and now its free. Hatoful Boyfriend which I have seen previously so gave it a shot. Very strange game it has been completed so earned the 100%. Truck Racer for the PS3 looked like a quick game to earn the platinum and so far 3 trophies away from finishing it. Not really hard but a few of the time trials are causing an issue so will need to go back to them. Once they have been done, the platinum trophy will come.

Also started Yakuza 5 which had been downloaded a while ago from PS+ and planning to try for the platinum. Looking at the guides to try and go for the best and fastest route although doubting it will be a short platinum. Clearing as much as the sub stories other content before moving on to the next chapter.

Plenty as always to keep busy and next week will be the announcement of the next lot of free games. More to add to the backlog. smile
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Long time since the last post but the gaming didn't completely stop. I did start to write the blog but then forgot to upload. So again updating it with a massive update of the last few months of gaming. Small break but back on the trophy hunting again. Playstation Plus was a good month in June with Life is Strange and WRC 5. Life is Strange has earned the latest platinum and slowly getting through WRC. July had an even better line up on PS4 with Until Dawn and Game of Thrones. Until Dawn has not been started yet but already to go but Game of Thrones has been finished and platinumed. The August line up was another good line up with Just Cause 3 and Assassins Creed Freedom Cry. Both of these have been started and trophies earned. Appears JC3 is having server issues most likely due the the sudden amount of players and the leaderboards have stopped working. Managed to earn 2 out of the 3 online trophies but it appears since the 4th August, no one has managed to get 1 of them. Hoping this will be resolved soon. Having fun with the game apart from that, not a quick game but plenty of different things to do. Star Trek Online has also been installed and started which again is good to have to go back to now and again when needing a break from other games.

Decided to go back to Prototype 2 as it was a game that had come from PS+, easy to get the platinum but never really got very far into it. Started from the start to get used to the controls and from earning only a few trophies the first time round, have got 36 of the 44 with the first playthrough completed. Currently just finishing up getting all the collectables and upgrades and a few combat trophies before going for the hard mode and fully upgraded trophies which will lead to the platinum.

Also found that Rocket League has given away free DLC's which has meant that more trophies can be earned without paying for DLC's. Been a long time and rusty but managed to get some of the trophies.

Along with everything installed, the portable drive which has the majority of the games installed has now been filled up so reverting back to the PS4 drive until games have been completed and removed. Not even sure if all of the games have been installed but these would just be physical copies.

Hopefully there will be a more regular update going forward.
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