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PermalinkThis Really Is The End Of The Fantasy
Wouldn't be too difficult what the focus has been this week but actually is the end or nearly. Once reaching level 50+, tackled the rest of the main story. Enjoyed the rest of the story and wasn't looking forward having to fight Ifrit on Normal but actually wasn't that bad. Considering what the fight with Adamantoise was like, it was a piece of cake. Even the Costlemark Tower was tougher than the last fights.

Talking about the Adamantoise fight, that was tough. In lasted roughly 2 or so hours (not really counting) and there were a few moments where it was a case of getting potions out quick. Not exactly difficult but very drawn out. It was nice to finally finish the fight and get the trophy. That one means more than the others and gave a nice lot of EXP. This now only leaves 2 trophies plus the platinum. Only need to grind out the fishing and survival skills. Just going to sit and fish for a couple of hours to see if that gets up to level 10. Not sure how much walking and running to get the survival skill up but its already over level 8 so hopefully not much to go. Looking forward to finally finishing this game and going back to AC 2.

Also managed to get a couple more Fifa 17 trophies but going to need to look at working on the online stuff. Working through The Journey is long going but just need to finish it now.

Hopefully next week will be platinum time.
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PermalinkThis Fantasy Is Final
How a week seems to pass so quickly. It's already Sunday again and time for another weekly update. Another short one as its still been all about Final Fantasy XV. Knowing how big this games is and how much work needs to go into it, nothing else has been played.

Still loving the story and have now got to chapter 8. Currently working on the side quests and fishing. This is to level up for future main story missions and get as many of the 80 side quests done as possible. Everything being done is contributing to the 4 skills to get them up to level 10.

Hoping to clear as many of the side missions before the weekend so the main story can be worked on (lots of easy trophies for clearing each of the chapters).

No more AC until my next platinum which may well be FF XV.
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PermalinkNot Just Another AC Update - Thank You For Update 4.50
As the title says, its not just been about Assassins Creed. Due to the release of the new PS4 update, the feature of using portable drives has now been fully utilised. Once the drive was formatted, it gave over 900GB of space to be used for installing games (and apps).

To test this feature out, any PS+ games which had been started but never finished has been downloaded plus lots of the new games which had been brought but never played due to not having the space. The first and biggest is Final Fantasy XV, This required the most space which wasn't available but since having the portable drive, its been running on that and running fine.

Loving the game so far, so vibrant and massive. Been a long time since playing FF as FF VII was the last one. This is the best one to get back into the series and so far its been fun. 32% of the trophies have been won and only in chapter 3.

I have also managed to get the 1 trophy in Project Cars which has been so unpredictable and that was the Community Ambassador. No idea how many had already been completed but after finishing the one for this week, it popped. Now looking to try and get the rest and actually earn the platinum which now seems very possible.

Also started Fifa 17 and hoping this might be the one Fifa game that actually gets platinumed. May need to boost some of the online trophies.

Also the average completion has reduced, plenty of games are being played so this should go up and keep going up as they get completed or as many trophies get earned.

Still looking for that one game which will break up the AC2 platinum which will come next.
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PermalinkSorry, More AC.....Oh And Poker
AC is still being played, have now finished the story in both Brotherhood and Revelations. Not worked on AC 2 due to the last platinum being AC 2. Looking to find something to break it up, some quick and easy or at least easy.

Still looking for the PS4 firmware to be released so Final Fantasy XV plus a few others can be installed. Hoping it comes in the week, I have read that it could be March 7th but nothing confirmed.

Most likely it will be working more on AC 2 to get the story completed and most of the other trophies.
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PermalinkMore Of The Same
Another 7 days have passed and its been more of the same with Assassins Creed. Due to the fact that the last platinum was AC 2, I have been looking at continuing with Brotherhood rather than repeat the AC 2, however, its a lot easier to finish as there are no objectives to get the 100% sync as per the other games. Will look to see what games are offered for March for PS+ as there may be a quick and easily platinum to break it up.

However plenty of movement on AC: Brotherhood as its now at 64% and the main story has been completed. Started to work on the DLC before moving on to clearing up. Leaving the 100% Sync till last I think.

Purchased the drive ready for the new firmware update, hoping its going to be out in the next week.
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