Looking back at my October 2019 stats since the trophy points update....maybe I should’ve completed a few more Rata games laugh


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Harris59Harris59 has reached a new milestone: 860,000 TrueTrophy Score
StingX2Access Denied (Vita)StingX2 completed the game Access Denied (Vita) and is the 1,159th gamer on the site to complete it
TiawynTiawyn has reached a new milestone: 25 Completed Games
Comment by Spikeynesss at 09:26 on 05 Dec 2020


TiawynMilo's QuestTiawyn completed the game Milo's Quest and is the 1,943rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by BeardedScot86 at 10:54 on 05 Dec 2020

Wooo, nice plat :)

TiawynMilo's QuestTiawyn won 3 Trophies in Milo's Quest for 489 points
StingX2Access Denied (Vita)StingX2 started the game Access Denied (Vita)
Cloud-sideMinecraftCloud-side won 6 Trophies in Minecraft for 631 points
Cloud-sideMinecraftTime for Stew trophyCloud-side won the Time for Stew trophy in Minecraft for 79 points
Cloud-sideMinecraftRabbit Season trophyCloud-side won the Rabbit Season trophy in Minecraft for 57 points
Cloud-sideMinecraftTreasure Hunter trophyCloud-side won the Treasure Hunter trophy in Minecraft for 212 points
Cloud-sideMinecraftMe Gold! trophyCloud-side won the Me Gold! trophy in Minecraft for 133 points
ShoniaoftheDeadThe BridgeThinker trophyShoniaoftheDead won the Thinker trophy in The Bridge for 15 points
ShoniaoftheDeadThe BridgeShoniaoftheDead started the game The Bridge
Cloud-sideMinecraftExpansion Pack 9Cloud-side completed the Expansion Pack 9 DLC for Minecraft
StingX2Pure Chess (Vita)StingX2 won 2 Trophies in Pure Chess (Vita) for 69 points
JakdannJakdann has reached a new milestone: 630,000 TrueTrophy Score
daemont101Bean Divedaemont101 won 2 trophies in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
UlvenFenrirNeed for Speed HeatUlvenFenrir completed the game Need for Speed Heat and is the 5,848th gamer on the site to complete it
dvdmanpaJust Dance 2021dvdmanpa won 2 Trophies in Just Dance 2021 for 396 points
HongKongNoddyAnniversaryHongKongNoddy is celebrating their 1-year anniversary of joining
Badly_Worn_ToyNeon Abyss Badly_Worn_Toy won 2 Trophies in Neon Abyss for 67 points
Badly_Worn_ToyNeon AbyssShields Up! trophyBadly_Worn_Toy won the Shields Up! trophy in Neon Abyss for 21 points
Comment by Badly_Worn_Toy at 23:56 on 04 Dec 2020

Game got an update and a decent one at that! Now even more fun!!!

Comment by Harris59 at 01:32 on 05 Dec 2020

This does look fun, I was almost tempted in a sale, maybe next time.

Comment by Badly_Worn_Toy at 08:14 on 05 Dec 2020

Game is loads of fun! They added a load of stuff in the new update as well, hopefully it’ll continue and get better

Cloud-sideMinecraftExpansion Pack 7Cloud-side completed the Expansion Pack 7 DLC for Minecraft
Slayer1189Contra Anniversary Collection (EU)Slayer1189 started the game Contra Anniversary Collection (EU)
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 23:57 on 04 Dec 2020

Ah, you're playing more CAC, I see. laugh

Comment by Slayer1189 at 01:31 on 05 Dec 2020

I am wink

ItsKristaComplete Specific GameFar Cry 5ItsKrista created a new Goal - Complete Far Cry 5 by 31 Dec 2020
daemont101Bean Divedaemont101 won 1 trophy in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive

                Status change by Cloud-side at 21:17 on 04 Dec 2020Cloud-side status: Getting really stressed out and annoyed today
Comment by biff_beefcake at 23:05 on 04 Dec 2020

Hang in there! I hate days like that cry Nothing wrong with hiding under the covers until it's all over...

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 23:57 on 04 Dec 2020

*hug* it's been a rough year, you can do it! smile

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StingX2StingX2 has reached a new milestone: 11,750 Trophies Won
StingX2StingX2 has reached a new milestone: True Level 630
PipsqweekBugsnaxPipsqweek won 3 Trophies in Bugsnax for 70 points
AndyboyishereWRC 6Andyboyishere won 2 Trophies in WRC 6 for 75 points
AndyboyishereWRC 6
            Secret TrophyAndyboyishere won the Secret Trophy in WRC 6 for 29 points
AndyboyishereWRC 6Snow specialist trophyAndyboyishere won the Snow specialist trophy in WRC 6 for 45 points
redknightalexGravity DuckTwisted trophyredknightalex won the Twisted trophy in Gravity Duck for 91 points
redknightalexGravity Duckredknightalex started the game Gravity Duck
Comment by redknightalex at 23:00 on 04 Dec 2020

I hate these games but I have a trophy streak to maintain now

Comment by biff_beefcake at 23:35 on 04 Dec 2020

At least you can spread out the misery so you don't need to endure it all at once! smile

Versi2k8WreckfestDirty Roller trophyVersi2k8 won the Dirty Roller trophy in Wreckfest for 36 points
JakdannBugsnaxJakdann won 6 Trophies in Bugsnax for 191 points
JakdannBugsnaxCombo Meal trophyJakdann won the Combo Meal trophy in Bugsnax for 28 points
            Secret TrophyJakdann won the Secret Trophy in Bugsnax for 29 points
JakdannBugsnaxPerf Dirt trophyJakdann won the Perf Dirt trophy in Bugsnax for 24 points
JakdannBugsnaxLaunch Party trophyJakdann won the Launch Party trophy in Bugsnax for 27 points
StingX2 has started broadcasting Retro on their twitch channel at 16:07 on 04 Dec 2020twitchStingX2 has started broadcasting Retro on their twitch channel
Gc-SkinnyFarm Together Gc-Skinny won 2 Trophies in Farm Together for 67 points
Gc-SkinnyFarm TogetherAll that glitters is not gold trophyGc-Skinny won the All that glitters is not gold trophy in Farm Together for 42 points
Comment by biff_beefcake at 01:56 on 05 Dec 2020

The seasonal event on right now is a super easy one! Even half over you still have plenty of time: especially if you farm hop for 6k ferns wink

Comment by Gc-Skinny at 02:12 on 05 Dec 2020

I done my first 600 and planted a further 600 earlier, I only caught it today so hopefully I ca finish it :)

Comment by biff_beefcake at 03:42 on 05 Dec 2020

10 plantings should be no problem :D also, send an invite when you're playing if you like: I can plant up to 1200 on your farm wink

LiquidCodeDemon's Souls
            Secret TrophyLiquidCode won the Secret Trophy in Demon's Souls for 207 points
AngeIripperELEXAngeIripper won 2 Trophies in ELEX for 308 points
AngeIripperELEXBig Game Hunter trophyAngeIripper won the Big Game Hunter trophy in ELEX for 266 points
AngeIripperELEXSplattermaster trophyAngeIripper won the Splattermaster trophy in ELEX for 43 points
LiquidCodeLiquidCode has reached a new milestone: 16,000 Trophies Won
Comment by Cosmos-72 at 14:44 on 04 Dec 2020

That's a lot of trophies! clap

Comment by Gc-Skinny at 15:06 on 04 Dec 2020


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Gc-SkinnyGc-Skinny has just made a new blog post: Skinny Dipping - Episode 10
Comment by Gc-Skinny at 13:27 on 04 Dec 2020

Now I need to rush, Didn't see the time and my MOT is in half an hour!!!

LiquidCodeBugsnaxLiquidCode started the game Bugsnax
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