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It's November..
Time for a little fall clean up.. Anybody need help with Mantis Racing Online.. hit me up..

Peace Brothers and Sisters..

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StuTheChiefWarboatsStuTheChief registered for the Warboats event
Comment by StuTheChief at 18:26 on 17 Jan 2021

Really liking my board. Lots of very different games to get stuck into smile

StuTheChiefStuTheChief has reached a new milestone: 21,750 Trophies Won
Comment by Funderballs_007 at 21:46 on 17 Jan 2021

Very nice.

StuTheChiefStuTheChief has reached a new milestone: 1,160,000 TrueTrophy Score
Comment by NekoRave at 21:25 on 17 Jan 2021

Congrats man Killin it!

Comment by Funderballs_007 at 21:46 on 17 Jan 2021

Huge number 👍🏼

StuTheChiefScreencheat StuTheChief won 29 Trophies in Screencheat for 1498 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatGrim Return trophyStuTheChief won the Grim Return trophy in Screencheat for 20 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatShafted trophyStuTheChief won the Shafted trophy in Screencheat for 39 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatI See You trophyStuTheChief won the I See You trophy in Screencheat for 29 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatBombardment trophyStuTheChief won the Bombardment trophy in Screencheat for 39 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatSpeed Demon trophyStuTheChief won the Speed Demon trophy in Screencheat for 32 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatYou'll Have a Ball trophyStuTheChief won the You'll Have a Ball trophy in Screencheat for 94 points
Comment by NekoRave at 21:58 on 17 Jan 2021

Fucking hated this one lol (gold trials are so ass too)

StuTheChiefScreencheatDanger Close trophyStuTheChief won the Danger Close trophy in Screencheat for 185 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatPatience trophyStuTheChief won the Patience trophy in Screencheat for 37 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatSky Captain trophyStuTheChief won the Sky Captain trophy in Screencheat for 27 points
StuTheChiefScreencheatTruly MLG trophyStuTheChief won the Truly MLG trophy in Screencheat for 31 points

                Status change by StuTheChief at 14:36 on 17 Jan 2021StuTheChief status: Less than 24 hours until the stress is over laugh
Comment by Cloud-side at 16:20 on 17 Jan 2021

Can’t wait to chill with football or RPG haha. Something chilled

Comment by StuTheChief at 17:26 on 17 Jan 2021

Just popped my last trophies for the event. I'm officially spent

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THE-Knight-EdrikLoot Hero DXTHE-Knight-Edrik completed the game Loot Hero DX and is the 55th gamer on the site to complete it
StuTheChiefBinaries (EU)StuTheChief won 3 Trophies in Binaries (EU) for 512 points
StuTheChiefBinaries (EU)StuTheChief won 7 Trophies in Binaries (EU) for 431 points
StuTheChiefAO Tennis 2StuTheChief completed the game AO Tennis 2 and is the 210th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Cloud-side at 21:03 on 16 Jan 2021

Awesome dude, very fast completion for this game

Comment by SteveCheraLouis at 22:32 on 16 Jan 2021

The game is really good too

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StuTheChiefAO Tennis 2StuTheChief won 20 Trophies in AO Tennis 2 for 3816 points
TrueTrophyRocket LeagueTrueTrophy won 3 Trophies in Rocket League for 74 points
GAMERJETWarboatsGAMERJET registered for the Warboats event
StuTheChiefAO Tennis 2StuTheChief won 13 Trophies in AO Tennis 2 for 419 points
TrueTrophyWarboatsTrueTrophy registered for the Warboats event
StuTheChiefStuTheChief has reached a new milestone: 1,150,000 TrueTrophy Score
Comment by Cloud-side at 19:24 on 15 Jan 2021

You're flying rock

Comment by AtsumaKarin at 19:36 on 15 Jan 2021

PCR on Red Bull confirmed laugh

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StuTheChiefParty CrashersStuTheChief completed the game Party Crashers and is the 17th gamer on the site to complete it
HaseoRyuVigorOut of Darkness trophyHaseoRyu won the Out of Darkness trophy in Vigor for 16 points
lawless74ManeaterLearned To Swim trophylawless74 won the Learned To Swim trophy in Maneater for 15 points
lawless74RIDE 4 (PS4)lawless74 won 4 Trophies in RIDE 4 (PS4) for 79 points
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TrueTrophy in All Games 663 View history chart 72,909 0.91
Games Played in All Games 28 View history chart 72,909 0.04
TrueTrophy in PlayStation 3 Games Texas 3 View history chart 150 2.00
TrueTrophy in PlayStation Vita Games Texas 2 View history chart 122 1.64
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ArcticMusquito 30+ Gamers Public 33 485 6.80
Linkx41 Public 38 399 9.52
S3bdaman1 PS Vita gamers Public 30 277 10.83
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Jyejitsu Public 28 175 16.00
GrmRpr69 US Gamers Public 11 133 8.27
THE-Knight-Edrik Clean Up Crew Public 2 2 100.00

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