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Hi everyone

First of all I hope all of you had a great christmas and happy new year!

I have left this blog a little bit later than I planned due to GTTSC (which I wrote in my last blog that I wasn't participating in laugh)

I'll try to keep it as minimalistic as I can whilst going through my 2020 and plans for 2021.


Last year was amazing from a TT perspective but personally the worst year of my life

Personal Perspective

This part is difficult to write

I began the year believing that I had finally conquered my social anxiety. I would find myself spending way more time away from the house at weekends with work friends and actually enjoying myself, rather than for example sitting in a pub like a nervous wreck. The COVID pandemic brought that crashing back down and honestly I don't know when I'll pick myself back up again (I don't want to make COVID a predominant element in this blog so this is the only time I will mention it - I hope you all are safe and well)

Going into the summer and I got hit by another bombshell. My dad was diagnosed with cancer. The whole mood around the house has changed dramatically. Each day that passes is more and more difficult not knowing what may happen next. He has had a surgery already and is due another in the next few days. Fingers crossed this one doesn't get cancelled as well. Early indications suggest that it hasn't spread but it is too early to tell.

Just before Christmas I lost my grandad which was the icing on the cake. I haven't got much to say about him because I didn't know him very well. My only memories however were very much positive and its going to be difficult not being able to attend his funeral in person to pay last respects

With all this pressure on my mind I signed off work over Christmas due to stress. Although I must admit they didn't overly help things with the workload they placed on me, they decided to place me on furlough and I've kept most of my wages which is awesome

Shortly I'm hoping to return to work and reset

TT Perspective

Now this is the fun part

2020 eclipsed anything that I have ever achieved on TT

Scoring wise I had my best year ever with 6,591 Trophies won in 456 games, for a total of 422,047 TrueTrophy points. This was taking into account that I was not active on TT January through to March

The large number of games was in part due to the bean dive in which I dived the most games out of anyone during the event duration. A total of 297 games

I also completed the dive before the end of the year! A 12.34% drop recovered in 165 days

I reached 1 million TT score which years ago felt impossible. I hope to reach 2 million as soon as I can

Reached 20000 trophies. 10k of which bronze and 5k silver.

I finished 17th in what was a very strong field in Leap Frog 2020 Part 2. My elimination was in Period 43. Incredibly 2 people are still standing. Amazing stuff!

For the 2nd time in 3 years I decided to conquer the 12 days of Christmas within a single day. It came down to the wire but day 12 was completed at around the 23 hour mark.

Moving onto the end of 2020 and into 2021

Obviously I am going to talk about GTTSC

As I mentioned above I initially had no intention of entering but I felt that I needed to do it to cement the year.

I didn't have a set goal for how far I wanted to go but as the weeks went on it became clear that it was the finals.

Individually I finished 6th. Still hasn't sunk in

The team I joined Prinny Chocobo Riders including Cloud-side and Gc-Skinny. Well what can I say laugh. Astonishing. Week after week after week grinding and planning moves on Discord with many late nights (especially in the later periods). Finishing 2nd place was all worth it. Thank you to you both so much

Also I want to congratulate everyone that was involved whether it be individual and/or team. Collectively the standard was insane

Particular shoutouts need to be made as well:

First of all to the team winners Arctic Fox in a Box comprised of Drakeslayr (who may I add is also the individual winner and therefore a double champion! Mega congrats!), Zatherus and inabox44

Also to the team of randoms that made it to the final! Team bRICK3d_IT2 comprised of Rimbaudelaire, nicklesminer and bRICK3d_IT2

I however can honestly say I will not be entering GTTSC 2021. I don't want to go through the stress again laugh plus a number of other reasons which I'm not going to cover here

Now onto my 2021 goals (in summary as this blog has gone too long now)

- Score over 500k TT for the year
- Play and maintain a 100% record on all PS5 games. This means ensuring that all PS5 games started are completed
- Finish the rest of the games started in the bean dive
- Try and tidy up games played on Vita

And on a brief sidenote. I hope that those of you that don't have a PS5 yet manage to get one soon. It's amazing!

Thanks for reading and take care
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