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PermalinkA Very Spooky Backlog
The GTTSC is over even though as last weeks blog stated, I was not gonna do much of anything. So its time to move on and refocus back to the spooky backlog.

Last week I took the time to go thru Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, getting all the way up to the games final stage. Which admittedly I have had issue finishing. My idea here though is I still have around 30 TWIT coins to collect (think the coins in New Super Mario Bros) before Platinum even if I conquer the Impossible Lair. I think this is going to be my setup for Platinum 150, since thanks to GTTSC I'm weirdly close.

Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas has been ongoing since August and I realized this past week after playing some gems and playing a lot of Ratalaika trash that this game just falls in a blah middle. It isn't a bad game but it can be so generic and dead inside that its hard to be excited. This game is a zelda clone and yet I enter any cave in this game to hear....water drips. The soundtrack is the most anemic part of this game, even the boss fights feel flat because of it. I'm about two dungeons away from clearing this but several hours after of collectible hunting to set this down

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 is fantastic so far despite well the territory it hits into creepytown. I've been laughing very hard at all the game references, for every in your face reference there are plenty of obscure ones. Unfortunately my vita can stay charged for only about 30 mins at a time, so unless I bust out the vita tv this doesn't get a lot of love.

Once Oceanhorns wrapped up I'll be deeper diving into Yakuza 0. For now I'm skimming its waters dedicating a small amount of time into the game. It is fantastic though so far! I likely will be doing all the side stuff but not going for the platinum. I don't care for multiple runs of games.

Costume Quest is done now, after 9 years of not finishing it. Got a solid 100% on the main game and well had a great time playing it. I'm looking forward to playing the sequel hopefully sometime in 2020

I blasted thru Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game last night. I'll be returning to this for a few trophies but that's the extent. Can't be completed as the DLC is long gone from the marketplace.

The only other thing worth noting for November is I plan to knock out some Switch backlog so I could see a much slower trophy November than a usual month for myself.

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PermalinkMission Complete
I fully expected despite staying up til 6am that I was going to be eliminated and I would have been fine with that. Because I played the game how I wanted too, not for other people's insane standards.

I made the final period with
-No Regional Variations
-No Stacking a ton of points offline waiting to dump
-Not Rushing any games I really want to play (Day of the Tentacle, Batman, etc)
-Getting a ton of high point trophies across the contest (Monster Hunter World plat, Grand Kingdom nearly platted, and even busting out some good ole Atari Flashback in Period 9)

My goal of the contest was pretty simple, make the final periods of both. I did not think it would be so tough I'd have to use almost every easy game I had sitting on my hard drive to originally boost myself close to milestone plats lol.

So yeah I made the final period, I will likely NOT be much of a factor. I don't have the ammo to do another round unless Daemont is so determined to win teams he invites me over for drinks and Ratalaikas.

So some backlog updates of games I did in the contest
Starwhal: So I finished challenge mode, not 100% but I'm unsure if I have the skill to platinum the challenges. But I can still squeeze a lot of grindy juice here

Tekken Tag Tournament HD: This took two biog tries but coming back a few days later I did squeeze that platinum out.

Tekken Tag 2:I have a lot more fight club and arcade runs ahead here.

Kung Fu Panda: Hated this at first but I'm into it now. Heavy grinding ahead

Burly Men At Sea: This was literally worse than most Ratalaikas, I'm very late offended ps plus. I did love this town theme though

Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection: is platinumed and beaten, I hate shmups and sadly nothing changed.

And now what everyone really came for, the Ratalaika Power Rankings of Quality

Iron Snout
Mochi Mochi Boy
Super Box Land Demake
Gravity Duck
Planet RIX13
Zeroptian Invasion
Neon Junctions
Super Wiloo Demake
Heroes Trials
Paradox Soul
Shadow of Loot Box
Warlocks Tower
Bouncy Bullets
Storm Boy
Attack of the Toy Tanks
Bird Game+
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PermalinkThis is likely the End
Well I have two choices here, go all out to make the final period of (10 individual or 5 Team), or try all week to sneak into next period to go all out and lose next week. My goal of joining this was to always just see how far I could go, and if I could make it even close to the finale.

A look at the top gamers shows that I'm not even in the top percentile of gamers. I am slow, even my ratalaikas take double the amount of time! So the plan for this week is earn what I can, and try to go for at least 2k per day.

I've been knocking out games though like Galaga Legions DX from my backlog though which has been nice. My goal on playstation has really been a carry over from my xbox days, go for the completions if I can otherwise squeeze what I can do out of the orange. I'm more focused on the volume via level than I am about Platinum count.

So this weeks plan is...uhh...well....a lot. Whatever I feel I can do. I may exhaust my folder of under 10 hr platinums at this rate.

I'm really unsure about when to use my bonuses, I'll wait and see I guess on that.

PS. Kung Fu Panda Showdown is the worst smash clone I've ever seen
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PermalinkAfrika has trophies?
Yea seriously never knew this game had trophies, its why I didn't play it right away as I've owned it for 2 years. Whoops

This week in the GTTSC to earn the last bonus in individual you need to pop 5 trophies from exclusive playstation games. Pretty easy, surprised its that easy at the end of this challenge. Was expecting 10 5.0 ratio trophies or something nuts.

So the plan to survive is to throw up a platinum each day of the contest. That should keep me into it. I'm pretty far off course from regular gaming.

First Grand Kingdoms servers distracted me, I did that one online trophy to gather 20 unique flags. But then I realized I had to play a decent amount of the game, and I hate picking stuff back up after dropping it prematurely. So I spent the last week or two playing thru that game, Its been enjoyable but I'm hitting a super grindy part and I'm gonna have to make the call soon about whether I'm dropping it at a certain point.

My actual focus is supposed to be
1.Oceanhorn (PS4 PSN) (10 more hours?)
2.Yakuza 0 (PS4) (40 Hrs?)
3.??? To Be Determined
4.Dragon Quest XI (PS4) (100 Hrs?)

I dont see myself getting back on track as this competitions finally starting after 8 weeks
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