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This weeks GTASC bonus theme is to simply score in ten different genres...and multi attached genre games count. A weird easy bonus week after last weeks spelling.

So that is going to give me some time to do some good ole fashion


Sony rewards is dropping points earning from earning trophies soon for us grandfathered members. So I need to squeeze some easy plats out without driving myself nuts. Lucky I'm still in Telltale Hell (distracted for 2 months by MHW) but I have some others here that are calling my name. Septembers gaming theme for me is who....selling out and doing what I can to just pop some pure volume on silvers and platinums.
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This was quite a journey. I originally bought this at launch and the person that was going to play this with me bailed. So I tried it myself, did the first few missions...and didn't like it. The game sat on my shelf untouched until this February when two of my friends were playing it again. I hopped along and had some enjoyment but not really. One of the friends gave me bad info to sell all my decorations and just hit triangle with the long sword only. Yeah misinformation kept setting me away from this game.

Back in May I picked this up more seriously and still was meeting bad info, here are some amazing lies different people told me
-Putting something in the wishlist means you won't find it, its a trap
-Don't mix and match armor sets
-Don't upgrade your armor with sphere
-Without fighting Arch tempered you can't be good at the game
-Eating at the camp instead of the base gives you no effects
-Any investigation can give you high crown chance

I could go on and on. I have never played a game that required so much research to navigate rumors and lies....and I played Fez! But aside from that did I enjoy the game? Yeah eventually. I had to get rid of the awful constant stunning dizzy state with gems to give myself enjoyment. But I started to find some. I understand a lot of people play this series to be at uneven odds or bad odds so they feel a challenge. Yeah thats not what makes games fun for me. I want to gain the new abilities to have fun, its all a power fantasy. I'm interested in icebourne but unless some crown quests get launched for that I can't see myself doing anything but the standard game. This was a longggg journey and I'm ready for a break.


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This is for the playersPermalink
This weeks bonus is to spell This is for the players. I was about to put my list together when ArcticCress mentioned that you can add games to your collection you never started. This blew my mind cause the whole reason I did the awful bean dives has been to get stuff added for todolist stuff and spelling challenges. So I've spent the time to add everything and well heres my challenge. After I'm go gonna rebuild the 1000 Trophies on the Wall challenge.

T = The End of the Line (Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 4) [Minecraft Story Mode]
H = Hello World (Clear stage 1 on either side in story mode.) [Sonic Adventure 2]
I = It's Showtime! (Cleared a stage.) [Persona 5 Dancing]
S = Solid Bonds (Watched A Social Event) [Persona 5 Dancing]

I = I Remember That Being Harder (Defeat Calaca) [Guacamelee 2]
S = Suspect in Custody! (Failed A Stage) [Persona 5 Dancing]

F = First Mission (You began the adventure) [Fear Effect Sedna]
O = Over 9000 (Drive over 9000 meters) [RAGE 2]
R = Re-resurrección (Regain the mask) [Guacamelee 2]

T = Talent Player (Dodge 10 Enemies Attacks By Rolling) [Guacamelee 2]
H = Hello Work1 (You have become an apartment manager) [Unholy Heights]
E = Early Warnings (Complete Early Warnings) [Anthem]

P = Private (Your training is complete.) [Tembo the Badass Elephant]
L = Lightning Strikes (Obtain the Shiden.) [Onimusha Warlords]
A = Ace Striker (Hit an enemy with an object.) [KH Chain of Memories]
Y = Yippee ki yay (Punch a guy out a window) [Mr Shifty]
E = Extended Testing Opportunity (Finish every test chamber in Chapter 1) [Bridge Constructor Portal]
R = Ret-2-go!15 (Defeated the Ammo Baron.) [Shantae and the Pirate's Curse]
S = Smells like victory! (Release the Ham Stink.) [Shantae and the Pirate's Curse]
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1000 Trophies on the WallPermalink
So I have a lot of games that were beaten but I still have achievements I want to pop, or I have games I need to rebeat on ps4 that I finished on other systems (x360/ps3/vita/ps2). So something I like to do is go thru these and add all 1000 and widdle it down. I've tried doing random achievements in the past but that can get messy, so I tried to handpick these. Of course I'll still end up removing a bunch.

StingX2's To-Do List

I'll try to do some weekly posts to see what I knock out. Have not decided if I'll refill the list (I for a time was not properly cleaning the meat off my bones)
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Platinum 100 was Earned!Permalink
That took a bit longer than expected, and I had to whore out the last few to really get a move on. And I would have waited but then the long awaited Bloodstained came down from the depths of hell to grace me with an amazing game, an unforgettable metroidvania, and a great candidate for Platinum 100.

So I dug in my library and churned out 7 easy plats then popped the #100 as I was only about 12 items away from the sacred platinum.

The Platinums I'm most proud of, easy or not these were great experiences
#1 Madden 13 Vita
#3 Rayman Origins Vita
#4 Jak and Daxter PS3 (Before any debug codes)
#5 Tales of Xillia PS3
#11 Minecraft PS4 (Good multiplayer memories)
#13 Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS4
#17 Yooka Laylee PS4
#23 Gravity Rush Remastered PS4
#32 The Sexy Brutale PS4
#51 Ratchet and Clank HD PS3
#57 Mega Man X Collection 1 PS4
#60 Spider-Man PS4
#67 Timespinner PS4
#72 Spyro the Dragon HD PS4
#84 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom PS4
#85 Assassin's Creed II HD PS4
#87 Yoku's Island Express PS4
#90 Spyro 2 Riptos Rage PS4
#100 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night PS4


And whats next?
-Well the Telltale grind is still there, its slow and agonizing at times but must get done
-Borderlands 2, I've been easily picking that game off as I got boosted level wise
-On vita I'm going to start working on The Longest Five Minutes again, its pretty fast if I put the time into it
-Bully got half done, I should go back to finish it. Trying to set this up for 100 instead of Sleeping Dogs at one point caused me to stall out. Bully was a great game, it has not held up to be fun
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