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Permalink1000 Trophies on the Wall
So I have a lot of games that were beaten but I still have achievements I want to pop, or I have games I need to rebeat on ps4 that I finished on other systems (x360/ps3/vita/ps2). So something I like to do is go thru these and add all 1000 and widdle it down. I've tried doing random achievements in the past but that can get messy, so I tried to handpick these. Of course I'll still end up removing a bunch.

StingX2's To-Do List

I'll try to do some weekly posts to see what I knock out. Have not decided if I'll refill the list (I for a time was not properly cleaning the meat off my bones)
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PermalinkPlatinum 100 was Earned!
That took a bit longer than expected, and I had to whore out the last few to really get a move on. And I would have waited but then the long awaited Bloodstained came down from the depths of hell to grace me with an amazing game, an unforgettable metroidvania, and a great candidate for Platinum 100.

So I dug in my library and churned out 7 easy plats then popped the #100 as I was only about 12 items away from the sacred platinum.

The Platinums I'm most proud of, easy or not these were great experiences
#1 Madden 13 Vita
#3 Rayman Origins Vita
#4 Jak and Daxter PS3 (Before any debug codes)
#5 Tales of Xillia PS3
#11 Minecraft PS4 (Good multiplayer memories)
#13 Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS4
#17 Yooka Laylee PS4
#23 Gravity Rush Remastered PS4
#32 The Sexy Brutale PS4
#51 Ratchet and Clank HD PS3
#57 Mega Man X Collection 1 PS4
#60 Spider-Man PS4
#67 Timespinner PS4
#72 Spyro the Dragon HD PS4
#84 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom PS4
#85 Assassin's Creed II HD PS4
#87 Yoku's Island Express PS4
#90 Spyro 2 Riptos Rage PS4
#100 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night PS4


And whats next?
-Well the Telltale grind is still there, its slow and agonizing at times but must get done
-Borderlands 2, I've been easily picking that game off as I got boosted level wise
-On vita I'm going to start working on The Longest Five Minutes again, its pretty fast if I put the time into it
-Bully got half done, I should go back to finish it. Trying to set this up for 100 instead of Sleeping Dogs at one point caused me to stall out. Bully was a great game, it has not held up to be fun
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