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92 Platinums are now down and I've bogged down my gaming trying to make these good. And unfortunately the Telltale shutdown has me shifting course

I may regret this but because Telltale games are being delisted and I don't want to deal with this hassle if I switch playstations or my ps4 dies...I'm just banging out the Telltale stuff now. Also this should lead me into my plat 100, which I'll stop for Bully. Yes it was Sleeping Dogs but I really like the Valedictorian trophy name for that plat, and Bully was a favorite (this is my third time 100%ing it)

=Telltale Order
Guardians of the Galaxy (on ep 2)
Game of Thrones
Walking Dead S1
Minecraft Story mode S1
Walking Dead Michonne
Wolf Among Us
Tales from the Borderlands
Walking Dead Next Episode
Repeat til done which will just become alternating minecraft and walking dead for awhile

That pegs
Plat 93 Gotg
Plat 94 Walking Dead S1
Plat 95 Minecraft Story Mode S1
Plat 96 Wolf Among Us
Plat 97 Tales from the Borderlands
Plat 98 Game of Thrones
Plat 99 Walking Dead S2
Plat 100 Bully
Plat 101 Walking Dead S3
Plat 102 Minecraft Story Mode S2
Plat 103 Walking Dead Final

Unless my math is crazy off
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Permalink87/100 Plats: A Small Update
So tomorrow I'm going in for gallbladder surgery. I've been sick for 14 weeks, waiting since April 4th to have this surgery after they diagnosed it. Had to leave my job that wouldn't work with me just to have it. But their are downsides, they could mess it up and kill me (5% chance). I could also not get better from this (1% chance....these numbers should be reversed). Either way I'll be in the hospital 3-5 days, which means no trophy hunting.

I did earn Platinum 87: Yoku Island Express the other day, so a step closer has been made. There just isn't a lot I can do from a hospital bed. Hopefully I'll be back next week, in some form...otherwise it's been real and thanks for reading.
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Permalink100 Plat Quest is Back On!
Hey look I'm alive...for now! I'm sitting at 86 platinum trophies and I'd like to avoid well Ratalaika games and other well whoring games. I can do those post 100. That being said the Telltale license fiasco with them delisting games but the season passes only count for Episodes 2-End almost cost me some ability to play stuff I purchased. I luckily had the two games delisted installed to play soon so lucked out.

So yeah I'm mixing some telltale games into the bunch. I've not done many and it means I'll be getting there just a bit quicker. I was considering doing Isaac for platinum 100 but it turns out I'm a lot farther away than I thought. So I've decided to pick a game I really loved last gen and holds a strong memory for me when I played it on Xbox 360, Sleeping Dogs.

I ended up playing this during Hurricane Sandy back...was that really 2012? Yeah we didn't lose power on the second day of the storm for some reason (although internet was dead) so I played through the entire campaign and chilled. So #100 is settled.

The Candidates for Plats 86-99
A Hat in Time
Budokai HD Collection
Catlateral Damage
Crash 2
Crash 3
Danganronpa 1 + 2 Reload
Detroit Become Human
Game of Thrones
Guardians of the Galaxy
Madden 17
Madden 18
Madden 19
Minecraft Story Mode
Minecraft Story Mode S2
Mortal Kombat 11
Ni No Kuni
No Mans Sky
Persona 3 Dancing
Persona 4 Dancing
Persona 5 Dancing
Ratchet and Clank
Saints Row Gat out of Hell
Spyro 2
Spyro 3
Tales from the Borderlands
Walking Dead S1
Walking Dead S2
Walking Dead New Frontier
Walking Dead Final
Wolf Among Us
Yoku's Island Express
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