2020 looks to be filled with some gaming. Stoked about it.


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                Status change by Mayadome at 01:31 on 25 Feb 2021Mayadome status: Anyone tried going for the Code Veronica plat? Can you provide any tips?
Comment by Mayadome at 01:32 on 25 Feb 2021

So far it's taken me 9 hours to beat the game and I've died multiple times. Maybe I need to practice more... the fact that you can only save once is scary.

Comment by Mayadome at 01:32 on 25 Feb 2021

And I don't feel confident about the Tyrant fight before the first save.

Comment by ItsKrista at 01:46 on 25 Feb 2021

Anything Resident Evil S Rank or difficulty related watch Optinoob's guides on youtube. His guides help massively.

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