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Just a short blog today for an idea that has resurfaced in me ol' noggin. This one is for all the stat/math/list monsters out there wink (I'm sure on this site of all places there must be a few besides me redface)

...................if you don't like stats, look away now.......................laugh

I would love to hear your opinions smile

When rating something, I feel the scale is important. This could be in terms of games, movies, locations, food etc. Obviously, for the purposes of this blog, I am talking about games, though i would say most people have a preferred scale across the board.

So, the most common increments it seems are 2, 5, 10, 20 and 100. These can be mixed up a little and some use multiple categories to form a composite rating, but most basically fit the above common ones.

My Personal favourite
A 20 increment scale is my favourite. This can obviously be done as 1-20, or 1 -10 in "0.5" increments.

My preference is 1-10 in "0.5" increments. I tend to feel that you can get a clear answer as to where something sits at this scale. You rarely find yourself thinking "this is really between two increments".

The Others
Obviously TGN uses a 10 point scale. I find a 10 point scale to be pretty good, but I still sometimes find myself wrestling between two increments. Overall it creates a pretty good picture though smile

As for 2, and 5 increment scales, I really dislike these. Each increment is far too broad and it causes far too much to sit at the same level, making the true rating indistinguishable from so many others.

I also really dislike scales of 100. I find that there are so many increments that the human mind isn't capable of accurately weighing up the options and placing it at the right increment. What is the discernible difference between 68 & 69 (mind our of the gutter you, stick to the stats! wink). Overall, the only useful application of 100 scales are to aggregate, but i'd still prefer 20.

Your thoughts
Well, fellow stat junkies, what is your favourite and why? Do you prefer one that isn't common or a more complex composite method? Or just one of the more common ones?

Tell me in the comments toast
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PermalinkTop 5 gaming platforms
Initially, I thought about doing a top 10 gaming platforms, however, as I looked through my game history, due to rereleases etc there are no longer 10 truly relevant platforms as we approach 2018.

That isn’t to say they weren’t awesome platforms in their day, but as time has gone on most of that goodness has been picked out or improved upon, which hasn’t really been the case in the past and is a recent phenomenon (Say for the past 2 gens?)

Anyway, this list is basically my list of the top 5 platforms as of today. This was prompted by a lot of thoughts I have had recently about the advancement of PC gaming in recent years and the future of consoles & handhelds

External image

Basically, I feel that due to the advancement in PC gaming, the 3 main console manufacturers are dealing with it in completely different ways;

Sony = Trying to secure great exclusives and services so that owning their consoles remains a step ahead of PC in some respects and always worth it.

Nintendo = Making a hybrid console that also functions as handheld. This ensures that outwith being a console, handheld capability keeps it forever in a separate market from PC.

Microsoft = Integrating their consoles with the PC market by their “Play Anywhere” scheme.

On to the top 5

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

With my top 5 Gaming Platforms out of the way, Now I am going to go through what I think the Nintendo Switch needs to do to secure a place during its lifetime, as well as some hypotheticals about the PS5 we all know will coming at some point in the future redface laugh

Nintendo Switch

External image

I have now had my Nintendo Switch for 3 weeks or so and have played a few games on it. Overall, I view the system mostly as a handheld and I can see it becoming my favourite handheld of all time.

The Switch still has a few major problems as I detailed in my last blog. Most of all, Nintendo need to come into the modern age in some respects. We need proper profiles, the ability to have parties and game with friends easily and an easily navigated store with good, regular sales.

The Switch has only been out a few months and it already has a good selection of games, including some great exclusives and a couple of titles that really suit handheld play (such as Stardew Valley). 2018 is showing no signs of letting up in this department.

The Switch is also in desperate need of the most comprehensive virtual console ever. Whilst I am sure Most of the big Wii U titles will be repackaged as Switch games, there is no reason the Switch cannot have every virtual console game released so far and then some. Also, I really love the Gamecube which has a few exclusives that have never been re-released. Why not add Gamecube and Wii to the consoles that are on virtual console, as well as adding more to every library already present.

External image

This change would give the Switch greater backwards compatibility than my previous favourite handhelds (DS and Vita) as well as having them all portable or as console games. As someone who travels and wants to keep things light, I also wouldn’t mind apps on the Switch so that I don’t always need to set up my laptop.

If the subscription service that Nintendo are rolling out is going to be mandatory for online play, then Nintendo really need to make it a service worth having. Access to good servers, games as part of the sub, Extra discounts on sales for members etc.

External image

Overall, Providing Nintendo do the things noted above, I can see the Switch being a must have a few years down the line, as well as keeping itself out of direct competition with PC and consoles. I also wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to mess everything up either… they haven’t exactly provoked high levels of confidence in recent years.

Playstation 5 Wishlist

External image

As per my descriptions above, with PC moving fast in the direction of taking over consoles there are a few things I think the next gen of consoles need to do to stay relevant in the home.

1) Keep it strong with exclusives – This is something Sony are doing well with this gen, but it really needs to continue strong. More and more games are becoming “Console exclusives” rather than full exclusives. Sony have a great catalogue for this on PS4 and there is more to come in 2018. When you compare Sony to Microsoft in this regard Sony seem to get how important it is to have great games that cannot be played anywhere else.

External image

2) Offer an unrivalled service – I think that PS+ is a fantastic service and well worth the money each year. For the PS5, I think Sony need to move forward with the PS+ and PS Now services, expanding them and keeping them worthwhile as a solid reason to have a console for gaming. I am unsure exactly how this looks in the future, but I do think that we are going to see ramped up services from our console providers, perhaps even with tiered costs that you can select the level of service you wish to hold.

3) Make all digital purchases on the PS store backwards compatible for the PS5 - Even if they cannot make physical games compatible (if we even have physical media next gen) they should definitely make it so all PS vita, PSP, PS1&2 classics, PS3 and PS4 games and movies come with you to PS5. This would instil the notion that you are building a formidable collection at your fingertips, that would follow you for generations to come.

4) No more half-assing old PS1 & 2 accessibility - Make native emulation in the hardware, and encourage all devs to put their old games on the platform. Make these games cheap but try to get as close to a complete library as possible. Maybe even make a PS Now like subscription that offers unlimited play of -almost- entire old libraries and services that Sony wish to offer.

5) Become/continue to be a trendsetter – This point is going to be a bit vague as I don’t see a concrete example, but what I mean is that as PC moves forward to make gaming just as accessible as console gaming and trying to steal all of the exclusives, create a new trend that is irresistible for many gamers. Something along the lines of XBLA.

External image

Obviously, I have listed the above for a PS5 given my love of PS4 this gen and the fact that all of us play on Sony here. Honestly though any company (Even one we haven’t yet heard of) could keep consoles alive. I think as long as consoles keep moving forward they will always have a place in the market. I think Sony have the makings of a great PS5 but who knows what the future holds.

I do tend to jump to whichever I think the best console platform on offer is. After all in my life my primary consoles have gone;

Amiga – Master System – SNES – Playstation – Gamecube – Xbox 360 – PS4
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PermalinkA Switch in Time
Good day folks wave. I am writing this blog from the comfort of a home. If you have been following my friend feed, you will be aware that this is a novel experience for me, as I have been without a home for the past 17-18 weeks headspin. The house won't be finished until at March 2018, but it is habitable.

As I type this blog, I have just unpacked my PS4 and it is currently downloading Everybody's Golf to play with friends later on tonight toast. Anyway, let's have a catch up and follow on from my previous blog smile

External image

My Gaming Change
Last time I blogged I said I was going to change up my gaming by limiting what I was going to play and how I played games. My wishlists are massively cut down and I decided I wasn't going to buy games unless I intended to play them right there and then!

I am happy to say I have stuck to my plan! I finished up Crash Bandicoot trilogy and made a start on The Witcher 3. The only Playstation games I have bought in the past 6 weeks are Babysitter sim and Everybody's Golf, both of which I will play immediately after purchase.

But what have I been doing for the past few weeks, you cry? There has been no activity from you on my friend feed! Well dear reader, due to being on the go, I have been playing a fair amount of...

My Nintendo Switch

External image

The Nintendo Switch is ideal for me given that I am always on the go, so in the end I decided to buy one. Mario Odyssey was out and my Vita can't hold a charge so I figured the Switch was a worthwhile investment! I also had a gaming week with friends and that gave me access to a bunch of Switch games and we all had a ton of fun toast

So what do I think of the Switch itself?
The Hardware and Design - I feel the Switch really shines in this department, particularly for someone like me who travels a lot. The dock works exactly as advertised and you can seamlessly switch between console and handheld, the screen is very high quality and and being able to sit on a stand so that you can play in a plane or train is great (though I do feel the stand could have been more sturdy).

I have never cared for graphics therefore I don't care that it isn't all that powerful, especially as I view the Switch as a handheld. I use PS4 as my home console and also play on PC.

External image

The Functionality - This is where I feel the Switch has it's downfall. Nintendo still don't get that gamers want a full profile and functionality with friends. You can create a profile but it might as well not exist. You can add friends but it is awkward to play games with them and you can't message or speak with them. It is just far too bare bones for this day and age.

The fact that you cannot back up saves, it is difficult to play games you bought on another Switch etc just makes you really consider what to buy and how easily you could lose everything. Because of this, I have decided to buy physical games whenever possible on Switch, but for every other platform I have gone pretty much fully digital. warning

Also, the storefront is awful. Games are far too expensive (The same game is always more expensive on Switch than any other platform it is on), there are hardly ever any sales and even searching for a game is cumbersome. Someone at Nintendo really needs to bring them into the 21st century with this stuff IMO.

The Games - That brings us to the games. I have actually played a fair few games since I got my Switch. Either because I bought them myself or because I had access to them during my gaming week with friends. I want to address each one in turn below, but I will keep it short and sweet, these aren't reviews :P

External image

Mario Odyssey - Rating = 9/10
I have 100% completed this game and it makes up most of my Switch game time. I am debating whether it is worth 10/10, but it is certainly my favourite 3D Mario (the only one I haven't played is Galaxy 2)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Rating = 8/10
It really is just Mario Kart 8 with all the bells and whistles. I like it and it feels good to play on Switch, but my favourite Mario Kart is still Double Dash on Gamecube

Splatoon 2 - Rating = 7/10
I played this up to level 9 online. It is very similar to the first game, but due to the servers being significantly improved for this entry, it is more fun to play.

Arms - Rating = 4/10
I really couldn't get into this one. It is an interesting concept, but it just doesn't do it for me. I don't understand the praise it gets, but it certainly is a unique cross between a boxing and fighting game.

Pokken Tournament DX - Rating = 5/10
A bog standard, middle of the road fighting game. It is very shallow in terms of mechanics, which means that is easy for anyone to play. It controls well enough, but there just isn't anything that stands out to me.

Snipperclips - Rating = 7/10
I had a lot more fun with this than I expected. I would never have bought this, but my friend had it so I played through it. There is a lot of charm in the game and most puzzles can be solved a number of different ways.

Super Bomberman R - Rating = 6/10
It is Bomberman, you know what you are getting here. The story is a decent experience and you can play multiplayer with friends.

Vroom in the Night Sky - Rating =1/10
So I had to get this game due to my need to play terrible games JUST to see how bad they are! Overall, this is a pretty bad game, but still a lot more enjoyable than Orc Slayer laugh

Other Games
I also played Stardew Valley, Neo Turf Masters and a little bit of Zelda. Stardew and Neo Turf Masters are on PS4 so I won't go into them here.

I REALLY did not like Zelda from what I played. I actually consider it to be my worst Switch experience, even behind Vroom in the Night Sky (please no pitchforks, I don't want burned on the pyre wink)

External image

Overall, I am very happy with my Switch purchase so far. It fits my lifestyle even if i pretty much exclusively use it as a handheld. I think my Vita will certainly get even less love but I will continue to be on PS4 as my console. I really wish Nintendo would be more modern with some features but I don't expect them to change at this point!

I have already had more fun gaming experiences with the Switch than I did with N64, Wii or Wii U and I still have a few games to play through such as Golf Story, Kingdom Battle, Fast RMX and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming out next month smile. I haven't played a Xenoblade game before but I am looking forward to the game and love the Scottish accents laugh

External image

Final Note
I would like to thank everyone in the community who has been submitting flags for the GI team and I hope that the whole community knocks a bunch out of the park throughout December.

I have been inactive recently but went through a few this morning and it is amazing how much it helps to have everyone submitting. TT is my favourite online community. We may be fairly small, but we are a friendly bunch and come together when needed toast

And yes, I did taste a Switch, How couldn't I? shock laugh
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PermalinkThe Winds of Change. Gaming Consolidation. Future Plans
The Change
Fellow TT-ers. There is change in the wind. From this point on, I will be limiting my gaming (Not in terms of hours particularly, more so what games I play). I am bringing minimalism to the one area of my life that has always been safe... Gaming! laugh

I have went through my games on Steam, Microsoft and Sony and limited my games and wishlists down to a much more manageable amount toast

I'm not sure you would notice much of a change if I hadn't written this blog. I will still be playing a good amount of games and primarily on PS4. I just won't be buying as many games and probably won't be completing quite as many games for various reasons. In theory, I should end up playing more of the games I really want to play, but we shall see how that turns out laugh

Backlog and wishlist cut
To give an idea of how large the cut to my backlog is, the below image of my Steam categories sums it up nicely. 69 (heh heh wink) Definitely want to play against 841 Uninterested. Unfortunately even cut down it still seems like a huge task redface

External image

My Wishlists have also been reduced to the following;

Sony = 58 games
Steam = 27 games
Microsoft = 2 games

Other targets
Other than continuing to play through my games as normal, I do have a couple of other targets to meet alongside this streamlining. These are both basically to close off Microsoft console gaming for good.

1) Get back into and maintain top 10 XBLA - I don't mind what route I go to do this but I would like to get back into the top 10 and stay there. I don't think at this point that the top 10 will change much and there won't be much movement, along with a few being fairly retired at this point. wink

2) I would like to complete 4 particular XBLA games I had always meant to complete. All 4 are challenging but also ones that I know I was capable of but never got round to. They are also all games I really enjoy so that is a bonus smile

They are;

Black Knight Sword
Capcom Arcade Cabinet
Missile Command
Mutant Sword Reloaded

Future plans
I might finally start blogging on a more regular basis on here, as well as working away on the GI side of things on here to help give back to this site. toast

I hope to get round to some playing some great games through my streamlining, though I am conscious of the fact that a lot of hidden gems I have found throughout my life have come from playing everything and anything warning

I am going to the gym (and about to start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) as well as travelling a fair bit. My time is pretty full of stuff to do but it keeps things interesting smile

Looking forward to semi-retirement but that is still 6 years away. I imagine that will be the next big shake-up gaming-wise, but that is still ages away and we will likely be on PS6 at that point laugh
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