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                  Status change by SolaceCreed at 19:44 on 13 May 2022SolaceCreed status: The Uncharted film wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.
ShinKotakeShinKotake has reached a new milestone: 220 Completed Games
ShinKotakeLOST SPHEARShinKotake completed the game LOST SPHEAR and is the 1,031st gamer on the site to complete it
ShinKotakeLOST SPHEARShinKotake has rated the game LOST SPHEAR 4 out of 5
SilentJay76_AlienationSilentJay76_ has rated the game Alienation 3.5 out of 5
SilentJay76_SilentJay76_ has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 250
SolaceCreedMartha Is DeadSolaceCreed has written a review of the game Martha Is Dead
SolaceCreedSolaceCreed has reached a new milestone: 450,000 TrueTrophy Score

                  Status change by SolaceCreed at 17:38 on 09 May 2022SolaceCreed status: Wish I knew there was a glitched trophy before starting Martha is Dead.
Comment by ShinKotake at 20:54 on 10 May 2022

Rough stuff. It's a major kick in the gut whenever you get a buggy trophy after playing through a whole game. Hopefully they'll fix it for you soon


                  Status change by SolaceCreed at 16:22 on 08 May 2022SolaceCreed status: Martha is Dead is a good game, now if only it'd stop crashing every 20minutes.
SolaceCreedMartha Is DeadSolaceCreed has rated the game Martha Is Dead 4 out of 5
SilentJay76_SilentJay76_ has reached a new milestone: True Level 260
SolaceCreedMartha Is DeadSolaceCreed started the game Martha Is Dead
Comment by SolaceCreed at 18:48 on 07 May 2022

This is a weird game

SilentJay76_AlienationSilentJay76_ started the game Alienation
ShinKotakeMay RPG Trophies TargetShinKotake has earned Gold in the May RPG Trophies Target

                  Status change by ShinKotake at 23:30 on 02 May 2022ShinKotake status: I sure love these Tokyo RPG Factory games.

                  Status change by ItsKrista at 07:11 on 02 May 2022ItsKrista status: I was so convinced that Microsoft or maybe Sony would buy Crystal Dynamics and bolster them into a really awesome first party studio. I’m so worried
Comment by SilentJay76_ at 16:18 on 02 May 2022

I think MS's hands are tied with the Activision deal at the moment. Not sure why Sony didn't grab them. But maybe too many others deals going on already, as well.

Comment by ItsKrista at 17:23 on 02 May 2022

That’s true. I’ve heard for ages that Sony are making a big acquisition soon so maybe they are worried themselves

Comment by ItsKrista at 17:24 on 02 May 2022

It could be a good thing because we’ll definitely get more remasters and ports but I just feel we’ll never get a true AAA Tomb Raider or Deus Ex again now

ShinKotakeLOST SPHEARShinKotake started the game LOST SPHEAR
ShinKotakeJust Cause 4ShinKotake has rated the game Just Cause 4 3.5 out of 5
ShinKotakeJust Cause 4ShinKotake completed the game Just Cause 4 and is the 5,391st gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by SolaceCreed at 22:41 on 23 Apr 2022SolaceCreed status: Who wants to earn some platinums for me? I'm even too lazy to game recently.
Comment by SilentJay76_ at 09:01 on 24 Apr 2022

Maybe you're just playing (grinding) the wrong games?

Comment by ShinKotake at 01:11 on 25 Apr 2022

Sometimes I get burnt out from gaming too. Usually I'll just take a break for a few days, then come back.

SilentJay76_Brain in Retro Space (EU)SilentJay76_ has rated the game Brain in Retro Space (EU) 2.5 out of 5
SilentJay76_Resistance 3SilentJay76_ has rated the game Resistance 3 4 out of 5

                  Status change by SolaceCreed at 11:05 on 17 Apr 2022SolaceCreed status: Slipknot always cheers me up
Comment by KGI_KlikoNL at 16:55 on 17 Apr 2022

I never saw them. I did see a few of them under Stone Sour.

Comment by SolaceCreed at 18:09 on 17 Apr 2022

Corey's version of Slipknot is basically Stone Sour. Will never get the OG Slipknot back now Joey died :(

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SilentJay76_Resistance 3SilentJay76_ started the game Resistance 3
SilentJay76_AnniversarySilentJay76_ is celebrating their 5-year anniversary of joining
SolaceCreedRustlerSolaceCreed has rated the game Rustler 4 out of 5
SolaceCreedRustlerSolaceCreed started the game Rustler
SilentJay76_Titan Attacks!SilentJay76_ has rated the game Titan Attacks! 3 out of 5
SilentJay76_Titan Attacks!SilentJay76_ started the game Titan Attacks!

                  Status change by SolaceCreed at 00:46 on 01 Apr 2022SolaceCreed status: Don't think WWE's platinum will be on my account, cba to play every MyFaction matches on Legendary to complete all challenges.
SilentJay76_SilentJay76_ has reached a new milestone: 40,000 TrueTrophy Score
SolaceCreedSolaceCreed has reached a new milestone: 360,000 Trophy XP
SolaceCreedThe Cow G (EU) (PS4)SolaceCreed completed the game The Cow G (EU) (PS4) and is the 356th gamer on the site to complete it
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