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PermalinkNovember 2017 - Late But Not Forgotten
November was a pretty strong month for me. I reached a bunch of new milestones, kept my trophy streak going all month, and still managed to go on vacation to visit family and show off the baby. Below are a number of other notable achievements.

Participated in Extra Life's 24 hours of gaming, for the kids! We exceeded our goal thanks to our generous donators.

Started and completed Life Is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory (Guess who's in a wheel chair now, Max?! Just kidding, you are! -Noddy)

Achieved a new personal best, 50 day trophy win streak (on Saturday the 4th).

Started and completed Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart.

Reached a new milestone of 100 games played.

Reached a new milestone of playstation level 18.

Reached a new milestone of 40 completed games.

Reached a new milestone of completion percentage of 64%.

Reached a new milestone of True Level 21.

Started Lego The Hobbit for the Vita.

Started Grim Fandango.

Not on any PS system but while I was on vacation, my brother and I played Cuphead. We had a lot of fun.
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PermalinkOctober 2017 Light Gaming
Here it is, November 6th and I still hadn't posted my October highlights yet. October was a very light gaming month for me. I mostly kept myself set up with trophies so I could keep the continuous cycle going. It didn't help that my PS3 broke (it doesn't accept discs any more) and I had to get a new one. Below are a few of my highlights.

I've started and finished the "Title Update" DLC for Borderlands... which is basically get to level 51...

Started Hue and Diablo 3.

Earned the platinum for Hue.

Played with some new friends.

Got the Pawlatinum trophy for Catlateral Damage

Just from how the beginning of November is going, it seems like it might be a pretty productive month. Here's hoping!
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PermalinkSeptember 2017 Gaming
September has been a great month for me. I'm getting a better balance between gaming and tending to Hunter. I've been able to do a few note worthy (or at least I think they are) things throughout the month.

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of joining TrueTrophies

I became a TrueTrophies Pro Account holder. I really like updating as I go.

I upped my completion percentage goal. 65% here I come!

I managed 29 trophies in one day (which is a lot for me now a days).

I completed two games (Lego Marvel's Avengers and Tearaway both for the vita) and one DLC (Claptrap's New Robot Revolution for Borderlands).

I reached a new milestone of 2500 trophies won which was also a goal of mine.

I reached 20 True Level and 80,000 TrueTrophy Score.

I started up a trophy streak again. 15 days as of Sep 30th.

Now that it's October, I'll be working on continuing my trophy streak and working to reach my completion percentage goal. The end of the month might be a bit tricky with work but hopefully I can swing it. I have a few games that I can't find the disc's to anymore so I'll have to either look for them more or just buy them again (sadface).
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