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So, after a bit of a dry spell, trophy-wise (just 21 won in 21 days), TT announces a Winter Olympics event...just what i needed to get me back in the swing of things. I loved the 12 days of Christmas event, planning out what i was going to do, and playing games i hadn't played for years in some cases. Was pleasantly surprised that i managed to complete all 12 challenges, as i really wasn't expecting to at all when it was announced.
So, the Winter Olympics - at the moment i have finished the Biathlon event and am working through the Cross Country Skiing. Biathlon was good fun, and huge thanks to munchie for aiding with the NAVDML trophy, a lovely hard one on Resogun. Nearly a 5.0 ratio, chuffed with that - even if he did most of the work while i just tried not to die.
I've seen some people have unlocked an N trophy in games that have only been out a few days, so am wondering if they'll be getting credit for the ratio at the time they unlocked it, or what it is at the end of the event. Presumably if you were first to unlock a trophy in a new game, the ratio would be artifically high, but then come down the longer the game was out and more and more people got it - I think a 4.82 ratio in a 4 year old game is pretty darn good.
Cross Country is going well, only 7 trophies done, but it good fun working out what to go for, and checking what letters will be coming up. It's a pain in the ass that trophies ending with a ! are not counting - Lego Worlds, in particular is guilty of this, there's no reason for
LEGO WorldsRank - Finder Builder!The Rank - Finder Builder! trophy in LEGO Worlds worth 22 pointsCollect 20 Gold Bricks

and the other rank trophies to end with a ! Shame, as i figured i could knock off a bunch off them back-to-back. I see the person winning has 50+ trophies, so i don't think i'm going to win, but it's fun to try.
No gaming gave a chance to catch up on Netflix and Bluray watching, which was much appreciated. Had quite the horror-thon last week, 4 horror films in 5 days, and started and finished Dark on Netflix - which isn't really a horror but starts out a bit creepy, i guess. Loved the show overall, anyone else seen it?

I'm supposed to be working at the moment, so i'd better get back to it, sadly....

Happy gaming, everyone!
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