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It's been a good week, trophy wise - Slayaway Camp has been started and finished, and i'm revisiting Ratchet and Clank with my son playing some of it. He was very sneaky last year and told my partner that i wanted the game, so she bought it for my birthday. I didn't want it at all - he wanted it, the cheeky devil! Didn't really enjoy the first few levels, so hadn't gotten very far. But picking it up again now, it's quite fun. And easy, which is always nice.
Plus it helps gives me a chance to achieve my goal of reaching 65% completion by the end of the year. Definitely within sight now, as i'm on 63.5, so only about 100 trophies to go - I know that's not much but i don't get much time what with the kids and Netflix and films to watch! I should have reached this a lot sooner, but i just can't stop starting games - at the moment my unstarted pile is only 15, so that's manageable - luckily the PS Plus games this month don't appeal to me. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 is being bought next week, and i'll have to play that with my son, so that'll make the target that bit further away.

Brick Breaker can f*ck right off, what sort of sadist designed this game? I loved Arkanoid back in the day, but when the blocks are about a centimetre away from the paddle and there's power-downs in play, such as 'reverse controls' which gives you no warning when it's going to wear off, it's just getting stupid. Only up to level 35 of 100 - what sort of crazed nutter can do these in 'Survival' mode? I need all five lives to do each level!

I'm waiting for Black Friday to see about buying an Xbox One S - pointless buying one now if it's going to be reduced in price by £20 or £30 in a couple of weeks. The itch to play Gears 4 is just too great. I figured with the X model coming out, the S would be coming down in price, so we'll wait and see. I'll still be here though, not abandoning anything....yet smile
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I like streaking. Always have. The thrill of rushing to get it in before midnight. The measuring how far you can go. The planning of what the next one is going to be, and where you'll be when you do it. There's nothing sadder than knowing your streak is coming to an end, and it'll be out of your hands, gone forever. Sometimes they don't last long. Sometimes they go on for ages. They all count at the end of the day, and i enjoy them while i can, for as long as possible. Some might not enjoy them, some might see them as meaningless, and that's OK.
But me? I love it!
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