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It's boring in work, so let's write a blog and that will make it seem like i'm busy!
The games collection is growing, too much has been bought/downloaded recently, and not enough time to play it all. Not when Oh Sir....The Insult Simulator is being so very annoying. One specific phrase to go, and some phrases including Satan, as i need
Oh...Sir! The Insult SimulatorThe Number of The BeastThe The Number of The Beast trophy in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator worth 336 pointsMention Satan 66 times.

Pretty sure i have had way more than 66 - one evening i had 21, and was expecting it after each one as had played so much. So it might have glitched. I even tweeted the devs but they hasn't heard of any issues. Might have a break from it for a while to stop getting so frustrated.
I also entered the world of Senran Kagura last week, which was...interesting. My word those boobs bounce a lot. And there's just so many. I can't pretend i didn't know what i was getting into, but jeepers! Also picked up Resogun again, man that game is fun. I suck, so still have a lot of trophies left but it's the ultimate "one more go" game.
Still trying to reach 65% completion, but with all the games i keep starting, that's looking further and further away. Plus i have decided to watch more TV and films to get my backlog of blurays down. Still got films i received for Xmas two or three years ago that i haven't even watched - some are still in the cellophane!
My partner has decided she wants to watch all of Game of Thrones again, from the start, so that will eat a lot into my gaming time - for the next couple of weeks, at least. Gutted the season has finished, but what an ending! Spectacular stuff, ice dragons and family lovin' all rolled up into one explosive climax. Not long to wait for the next one...oh wait, it is. A very long time actually. 2019?!? No fair!

On this day in my gaming history
In 2016, i won nothing
In 2015, i won 11 trophies in two games, mostly from Lego Hobbit on the Vita
In 2014, i won nothing
In 2013, i won 12 achievements in Angry Birds Rio on my Windows phone
In 2012, i won 11 achievements in Roll in the Hole, also on the phone
In 2011, i won 1 achievement in Saints Row 2
In 2010, i won 1 achievement in The Simpsons Game

And that's it. So a pretty rubbish day all in all. But it is my daughter's birthday, so I would have been too busy having fun with her.
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Phew, Alphabet Challenge is done. Very happy i remembered that i had bought Xblaze Code Embryo a very long time ago during a random sale - An X trophy for pressing Start? Yes please! I'd much rather do that than play a load of Guacamelee.

When the competition was first announced, i didn't think i'd get it done. Special thanks to Goat Simulator [shudder] 8 out of 26 trophies won were from that game and it's bounteous DLC, and i had been meaning to go back to it for a while - but [email protected]*# you Flappy Goat.

i was the 50th person to complete the challenge, which is a lovely round number - i would not have enjoyed being 49th or 51st.

So what's next? Finishing off Broken Age (speed trophy), Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (don't judge me, it was cheap. Shame it glitched and i have to do the whole thing again), Mantis Burn Racing (quality game, reminds me of Skidmarks i had on the Amiga) and Mahjong. I would say Solitaire too but until it is patched it's uncompletable. And i have to start Heavy Rain again, fed up of all this stuff on my backlog. Slowly but surely, i'll get there. Busy busy busy.

On this day in my gaming history:
in 2016 i won no trophies - just after my streak of a trophy every day for a year, i had a bit of a break after that.
in 2015 i won 9 trophies in Rocket League
in 2014 i won 7 achievements (boo, hiss) in 6 games as part of my bean dive
in 2013 i won 13 achievements in 5 games, mostly from Dirt 3
in 2012 i won 15 achievements in 5 games, mostly from The Incredible Hulk
in 2011 i won 7 achievements in 2 games, Wall-E and Luxor
Nothing before that.
Looking back through my stats it occurs to me that i have played an awful lot of tripe. Much of which i literally have no memory of
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