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I would do unsavory things for an HD remake of Skies of Arcadia with an app (Vita or phone) replica of Pinta's Quest


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Gaming priority shift documented...
During the last generation (PS3 & X360) I gamed primarily on the 360 branching over into the Playstation family for the occasional exclusive... but I decided when the current generation ...

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mrsoy89Himno (EU) (Vita)mrsoy89 started the game Himno (EU) (Vita)
iWantEllenPageiWantEllenPage has reached a new milestone: 4,500 Trophies Won
Comment by A_Tennis_Giraffe at 03:46 on 31 Mar 2020

Congrats clap

Comment by biff_beefcake at 10:56 on 31 Mar 2020

well done!! clap

iWantEllenPageMadden NFL 20iWantEllenPage won 2 Trophies in Madden NFL 20 for 210 points
mrsoy89Heroes Trialsmrsoy89 won 13 Trophies in Heroes Trials for 1216 points
mrsoy89Heroes Trialsmrsoy89 started the game Heroes Trials
mrsoy89Warlock's Tower (EU)mrsoy89 won 22 Trophies in Warlock's Tower (EU) for 1245 points
mrsoy89Warlock's Tower (EU)mrsoy89 started the game Warlock's Tower (EU)
mrsoy89Hoggy2mrsoy89 won 9 Trophies in Hoggy2 for 909 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2Burning all! trophymrsoy89 won the Burning all! trophy in Hoggy2 for 91 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2Platinum Hoggy trophymrsoy89 won the Platinum Hoggy trophy in Hoggy2 for 183 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2Teach him a lesson! trophymrsoy89 won the Teach him a lesson! trophy in Hoggy2 for 91 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2Starry Starry Night trophymrsoy89 won the Starry Starry Night trophy in Hoggy2 for 91 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2Master of Keys! trophymrsoy89 won the Master of Keys! trophy in Hoggy2 for 91 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2The Housekeeper! trophymrsoy89 won the The Housekeeper! trophy in Hoggy2 for 91 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2Saving Progress! trophymrsoy89 won the Saving Progress! trophy in Hoggy2 for 91 points
mrsoy89Hoggy2The key to success! trophymrsoy89 won the The key to success! trophy in Hoggy2 for 90 points
redknightalexredknightalex has reached a new milestone: 250,000 Trophy XP
Comment by biff_beefcake at 10:50 on 31 Mar 2020

Congrats!! clap

izzyrulesPatapon Remasteredizzyrules won 2 Trophies in Patapon Remastered for 101 points
Mr_HanniganMiddle-earth: Shadow of WarMr_Hannigan completed the game Middle-earth: Shadow of War and is the 4,982nd gamer on the site to complete it
Twinkling82Days Gone
            Secret TrophyTwinkling82 won the Secret Trophy in Days Gone for 19 points
izzyrulesPatapon Remasteredizzyrules won 3 Trophies in Patapon Remastered for 176 points
izzyrulesPatapon Remasteredizzyrules won 2 Trophies in Patapon Remastered for 97 points
redknightalexPlague Inc: Evolvedredknightalex won 2 Trophies in Plague Inc: Evolved for 33 points
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TrueTrophy in All Games USA 2,572 View history chart 28,409 9.05
TrueTrophy in All Games New Mexico 2 View history chart 7 28.57
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ArcticMusquito 30+ Gamers Public 167 448 37.28
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Nuwisha Kinda Trophy Hunters Public 2 3 66.67

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