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Offsite blog for different types of gaming: Positive Nerdery
Started up a project for myself, mostly just because I used to really enjoy blogging and writing about all sorts of games (Still Newshounding for TrueTrophies, but I can't discuss awesome Age of Sigmar models here!), so if you get curious or what not, just drop in and check it out:

You can also find me on Facebook here:

Don't expect much by way of trophy hunting, that's exclusively reserved for my work at TT!!

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iWantEllenPageWarboatsiWantEllenPage registered for the Warboats event
redknightalexFar Cry New Dawnredknightalex completed the game Far Cry New Dawn and is the 8,055th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by StuTheChief at 07:14 on 31 May 2020


redknightalexFar Cry New Dawnredknightalex won 2 Trophies in Far Cry New Dawn for 40 points
redknightalexCollar x Malice (Vita)redknightalex has rated the game Collar x Malice (Vita) 5 out of 5
Comment by redknightalex at 18:54 on 29 May 2020

Absolutely fantastic VN, probably one of the best I've read. Worth a go at if you love mystery. And don't worry about the romance, it's like a side quest.

redknightalexRoot Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend Edition (Vita)redknightalex has rated the game Root Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend Edition (Vita) 4.5 out of 5
Comment by redknightalex at 18:55 on 29 May 2020

Overall good story that just lags when it comes to talking about the teenagers, which is half of the protagonists. Game mechanics were a bit hard to understand tho.

redknightalexredknightalex has just made a new blog post: Nearly Ten Years of Trophy Hunting - Milestones of the First Five Years
Comment by redknightalex at 18:42 on 29 May 2020

Came on here to fix up my game collection (after having too many bad trophies on my Warboats challenge) and wrote this instead. laugh

PunkyliarPunkyliar has reached a new milestone: 50,000 TrueTrophy Score
Comment by LiquidCode at 07:22 on 30 May 2020

Congrats! clap

Comment by Punkyliar at 20:25 on 30 May 2020

Thanks smile

PunkyliarThose Who RemainPunkyliar won 2 Trophies in Those Who Remain for 145 points
PunkyliarThose Who RemainPunkyliar started the game Those Who Remain
StingX2KLAUSStingX2 won 6 Trophies in KLAUS for 140 points
StingX2KLAUSWarboatsStingX2 won the Gaining T(h)rust trophy in KLAUS for 18 points in Warboats
StingX2KLAUSI'm not alone trophyStingX2 won the I'm not alone trophy in KLAUS for 18 points
StingX2KLAUSRaw Material trophyStingX2 won the Raw Material trophy in KLAUS for 35 points
StingX2KLAUSJumpMan trophyStingX2 won the JumpMan trophy in KLAUS for 17 points
StingX2KLAUSAge of Innocence trophyStingX2 won the Age of Innocence trophy in KLAUS for 36 points
StingX2KLAUSCut! trophyStingX2 won the Cut! trophy in KLAUS for 17 points
redknightalexWarboatsredknightalex registered for the Warboats event
Comment by redknightalex at 22:24 on 28 May 2020

I probably should have gone through my game collection and used the "not for competition" option but I'll make it work. I hope

Comment by biff_beefcake at 01:25 on 29 May 2020

Good luck! toast

StingX2StingX2 has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 46
StingX2WarboatsStingX2 registered for the Warboats event
StingX2Football GameThe Lake trophyStingX2 won the The Lake trophy in Football Game for 90 points
StingX2Football GameStingX2 started the game Football Game
StingX2Deep Space RushCorpose trophyStingX2 won the Corpose trophy in Deep Space Rush for 30 points
StingX2Deep Space RushStingX2 started the game Deep Space Rush
StingX2Devious Dungeon 2StingX2 started the game Devious Dungeon 2
StingX2One Night StandStingX2 started the game One Night Stand
StingX2Reed RemasteredStingX2 won 2 Trophies in Reed Remastered for 30 points
StingX2Reed RemasteredCubed trophyStingX2 won the Cubed trophy in Reed Remastered for 15 points
StingX2Reed RemasteredStingX2 started the game Reed Remastered
StingX2Just Ignore ThemStingX2 started the game Just Ignore Them
StingX2Delta SquadArmed trophyStingX2 won the Armed trophy in Delta Squad for 30 points
StingX2Delta SquadStingX2 started the game Delta Squad
StingX2Access DeniedFirst Step trophyStingX2 won the First Step trophy in Access Denied for 30 points
StingX2Access DeniedStingX2 started the game Access Denied
StingX2Zero Zero Zero ZeroStingX2 won 3 Trophies in Zero Zero Zero Zero for 270 points
StingX2Zero Zero Zero ZeroWalker trophyStingX2 won the Walker trophy in Zero Zero Zero Zero for 90 points
StingX2Zero Zero Zero ZeroShiny trophyStingX2 won the Shiny trophy in Zero Zero Zero Zero for 90 points
StingX2Zero Zero Zero ZeroStingX2 started the game Zero Zero Zero Zero
StingX2League of EvilStingX2 won 2 Trophies in League of Evil for 30 points
StingX2League of EvilStingX2 started the game League of Evil
StingX2Twin RobotsBetter together trophyStingX2 won the Better together trophy in Twin Robots for 15 points
StingX2Twin RobotsStingX2 started the game Twin Robots

                Status change by StingX2 at 03:47 on 28 May 2020StingX2 status: Marked all my games I wanted not for contests, lets see if it stucks.
redknightalexredknightalex has reached a new milestone: 170 Completed Games
Comment by StuTheChief at 06:24 on 28 May 2020


Comment by redknightalex at 16:44 on 29 May 2020

Thank you!

redknightalexVA-11 HALL-A (Vita)redknightalex completed the game VA-11 HALL-A (Vita) and is the 441st gamer on the site to complete it
NatsukashiiNatsukashii has reached a new milestone: 300,000 TrueTrophy Score
NatsukashiiThe Book of Unwritten Tales 2Natsukashii completed the game The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 and is the 1,484th gamer on the site to complete it
NatsukashiiNatsukashii has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 32
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