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Making a blog to update myself on what I am currently doing/ what I need to do to finish games.

Also adding the games i've currently finished as I go along.

I will add the games ive already done later as its not really important rn.

Just need to wrap this up and beat 10 more levels for the 100%

Darwin Project
It'll take me maybe 3 months of daily wins only to finish, so ill just add a checklist for that.

Idle champions
80 hours of grinding the same level over and over, which I might do 4 a day that's 1 hour for 80 days with Darwin together

Dark Souls II
I found and did everything beat every boss including dlc *minus the duo tiger fights but ill be doing that once I get back*
NG+3 to plat, found every damn spell just need the merchants

Elemental Monster Card Online Game
I need to get another ps3 spend $400 total ($100 more) and make 300 accs and self boost this shit

Super Night Rider.
This one is really annoying, it will take practice but im certain I can plat it, you have to do every level with maybe two crashes and that's it you have to redo them all. Its not easy but not out of my skill range.

Fibbage ps3
play through every question, then probably do ps4 after for two completions

Dig Dug
dig 1000 spaces as a character, not too bad will be easy

Ridge Racer Unbounded
Did all the online which was really stupid 8p crap and bad servers, but I definitely need to focus sit down and do the story, but I hate cheating AI races so I put it off too long

Dark Souls Remastered,
I did a sl1 run but its not as fun as ds1 on ps3, so im dropping my character and need to do the game 3 times and collect all the weapons and stuff which brings me to the next game

Demon souls EU
Demon souls JP
Yeah I know I did NA but id really love to add these and not backburner them, only thing that sucks is rings and bladestone but I really want this done

need to just finish the never ending dlc, and waste 30 hours for the plat already.
also need to do dlc for ps3
and I need to start vita.... whenever the fuck I buy one *taxes maybe?*

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare
Literally need to just finish the campaign, not too long to finish

Shake Spears.
fuck this game, I hate how my file glitched but I need to just redo all this beat the game twice and never look at it again

Castle Crashers
insane mode left, which ive done on xbox, wont be too hard

Jewel Rotation
boring level 20 crap

Resident Evil 5
both ps3 and ps4 I have the plat, I just need to do the online asap and wrap up the dlc for both

Burnout Paradise NA EU and ps3
I want to finish these stacks, did the online so it will be cool to wrap up

Earth Defense Force IA
level 8 with everyone boring grind etc but I love this game, (minus the grind seriously ive done this game 3 times already)

For now that's all ill add, I need to work on these and maybe others as I go. I am close to finishing a lot but I don't want to get overwhelmed
Elden Ring Alpha Gameplay
Project Neko
It's been 2 and a half years since my last blog.
I figured this is a better time than any to write one.
So if people have not noticed yet, I have been on a mission before bean dives were a thing, and actually was one of the people that did dives just for myself.

That being said, ive dived over 2,000 games officially, and no my struggle isn't over yet, im about halfway there.

Some games require you to obtain an ultra rare or difficult first trophy, while others take hours to get one trophy in, and some even require at least an entire playthrough of the game, or in attacking zegetta 2's case, nobody has earned it.

Combine that with vita and VR and region stacks for multiple platforms, and well you get one huge task of diving everything.

Unfortunately for me I never have owned a vita, only played on friends, and I do not have a VR or any move controllers for those move specific games.

So to begin I simply need to download every single game ive ever bought and try my hardest to get one trophy and dive in between games im actually playing.

Games I am playing and close to finishing are the following

Idle Champions
I just need about 9 or so hard variants left and I can grind freeplay for the plat, I am extremely excited to finish this

Battle Ages
I need 20 more defense wins, then I need to never fail a battle until I hit 2500 trophy points. I fucked up at 2410 and it still hurts to this day. after that I need to just simply advance the ages and bam im done.

Elemental Monster Online Card Game
I need to finish the 100 battles in a row without failing. im at 79 atm, but im nervous about failing, the game is really hard. I need to finish chapter 11, then make 300 psn accounts to fight against myself since it has mandatory microtransactions, also I spent $300 on the game already so once im finally done this will be a proud completion

Resident Evil 5
I finished professional I just need to wrap up the online for both ps3 and ps4 then finish the small dlc campaigns and wrap up both 100%'s

Black Desert
I need to grind the lifeskills, and then start the game again in EU and get both plats. it will take awhile tbh

Super Night Riders
I need to beat all the stages in the entire game in a row without dying

Shovel Knight
I need to finish all 3 dlc campaigns, also the standalone games as well.

I need to proxy or wait for a patch for the stupid sea trophy

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
Really close to finishing, I just need to get this over with tbh

Castle Crashers
I finished the PS4 version, I just need to finish the insane mode on ps3 and im pretty much done

Those are my main focuses right now, anything else is a small game in between of those major ones.

Wish me luck on diving everything, its going to take me literal ages to do.

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                Status change by blooddogg757 at 16:02 on 03 Aug 2020blooddogg757 status: I am one trophy away from the platinum in Diablo III for PS3, Pick up 5 million gold. If anyone has a toon capable of running Master II , holla at me
Comment by HoneyBizzal at 19:02 on 03 Aug 2020

Well done! Keep going :)

Comment by blooddogg757 at 19:22 on 03 Aug 2020

Thanks! I'm just going to run a couple of acts a day until it pops but for now I'm going to start working on D3 RoS for PS3. Darn shame I couldn't import my guys...

Slayer1189Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money (EU)Slayer1189 has rated the game Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money (EU) 0.5 out of 5
Comment by Retroclank-R2 at 13:39 on 03 Aug 2020

So you enjoyed it, I see...

Comment by Slayer1189 at 13:47 on 03 Aug 2020

laugh The motion tracking is atrocious (but then again the Sixaxis usually is) and the bit that isn't motion based is boring :P

Comment by Harris59 at 13:53 on 03 Aug 2020

I'm somehow not surprised :P

CelebrimborUSCelebrimborUS has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 29
Comment by blooddogg757 at 19:15 on 03 Aug 2020


SinisterPledgeSinisterPledge has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 26
NekoRaveNekoRave has reached a new milestone: 320 Completed Games
Comment by Onliag-x at 11:11 on 03 Aug 2020


Comment by NekoRave at 14:33 on 03 Aug 2020


NekoRaveJisei: The First Case HDNekoRave completed the game Jisei: The First Case HD and is the 227th gamer on the site to complete it
EpicBrolfEpicBrolf has reached a new milestone: 100 Games Played
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blooddogg757Anniversaryblooddogg757 is celebrating their 7-year anniversary of joining
Comment by StuTheChief at 06:19 on 03 Aug 2020


Comment by richUK at 13:38 on 03 Aug 2020

Another seven year veteran on my feed, nice! :)

Comment by blooddogg757 at 15:58 on 03 Aug 2020

Been around for a while

NekoRaveBean DiveNekoRave won 7 trophies in 2 new games as part of their Bean Dive

                Status change by blooddogg757 at 17:45 on 02 Aug 2020blooddogg757 status: I'm three trophies away from the platinum in Diablo III for PS3. Kill 100 Treasure Goblins(90/100), Buy all Stash Upgrades and pick up 5 million gold.
Comment by blooddogg757 at 17:46 on 02 Aug 2020

Getting the gold is going to be the grind, I'm only at 1.25 million now after 5 complete playthroughs.

Comment by Onliag-x at 17:55 on 02 Aug 2020

one of my fav games, I'll have to pick it up again at some point

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blooddogg757Diablo IIIDemon Slayer (Hardcore) trophyblooddogg757 won the Demon Slayer (Hardcore) trophy in Diablo III for 34 points
Comment by blooddogg757 at 17:40 on 02 Aug 2020

I did this with a barbarian, it took way to long.

DeathofRats09The Quiet Man (EU)AnsweredDeathofRats09 completed the Answered DLC for The Quiet Man (EU)
Comment by DeathofRats09 at 19:15 on 02 Aug 2020

Just 1 trophy for this

Gc-SkinnyStardew ValleyFisherman trophyGc-Skinny won the Fisherman trophy in Stardew Valley for 16 points
Comment by Onliag-x at 15:41 on 02 Aug 2020

Apparently my last fish on this trophy was some Green Algae

Comment by Tiawyn at 16:14 on 02 Aug 2020

my first trophy was Craft 15 different items because I am different laugh

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Gc-SkinnyStardew ValleyGc-Skinny started the game Stardew Valley
Comment by blooddogg757 at 17:37 on 02 Aug 2020

This game was an instant classic, I absolutely love it!

Comment by Onliag-x at 17:54 on 02 Aug 2020

Yeah it's amazing

Gc-SkinnyGc-Skinny has reached a new milestone: PlayStation Level 24
Comment by SolaceCreed at 12:05 on 02 Aug 2020

After that ridiculous sea of green, well deserved laugh

Comment by StuTheChief at 18:50 on 02 Aug 2020


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EpicBrolfRogue CompanyHeadhunter trophyEpicBrolf won the Headhunter trophy in Rogue Company for 113 points
EpicBrolfRogue CompanyUnflappable trophyEpicBrolf won the Unflappable trophy in Rogue Company for 17 points
Gc-SkinnySound Shapes (EU)Hohokum Art and Sound PackGc-Skinny completed the Hohokum Art and Sound Pack DLC for Sound Shapes (EU)
Comment by HelixNebula_x at 12:08 on 02 Aug 2020

Thicc greens

Comment by Tiawyn at 14:54 on 02 Aug 2020

shock wall of DLC

Gc-SkinnyGc-Skinny has reached a new milestone: 110,000 Trophy XP
Comment by StuTheChief at 10:19 on 02 Aug 2020


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