PREY is eating my days away! I love it when a game does that because it doesn't happen often for me


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PREY 2017 is AWESOME! This is the kind of achievement/Trophy i like =D
So i picked up PREY on Friday and actually got this achievement on Friday, but because i can't pry my face away from the screen it took me until today to finally edit and upload this 1min 40sec video.

The best of games recently usually manage to get my attention to play them every weekend. PREY on the other hand gets my attention all day every day since i bought it, well except for me taking a small break to make this video and write this blog.

The game reminds me of Bioshock, ALIEN ISOLATION and some other games but oh so brilliantly done. Before i bought it i watched a video about the game we should have had, where you play as a bounty hunter kind of like Boba Fett. I wont lie when i watched it i really wished we got that version, but having played the version we got i am now absolutely fine with the decision they made because like i said, i love it, it's AWESOME!

Those who know me well will know that i had not even looked at the Trophy/Achievement list before or even after i started playing the game but sometimes i like to experiment and experiment i did laugh

The following video for my first achievement in the game shall explain smile

Yes the don't try this at home was a joke UNLESS YOU ARE MINTED (LOTS OF MONEY SLANG) and live like Jordan Belfort, who i hear you ask? The dude from The Wolf of Wall street OR you live in a country where 9/11 wasn't an excuse to create things like the TSA where you and your family are now pretty much molested before you can get on a plane or near enough to a helicopter where you could try this at home, or the airport.

I have played a little bit of Dishonored Remastered for the PS4 which still looked like it was on a PS2 or the original XBOX. They are the people who made PREY and let me put it this way if you enjoyed that, imagine a sci-fi version, if that is up your street, then you will enjoy this.

What i like is the option to play to your own style, for example i said this reminded me of ALIEN Isolation. That's because you can play stealth and the enemies really feel like a true menace. There is also the ability to make different routes and you are on a space station which the lay out reminds me of Sevastopol station where you sometimes need to backtrack once you have better equipment but this doesn't need to feel like ALIEN Isolation if you didn't like that game you can make it feel more like Bioshock, where you confront the enemy and OMG if you liked having a lot of skills in Bioshock you will love this, it feels like it's never ending as you use a camera to research, kind of like you did in Bisoshock. Another comparison i have heard is Half Life which i know will get a lot of attention as many people have been dying for a Half Life 3 and while i have not played it (Please don't shout at me cry) Those that have say that they feel like they have finally got the Half Life 3 they have been waiting for. So yeah this game just reminds you of so many games and i know that can be bad but when it comes to PREY OMG it is great because it reminds you of all the great games and the greatness that were a part of them all.

This is not a wait for a sale game at all, it is a BUY NOW!

I have only had one crash and that was only when i had died and was loading a save so it was fine and nothing has bothered me since then.

So i am going to go and guess what? Play more PREY smile

Happy gaming all, have a good one toast

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