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Less Clutter, More Info....2
From here on in I will be listing the games that I am currently working on and the games I am looking to boost now. My back log is long so having them all here is a bit too much!

Mortal Kombat - Just solo left.
Street Fighter IV - 500 online wins (just for a title)
Blur - online trophies (need boosters)
Split/Second - online trophies (need boosters)

I am also looking for a lovely gamer who has Sacred 2: Fallen Angel with access to all the difficulty levels smile
The plan is to keep this simple so we will see

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                Status change by iWantEllenPage at 06:44 on 26 Jan 2020iWantEllenPage status: I have two PS3 games left to play before I retire the system. Tales of Xillia. Reasons to play it. Go.
Comment by iWantEllenPage at 06:45 on 26 Jan 2020

Also, how hard will it be. I don't care about how long it takes to platinum. But I am not a fan of ridiculous difficulty anymore.

Comment by Najinceil at 13:15 on 26 Jan 2020

I think Xillia might actually be one of the easier/shorter Tales of games.

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Funderballs_007Funderballs_007 has reached a new milestone: True Level 54
Comment by AtsumaKarin at 15:23 on 26 Jan 2020

Nice! clap

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Comment by DeathofRats09 at 09:36 on 22 Jan 2020

PlayStation now trial

Comment by ItsMeBiscuit at 11:53 on 22 Jan 2020

Don’t forget to cancel it, it’ll charge you with auto renew

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Comment by OnyxVector at 04:31 on 21 Jan 2020

Gears on the level up

Comment by ZenRhino at 08:18 on 21 Jan 2020

Good work clap

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                Status change by LiquidCode at 19:09 on 20 Jan 2020LiquidCode status: First impressions of Dragon Ball Z - There are a ton of cutscenes, its like watching a cartoon, story is good though.
Comment by LiquidCode at 19:14 on 20 Jan 2020

Fighting is very basic, you have punch, dodge, and a few special attacks that are basically used by holding down 2 buttons instead of one.

Comment by LiquidCode at 19:16 on 20 Jan 2020

There are a few sidequests that normally revolve around fighting some monster or collecting ingredients from the land.

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Comment by Onliag-x at 16:05 on 20 Jan 2020


Comment by DeathofRats09 at 18:22 on 20 Jan 2020


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